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      I suspect she has her suspicions. You never know until you ask about the skort though. I only dream of being able to wear heels all day every day.
      Thanks for sharing this!

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      Nancy Gamms
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      The dansk shoes that many chefs and nurses wear have a bit of heal and they are on there feet all day.  Not sure how well heels and knee arthritis are though.  Probably depends on the heel and shoe.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Best way to strengthen ones legs and calves and a joy to walk in. Have been in heels around the house too a lot since the lockdown.


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      patty williams
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      Hi Mary Ann,


      Thats ingenious, what a way to justify wearing heels ,but girl I am sure that threw some flags up for your wife.LOL

      Either way I love it I would do anything to be able to dress and wear heels full time.

      I can see that pink fog staring to rise from your feet and envelop your entire Body.LOL

      Enjoy every minute sweat heart.



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      Stephanie Roberts
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      What a great way to relieve your foot pain!

      Love, Stephanie ❤️

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      Patty Phose
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      I love wearing heels for the feeling I get when in them and I just love how they enhance the look of my legs. I also find they are more comfortable keeping my feet tilting forward when I’m sitting at a desk for long periods. I can alss easily see where repositionig feet sway from sore or painful areas can be a huge benefit to heels also.

      I just always found them fun and sexy.

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      Amanda Burton
      Registered On: January 15, 2020
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      Bloody hell it’s was meant to read “bat an eyelid” 😤🤦

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      Lee Ann Rakers
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      AMEN to that!

      Lee Ann



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      Amanda Burton
      Registered On: January 15, 2020
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      Well Mary Ann, really sorry you have a foot problem, but yeah sweetie what a way to remedy the problem. Many of us high heel fans are little envious now.
      Maybe your wife does have her suspicions but doesn’t want to bring the subject up,
      Since she quite happy for you to wear high heels and indeed watch you in them all day.
      I would say it’s a good time to start to bring the conversation around to CD.
      If not how about a nice pair of ladies shorts, shave your legs and pop them on. I bet she doesn’t say you can’t at an eyelid.

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      Grace Scarlett
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Greetings Mary Ann

      So sorry to hear of your foot problem, but golly girl…what a remedy to have to take!!! I suppose you could say you are taking the “appropriate steps”….(sorry)……love you, grace xx

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      Amy Myers
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      Wow, I’m sorry for your foot problem, but on the other hand it is just a bit awesome that you HAVE to wear heels! I just wear heels when I’m getting dolled up.

      I wonder if this gives your wife some idea that wearing heels isn’t exactly repulsive to you, as they would to many men.


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      There is nothing like the sound high heels make when walking on a hard wood floor or tile floor.

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      Mary Ann Summers
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      Diane….”I bet you rock that walk by now!”

      She said she wishes she could walk in heels as well as I do…. I told her all it takes is a lot of practice, then shot her a wink.

      I’ve thrown a bunch of subtle and not so subtle hints about me enjoying the heels and I even let her see me in my Maidenform Boy Shorts a few times. I told her I wanted to borrow a pair of her skorts tomorrow to go with my black peep toe wedges I’ll be wearing… she just laughed.

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      Diane Crow
      Registered On: October 21, 2019
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      I bet you rock that walk by now!



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      Kelly Wayne
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      Perfect lead in to soften her up for the big reveal someday

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