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    Danielle Martin
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    Hello, my name is Danille. I honestly dont know where to start so I just tell a little of my story here if thats ok. I started my joureny in to crossdressing a year ago and Im here to talk and make new friends as I feel trapped without a way forward. I found this site when searching for help but Ive been nervous just getting past the introduction. I made a promise to myself this year to just be less shy and timid and try. I have been crossdressing for the last year and it has unlocked repressed feeling and joy I never knew I had. I cannot dress as often as I am married, dont want to lose my family and currently in a closet. I adore the feeling of new nylons on my skin, sexy panties and a cute wig with make up. I feel I want to be me as Danielle more but know I can only enjoy small pleasures on rare occasions. This community has made me feel wonderful as I have read acticles and posts that made me not feel alone but rather alive in this journey. From US living in UK.

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      Requal Joanne
      Registered On: December 15, 2020
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      Hi Danielle and welcome to this CD Heaven of friendly and supportive people.

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      Registered On: December 21, 2017
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      Hi Danielle

      Welcome to CDH, it is always lovely to meet another UK based girl, and even more so when they are in my neck of the woods. You will find lots of support and friends here, I am always happy to chat so PM me if you want to…………

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      Terri Anne
      Registered On: February 7, 2018
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      Hello Danielle,

      Welcome to our amazing CrossDresserHeaven (CDH) site. So glad you have joined us here. Feel free to explore all that our site has to offer.

      The Warmth, Compaasion and Hospitality of our community members can be found throughout the site.

      Please do make use of the forums and articles or public chat room and friendships offered here on CrosDresser Heaven.

      At any Membership level, You can contact any of us via [ PM ] Private Messages.  You can find that link on each member’s Wall under their Profile picture.

      Also, you may find what you need such as Help Center or Ambassadors by using the links in the top R/H drop down 3 bar [ hamburger ] menu.

      Here is a good link to review the membership levels and the privledges for each. Such as Private Chat, Groups, etc.




      Terri Anne, Ambassador


      =========== Link to our public Chat room   ==============




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      Bethann Paige
      Registered On: December 23, 2021
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      Hi Danielle , welcome to CDH. You will continue to find that this is a wonderful site and you will get unlimited support.


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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Danielle welcome to Cdh

      Stephanie 🌷

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      Registered On: August 14, 2021
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      Hi Danielle, you are never alone as long as you stay connected to this sisterhood! We all care about you and your journey. Feel free to reach out to me and others for help and encouragement!



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      Alicen Thairms
      Registered On: July 15, 2019
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      Hi Danielle, welcome to CDH :)

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      Liara Wolfe
      Registered On: August 14, 2021
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      Welcome to CDH.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Joanna Jacklin
      Registered On: September 4, 2021
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      Hi Danielle
      Thanks for sharing your situation. So familiar on so many levels. Am UK based. Always happy to chat
      Joanna x

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      HI, Danielle.  Welcome.  Your story is similar to mine.  I can certainly emphathize with you.  Feel free to contact me if you want to talk.

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      Danielle, welcome to CDH. If you are going to open up to your SO I’d suggest reading forum posts on the subject. It is a tricky conversation and be willing to compromise, talk and talk again. Good luck, we are all here to support each other.

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      Stephanie Roberts
      Registered On: May 20, 2020
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      Hi Danielle!
      Welcome to CDH!
      Well done for sharing your story! You will find so much love, friendship, and support here.
      Love and hugs from Stephanie

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      Hi Danielle

      UK and closted here too.

      Have a good look round – it’s great to have people you can open up to.


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      Tara Ryan
      Registered On: April 20, 2021
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      Hi Danielle,

      Welcome, it is lovely to meet you, the girls here are really friendly and I hope you make lots of friends.

      I am always happy to chat, so please feel free to message me.


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      Stephanie Bass
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Danielle nice meeting you and as you have been here for a bit and hope you have looked around at the forums and how we work here so girl i hope you read the sign at the doors that you entered to join us girls here that read .. As you enter thru these doors Please deposit all Shyness and timid feelings here before entering as you will not be needing then inside here ..As well as any feelings of being trapped just not gonna happen here girlfriend..  So as a new sister and family member you are sure welcomed here so say hello to some new friends here ask many questions and never be nervous about anything we are very open and supportive here ..

      Hugs Stephanie Bass

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      Lacey Cyn
      Registered On: December 8, 2021
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      Welcome! There is a lot of great girls here and a lot of great knowledge and experience to learn from. I hope you find what you are looking for, come a bit out of your shell and find the love and understanding you deserve.

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      Paulette Parfois
      Registered On: November 17, 2021
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      Hi Danielle, Welcome to a place where support and love is in abundance. I live in Arizona but had an office in the UK for years so I guess I am still a bit of an Anglophile. I certainly understand your concern and trepidation about coming out, but as I discovered once my wife accepted Paulette things settled into place! If I can offer any advice it is to carefully “test the water”. Family acceptance is so important but once you have it life is wonderful! Take care. Hugs Paulette

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      Registered On: October 10, 2021
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      Dear Danielle ,

      Welcome to the Sisterhood !
      I hope you are enjoying yourself here on CDH !
      I am in the closet myself , don’t have a SO , but know how you feel.
      See you on the Forums .

      Love Sylvia.

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      Amy Catrelle
      Registered On: January 2, 2022
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      Hi Danielle, I’m even more of a newbie than you! And found it all so overwhelming that I joined this wonderful place to try and make some sense of it all. That means that most of the girls here will be far more able to answer your questions than I ever could. But I can offer you some advice about shyness; in the 4 days that I have been here I have revealed things to the others that I would never never never reveal to anyone in my drab and dreary ‘real life’. In that life I am not the type of person to share my feelings, let alone tell everybody I wear pink nighties to bed!
      I find the veil of anonymity here lets me express myself as Amy, who at the moment seems to be a character that I am creating – part fact/part fiction. Her stories are intimate and true because they are mine, the confidence is all hers. She’s sexy and good looking too!
      That’s how I deal with it. At least until she develops a mind of her own…

      Amy x

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Danielle,

      Welcome to CDH.  No need to be shy.  Post a question and You’ll likely get some replies.


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      Hi Danielle,

      Welcome to you. I only joined the other day and the welcoming was so warm I am still feeling the love. It sounds like you have a bit of catching up to do in terms of enjoying the pleasures.


      Sabine Rose

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      Omg gurl, only started dressing a year ago, geeze gurl let me tell you that you are in for the start of something thats wonderful and fulfilling, and this site has been so so wonderful to me. I dont know why i waited so long to step in and introduce myself, but I’m feeling alot better now that I did.


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