How does dressing affect your health compared to drab

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  • I eat healthier when I am dressed
  • I sleep better when I dress
  • I am happier when I dress
  • I smoke less when I am dressed
  • I drink less when I am dressed
  • I use fewer substances when I am dressed
  • I don’t smoke, drink or use substances when I am dressed
  • There is no difference in any of my behavior when I am dressed
  • I smoke, drink or use substances more when dressed
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      I have participated in the CD lifestyle so much that I don’t really know how much of an effect it is having on my compared with before I fully embraced dressing.

      I’m guessing that my diet is better than it would be because I have set a dress size above which I don’t want to go and this motivates me to eat better and control my carb consumption.

      I would also guess that I am happier now than before I embraced my current lifestyle but that could be due to a whole range of factors including that before I started to dress ‘en-femme’ I was totally skint, flat broke. I did a bit of agency work here, a bit of driving work there, nothing really worthwhile and all very poorly paid but better than the extended periods being unemployed and on benefits [which was soul destroying and demoralising]. I went back into education, got myself a healthcare degree and have never looked back. Within two weeks of graduating, I walked into a well paid job, cleared all the debts, have money for clothes, better food, a car etc, etc, etc. So reflecting on all the changes, whilst being able to dress does contribute to my sense of well-being, it is not the only factor.

      Take care girls.


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      Ellie Hope
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      Even my family has noticed I seem happier when in Ellie mode, I certainly feel happier, less judgmental, and more at peace with day to day annoyances. I feel less anxious and bitter about things I can’t control, things that otherwise tend to make my spirits sag when Ellie isn’t around  My eating is also more selective.

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      Carla Erikson
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      When I told my doctor that I was living as a lady after 80 years of hiding my desire, she told me that it was “good for me” to do it. She said that it would benefit both my mental health and my physical health. Then she gave me a big hug! What a doll! I essentially have a prescription to dress as I wish 24/7. That is what I am doing. I have never been so happy.


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      Gabrielle Thomas
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      I feel complete when dressed.  I breathe a sigh of relief…. Something to look forward to if Im working out in the field.  There’s a sense of relief from my day to day pressures.  I am a woman inside who always wants to be outside.

      Covid-19 has two of my furloughed kids now temporarily living here with me.  Love them, we get along.  I cant dress during the day now and now I have stressors on multiple levels.  My weight is up and I’m not working out because I cant dress in my sexy leggings and sports  bra.  I watch what I eat to maintain my figure but not lately with them here.


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      I can’t say being a CD/TG has had any big impact on my health other than watching my weight not to grow out of my pretty dresses. However the pure joy of being able to express my inner woman does reduce the symptoms of my Parkinson’s. As dopamine is released by feeling good.


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      Alison Anderson
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      I can’t say that being a CD  has affected my health.  But I have used it to health advantages.

      My company is offering benefits if I reach a certain number of steps a day (or equivalent via other forms of exercises).  They give you points which you can then trade in for gift cards.

      Last year, I got a fitbit on a great discount through this program, and noticed that I was getting in the number of steps during weekdays when at work, but not on the weekends.  So I started taking a walk around my neighborhood to get in the necessary steps.  But after about 2 weeks, I decided if I was going to walk in the neighborhood, I would enjoy myself and do it en femme.  I did that on weekends through mid March.  Occasionally weather would force me to walk on my treadmill, but more often than not I was walking outside.

      By mid March I was told to work from home because of COVID19.  So since March I have been doing my walk almost every day.  I see some of the same people on my walk who now wave at or greet “Alison” as “she” walks through the neighborhood (and who don’t know Alison’s male side).

      In addition to cardiac health from walking and burning calories, I have started to lose weight.  It has been very slow (maybe 15 pounds in a year), but after many years of either staying the same or gaining, a loss of weight is good news for me.

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      Gloria Renee
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      Lets just say, I drink differently when I am dressed.  Drink different types of alcohol.

      I have never smoked or use substances.

      I should be sleeping like a baby come Tuesday and Wednesday, wearing my Victorian nightgown and after my soothing bath.

      I will let you know.


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      Paula F
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      I am much happier when I am ‘not drab’, which helps me sleep better, and I have finally beaten him at the smoking game and quit.  I don’t drink nearly as much as when I was younger.  I still eat mostly the same foods, with healthier modifications, but, like when I get a gourmet burger at a restaurant, I will actually use a knife and fork to consume it, and with the fries too.


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      Wendy Swift
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      I am a much happier person when I can become Wendy.

      I also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize the junk foods I eat (sometimes not always successful); there are a few skirts in my wardrobe that borderline fits well, so if I want to keep wearing those skirts, I had better keep my activity level up and the crap foods to a minimal.

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      Danielle Silverfeather
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      Hey Ladies

      Before I accepted being bigender. I drink and smoke a lot but since I started dressing for me and in public. I don’t drink or smoke.




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