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      Stephanie Bass
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      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Emerald Nice to meet you and so happy you found us girls here .. Sorry im a little late with my welcome as away out of town doctoring stuff ..  As a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms from us all .. So many wonderful ladies here have said so much that i cant add to them so i will just say what a pleasure to know you have a supportive SO as they are gems in our wonderful girly world here so give her a hug and thank her every day for her support and again nice to meet you and hope to see you around for a chat sometime soon ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Rozalyne Richards
      Registered On: March 10, 2018
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      Hi Emerald welcome to CDH it’s nice to meet you, I’m sure you will have lots of questions to ask so just ask and the girls will get back to you, we are like one big happy family on here x so come on in and join the family, some of the girls will know where there are safe places in your area, I’m sure everything will work out fine for you xxxxx

      Hugs Roz xxxxx

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      Diana Morgan
      Registered On: February 22, 2021
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      Hi Emerald, welcome aboard CDH, you will get all the love and support you need from the wonderful folks here. I hope you will dive in and enjoy everything that this site has to offer – have fun!




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      Kourtney Kolby
      Registered On: April 6, 2021
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      Hi, welcome to CDH. Im new, but so far the community is very welcoming and amazing. Feel free to message and talk anytime. Im also looking to make some new friendships.

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      Samantha Roarke
      Registered On: April 17, 2019
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      Hi, hello, and welcome to Crossdresser Heaven! You have just arrived at the best and greatest CD site on the web! CDH has tons of very helpful crossdressing information, tips, and support from real people just like you! We highly encourage new CDH members to ask questions no matter how trivial you think they may be, as we are happy to answer to the best of our ability. We also love a well written profile, this helps everyone to get to know you better as the beautiful woman you are!  We hope that you enjoy your stay here at CDH, as we are happy to have you as a part of our wonderful crossdressing community.

      Thank you, Samantha Roarke

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      Lexi Rose Zele
      Registered On: October 15, 2019
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      Hi there, welcome to CDH. Please feel free to ask questions, you will not find a better group of supportive people. There is no shame, fear, or judgement here. We are all here to show each other what we can truly be.


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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Emerald,

      Welcome to CDH!  You’ve found a wonderful site to ask questions and be among friends.


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      Teralynn Loving
      Registered On: October 17, 2019
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      Hi Emerald, Teralynn here. Welcome to our wonderful online community Luv. Yet again we have another new member with an accepting and supportive significant other. I have said it before but it is worth saying again. The statistics don’t lie! More crossdressing people have accepting and supportive significant others than ever before. Unfortunately, there are still too many who do not have such support, so cherish yours Emerald! It is unfortunate you live in a location where you don’t really feel safe going out dressed in feminine attire, but hey we have to make the best of the situation we are in. You are wise in determining that between your significant other and your new CDH sisters you can still experience the joy of crossdressing. As far the feminine name you chose, Emerald is just fine until you come across a name that speaks out to exactly who you are and you will know it instantly. The Cdh members are a joy to interact with, so please stay active on the site. If I can ever be of service please feel free to contact me through this site and let me know how I can help. A post on my home profile page wall or a private message will get the fastest response. – Blessings

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      Lily-Rose Nielsen
      Registered On: November 2, 2020
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      Hi 💕

      Welcome to CDH. I’m sorry you can’t go out en femme. It’s really good that you have your SO’s support, that’s very important. And of course you have all the lovely ladies in here.



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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Emerald,,, Emily sounds nice..  Welcome to Cdh

      Stephanie 🌷

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      Hi Emerald (for now) I am Amethyst, so we can be gems together 😁
      Welcome to CDH, hope you find some similar minds here. Really glad you are getting support from your SO, really does make a huge difference. Confidence comes with time, and I know what you mean about finding the right places to go out to. 🖤🖤

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      Effie Fulk
      Registered On: February 7, 2021
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      Hi E.V. 🌸 welcome to the group!! 🧚🏼🦋

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