Have You Ever Been Caught En Drab Wearing Panties or A Bra?

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    I was reading through Quora last night and came across this question. Women friends that found out giggled and we’re intrigued, while wives who found out were repulsed!

    Could it be that women that you are just friends with see other “girlfriends” that they can share their life with? While those who you are attached to can’t stand the thought of their man being the least bit girly? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    No problem Rebekka! Women just have a thing about a man having hairy legs. I guess it makes them feel secure.

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     rebekka moore 
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    Hi Victoria-Rose!

    I love the name!!!!  Beautiful!

    “While those who you are attached to can’t stand the thought of their man being the least bit girly?”

    This sentence describes my wife 100%  She is very accepting of LGBT people, or people are “not the norm” for any reason, except when it comes to me.  When we first met (and still to this day), I had many strong male traits in terms of behavior and even appearance.  I can be a total cowboy, literally and have a vast collection of things male.  But when she found out I have this (strong) femme side, she was turned off completely.  It did not help that her first husband also had crossdressing tendencies.  That really forced me deep into the closet when I found that out.

    But that closet was full of gurly things and as the years have passed, in particular this past year I decided, I need to do this for myself.

    One side effect however has been, my SO and I have not been intimate for months now.  I know a big part or all of it is due to my keeping my body smooth.  Especially my legs.  This is a bit turn off for her.  It makes things difficult, I don’t know if she seeks or obtains pleasures elsewhere, but if I don’t do this it will be the biggest regret I’ve had.

    Sorry, more than you asked for!

    Love and Hugs!


     fiona moss 
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    hi Victoria-rose. I was wearing a pair of my wifes panties and got caught purely by accident. it all came about by me not having any boxers to wear, some were in the wash and the rest mysteriously vanished (I still have not found them!). I needed a pair as I was going to work, so I thought, what the hell, I will just put on a pair of my wifes panties, she wouldn’t know. everything was going fine until I undressed in front of her to go to bed, I completely forgot I had put the panties on! you could imagine her surprise! I had a bit of explaining to do that night. all this happened years before I admitted to my wife I cross dressed.

    fiona xxx

     Caty Ryan 
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    CAnt be really sure about this onebut….


    I keep most of Caty’s gear in a storage unit about a half an hour south of here. I suspect the staff on one occasion when I was “in the house”, but not in my unit, had a look inside.

    Cut to a couple of months later and I’m down there underdressed, bra cami and knickers and only a sports shirt on top. As I walked down the  corridor to my unit I heard a wolf whistle and there was no one else within sight.

    So I think “smarty pants” younger staff member was responsible. I’ve backed off being “U’ded” down there for a while, but dont intend to stop.

    If it happens again, I’ll have a very short conversation with this clown about his future employment prospects with the storage company!!!




     Suzanne Collins 
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    I was underdressed shopping a few years ago and as I was walking through the store, a guy a passed in the aisle gave me a really strange smile, like he knew – but didn’t say anything.

    I was caught fully dressed once but that is a different story…

     Stephanie Bass 
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    I think your right about women friends. When we meet and hug they always check for my bra.

     Nancee Smith 
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    I had just gotten a shower and was in the bedroom getting dressed , I had on a t shirt and had just put on a pair of warmers lace trimmed pink hipster panties when my then wife walked in the room . She had found my panties before and knew I crossdressed but Had never saw me wearing anything . She just smiled and walked out of the room . The smile wasn’t acceptance , it was a narcisstic smile because she knew she had something on me and could try and manipulate the situation . This turned out to be the beginning of the end. I still have those panties.


     Christie Deville 
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    many years ago I was wearing a bright colored pair of panties and they were peaking out the top of my jeans when I knelt down to pick something up. I know a guy friend spotted it, but just grinned and said nothing. I was embarrassed for several days after

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