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    Brandie Nochole
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    When I was at the ripe old age of 20 i was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia. We did the math and went over the stages and I had it threw my teenage years. I was told about my options which was take chemo or refuse if I refuse I would need to make my funeral arrangements. I had to take chemo and radiation therapy.Good thing I have freckles it cover up the needle tracks. I did allot of crying I’m not afraid to admit it. I neat the hell out of the cancer and survived. That life experience changed me for the better I have traveled across the US since then hiked across the Smoky mountains i have seen the sun rise in the east and have seen set in the west.I accept what ever good or bad life throws at me all the while I refused to let Brandie come out.I would purge allot of good clothes and shoes thinking a real man dosent do this if I ignore her she will go away.I would let her come out on an occasional Halloween in a costume I would throw away after.Then one day I heard a voice it said you are lucky to be alive damn lucky you beat a very dangerous form of cancer. You walked threw hell and came out singed and smelling of sulfur.So you out of anybody deserve to do what ever you want so enjoy your second lease on life. It was then I finally let her out and I havent purged since. When I came out to my family my mother said Im just glad you are still here we about lost you.
    My motto is before you judge me walk a mile in my heels.
    Sorry for being long I just had to get the rest of my story out.

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    Walk a mile in my heels

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      Polly Stewart
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      Thanks for living Brandie!

      And super thanks for that image that we would all do well in emulating as a celebration of your life… and our own!

      Xxx //Polly

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      Rei Durden
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      Thank you for sharing that so very personal bit of yourself Brandie. It’s always great when someone meets a challenge such as yours and comes out the other side strong and wiser.

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      Jennifer McCrennaugh
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      Brandie, Thank you for sharing this truth. As someone who is struggling mightily to find the courage to allow her femme side out and who is feeling the rushing of time as I struggle, your story hit home. Thank you.


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      Sandy Jayson
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      As you found out life is to short to deny you, what makes you, you.   I found out about a co-worker that had leukemia, he was nearly 60 and was going through treatments.  I saw him the Friday after Memorial day this past year, a few days latter he contracted covid and died a few days later.

      So again if being Brandie brings you peace within yourself.   You go girl!!!


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      Dawn Wyvern
      Chat Crew
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      you are more than a survivor – you are an inspiration!

      yes the TG side is part of the mix and you have taken time to get used to that part of you, and bring your fem side to the fore – be proud of who and what you are.

      We all are the sum of our experiences and you have that in bucketloads !

      thanks for sharing and I know you will inspire others


      Dawn x

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        Krissy Richards
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        I totally agree as for many years I hid my femme side deep and it nearly drove me mad. Now I’m so happy as have the best of both worlds as krissy usually starts at around 5pm as I have a deep urge to sit around dressed as krissy just chilling and trying on new clothes and lingerie ive bought plus all the preening waxing and shaving it takes to make myself happy and im very happy now that krissy is a big part of my life as ive got a wardrobe and draws for all my lingerie and dresses and make up x

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      Cindy Lou
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      Thats amazing sweetie! As much fun as it is to travel, it does take courage to do it like you did, and courage is clearly not a problem for you. I wish you a blessed life Brandie, you deserve it.

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      Heather Jameson
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      You are a very brave and strong person, you deserve nothing but happiness. We are all just glad your here. As far as I’m concerned you get a free pass in life, go do what ever makes you happy.

      I’ve lost a lot of friends and family to that filthy disease, I just found out about a good buddy I used to work with last night, 63 years old, retired 5 years ago after 41 years of service and had been fighting lung cancer for 3 years. I was sick about 7 years ago and had to retire early and people say I have become very carefree and I tell them, if you’ve never sat there and have a doctor tell you there’s a good chance your going to die, then you don’t understand.

      You go and enjoy life to it’s fullest, love Heather.

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      This deal was always about doing the best we can with what we have to work with. That is all anyone can expect of us and all we can expect from ourselves. It is never going to be perfect, so we should enjoy who we are and where we are…

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