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    Adrianna Thomas
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

    My CD name is Adrianna. I’m 24 years old and have been a closet crossdresser since I was 10 (I can’t believe it’s been that many years already!). I started off wearing tight-fitting women’s pants and jeans, then on to skirts, pantyhose, leggings, and tops. I eventually built up a nice collection of garments over the years and I even started collecting wigs, bras, and underwear the past 5 years or so. I almost have enough clothes now to start another separate full wardrobe alongside my everyday men’s clothes. The next thing I need to master is makeup, and eventually, find shoes. My feet are a size 11.5-12 men’s and it’s difficult to find something that big in women’s. I’d have to order online.

    Crossdressing is something that I normally keep to myself. I used to mainly do it for sexual pleasure, but now I find it helps me mentally. I like to go all out and shave my face and sometimes my chest as well and put on a bra, panties and whatever outfit I happen to stitch together. I find it therapeutic. It’s like I’m escaping reality and becoming this whole other different person. Nowadays I might full-on dress up like once every few weeks. I usually like to photograph or even videotape myself when done up. I’m not sure if I want to share it though because I am a little insecure about certain things like my body. I’m a little overweight.

    I still love at home with my parents. They know I do it, they’re after finding garments in my room over the years. They used to throw them away, but in the past few years I’ve never had anything thrown away, so it seems like they are okay with it now, but I still wouldn’t dress up in front of them. If I lived on my own, I would probably be dressed up more often and doing stuff around the house or apartment. If I lived in a different town or city from where I live, I would go outside more often fully done up as well and just do what I would normally do.

    Some of my friends have seen me dressed up once. I was invited to a house party Halloween last year so I decided to dress up full-on as a girl with makeup, wig, bra, I painted my nails and I wore a fitted girl’s t-shirt and some black, shiny metal-look leggings (that I see a lot of girls wearing). I called this my “basic white girl” costume, lol. I wore this to a party with a bunch of gay guys and girls (I’m pansexual and most of my friends are LGBTQ+) and received a lot of compliments and good vibes, but it’s not something I would do again for a while. I need to work a lot more on my look especially makeup-wise if I want to go out in public again.

    I have a couple of friends in the local drag queen community, which is a big help when it comes to things like makeup. I have no interest in performing as a drag queen though. But if I were to do my face up in makeup, I would get them to do it for me. I don’t have the patience (or the skills) to do proper makeup.

    Anyway, I’m glad I found this community. My goal is to meet other CD’s, especially ones close to my age and share stories and even make some friends. I also want to become more comfortable with cross-dressing and my body and to learn some more about cross-dressing.


    Adrianna Thomas (Adam)

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     Michelle Liefde 
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    Hi Adrianna and welcome!  Great introduction and glad you have added it to the incredible stories that are here.  So please explore the site, read and comment on articles, forum posts, photos, etc.  And stop by chat, I am sure you will make friends here.




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     Olivia Livin 
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    Welcome Adrianna and thanks for sharing with us. Your story is similar to many here. Look around and make yourself some really doid friends. Its a good community to be part of. Hope to see from you soon.

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     Terri Anne 
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    Hi Adrianna,

    Nicely done intro. Much of what you have said I also have experianced.

    Wishing the best in your journey.

    -Terri Anne

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     fiona moss 
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    hi Adrianna. time flies when you are having fun! I am glad you have a good collection of clothes, it is nice to change your image a bit once in a while. I am still learning with make up, so dont worry about that, practice makes perfect! you are in fine hands here with plenty of very helpful and supportive members. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

    fiona xxx

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Adrianna welcome , girls here are of all ages and pursuing different levels of their dressing . I’m sure you’ll find someone close to you and it’s wonderful when you do as its special when you can enjoy this with another. Relax and get comfortable and start enjoying your time here . Nice to meet another Canadian girl.

    Stephanie 🌹

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     Bren Whyme 
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    Hi Adrianna, Welcome and if I were 24 yrs old again I would embrace my desire to Express my feminine side and experience it by dressing up as much as possible. And you are right, the years do fly by much too quickly. Hugs & Kisses Bren

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     Charmagne Stewart 
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    Welcome, Miss Adrianna, from just across the Peace Bridge.

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     Lisa watson 
    Registered On: September 24, 2018
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    Welcome Adrianna,


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