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    Patti James
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    Came across this site a week ago. I have been reading everything for the last few nights.  A little about me… I have been married and divorced twice.  No kids from either marriage.  I started wearing my first wife’s panties in 1996 because they were super comfortable. She was good with it and bought me my own so I didn’t stretch hers out.  I was a full time panty wearer since then.  Three years ago I retired from computer work up north and moved south.  I have a farm with a couple goats, chickens, a duck and a lake.  I still do some programming work on the side and I volunteer at my church.  The house I bought is a 130 year old farmhouse so I have been restoring her slowly.  I have a beard which I’m attached to so I only get a chance to dress up and be girly when I’m alone at nights.  I love smooth legs with pantyhose or stockings.  I have progressed from just panties to just about everything femme in the last year or two.  This COVID thing sort of helped that alone as dressing up makes me feel great about myself, which I really felt I needed.  I would love to go out in public totally dressed and if I someday lose the beard, I definitely will 😀

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      Holly Tygressa
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      Welcome Patti

      You sound like you have a great place and the perfect situation to walk around all dressed up. That would be so nice. Most of the girls here are great and encouraging. Ask questions and enjoy.


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      Michelle Newman
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      Welcome Patti!

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      Welcome Patty

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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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      Hi Patti, welcome to the CDH family. Sounds like you have a lovely place and enough animals to keep you busy. Can’t wait to get to know you more honey.

      Love Tish

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      Registered On: February 20, 2020
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      You have a lake?? How cool! By all means get a picture by it! I am so jealous

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      Registered On: April 30, 2016
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      Hello and welcome Patti! You have found a great place to express your feminine side without judgement. Your story is very similar to many you will read here. Feel free to ask questions or share thoughts. There is tons of great information available from some amazing ladies who love to help. Have fun!

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Hi Patti..

      Welcome home… ❤

      Gen… 💋

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      Samantha Roarke
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      Hi, hello, and welcome to Crossdresser Heaven! You have just arrived at the best and greatest CD site on the web! CDH has tons of very helpful crossdressing information, tips, and support from real people just like you! We highly encourage new CDH members to ask questions no matter how trivial you think they may be, as we are happy to answer to the best of our ability. We also love a well written profile, this helps everyone to get to know you better as the beautiful woman you are! We hope that you enjoy your stay here at CDH, as we are happy to have you as a part of our wonderful crossdressing community.

      Thank you, Samantha Roarke

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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Patti Nice to meet you and so happy you found us girls here.  So much to see and do here as reading forums and posts many stories also .. so when comfortable with us please join in with some comments . Also ask many questions from clothing to makeup to everything you ever wanted to know about the girl that lives in your heart and sole.. As for making friends there are so many here from all over the world to build lasting friendships with .. So get settled in relax and enjoy yourself  you are a new sister and family member  .. So look around explore  and again nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you around for a chat sometime ..

      Stephanie Bass


      P.S. im also a farm girl here in Montana bought old family homestead over 100 years old also three two story farm houses conected together about 120 ft. long all three two stories  only 25 ft wide but long .. Chat any time

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      Serena Stevens
      Registered On: December 30, 2020
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      Welcome to the sorority, Patti!

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Patti,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Welcome sister.

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      Rei Durden
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: October 11, 2020
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      Hello Patti, nice to meet you!

      Welcome aboard, glad you’re enjoying yourself here.

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      happy to welcome you and being excited about this you have certainly started this journey right.   From someone just starting to the well experience everyone here enjoys the support and acceptance that is truly unique. Be free to express yourself with many like yourself and with no judgements. Love to chat and share stories and make new friendships. I hear you about facial hair. Beards I have grown and shaved and grown it again but for me it’s the mustache. Never went without it,  had it since I could grow it but 2 years ago I finally decided its not something Stephanie looks good with and after she shaved it. I was so happy and will never miss it again. But here get comfortable and enjoy being part of a special place that really cares about everyone that passes through our doors. Very nice meeting you.

      Stephanie 🌹

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