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    Jaime Pleat
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    …dressed in very effeminate boys clothes mid 50s-60s?

    The question and much needed advice is this:
    I was raised in a family/legacy where dressing up boys in dresses/pinafores very young to modern versions of the little lord Fauntleroy fashion.
    I am older and have been secretly dressing in woman’s clothing that has a resemblance to those outfits since I was 12. Two older sisters and private school uniforms, buying my wife Laura Ashley blouses, wool pleated shorts from Talbots and Ralph Lauren kilts etc. we were both about size 12 USA after the first couple of our children. I had bought my own few things, but just a few.
    I was never really into the more classic essentials for girls here. Nylons, panties, bras heels. I wore my sisters “tennis” panties or sometimes called rumba, the three rows of ruffled eyelet lace on the backside with ruffled leg openings. So this really makes my point. There are photos of me in a black velvet short pants suit, with an organdy pleated Peter Pan collar blouse, white knee socks and Mary Janes. But the bottom hem of my mid thigh pants had a white ruffled trim showing from under. Both my sisters know about “me” now and have supplied all of the explanations. I wore what were called Eton suits-American version- Peter Pan collar, shorts knee socks saddle shoes until 9. I hated wearing these outfits but began wearing my sisters school blouses I would take from the laundry. The rest is history. So I am still in the same mental world as I was over 50 years ago. I don’t fit in with the diaper world, nor even here. But this is the only place that I could ever in my whole life tell my story. So I just don’t know who or what, where I am supposed to be. Thank you so very much for your time. May you and your loved ones have the best year ever!
    My Best

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      Hi Jaime. You had kind of a similar topic up the other night which i read and considered replying to, i’ll goa head and try a reply this time. I don’t have any “advice” for you. Just a couple thoughts.

      For one, maybe you’re overthinking this a little. It’s fun sure, i used to do it too. But now my head hurts and i can’t think that hard anymore. Not sure it matters at this point anyway. I do think it’s important to be introspective and try to see what it all means to you. And whatever it means to you is just what it means. If you feel like a bit of a “misfit” (which is kind of what i’m getting from your post) that’s fine too. I posted a little about that myself the other night. That, and love are what makes the world go round.

      Here is my other thought after reading your post. When i was a child, i regarded myself as something akin to what today may be called “bigender” i guess, or in other words i thought of myself as equally boy and girl. I didn’t feel bashful or ashamed of that, until i got older. Today, i see things… differently but yet similarly. I see myself as a woman, but yet the male body thing is somehow meaningful, somehow it was the experience i was meant to have. It took a long time to get back to this place, and it wasn’t easy. So Jaime, if you’ve made it back to the innocent childhood state, all i can do is congratulate you.

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      Fredrika Jones
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      If it sounds like it’s worth listening to, I’ll listen. If it sounds like it’s worth considering, I’ll consider it. If it’s my decision to make, I’ll decide – and I’ll live with the consequences, because I am responsible.
      Listen to your sisters here at CDH and consider what they say, but you must decide what’s right for you. I don’t even try to pass, because that’s not me. Of the six externals (hair, makeup, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and shoes), I do the last four. Hope all this helps, and may you have a Happy New Year!
      Big Hugs and Kisses,
      Fredrika Jones

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      Cassie Jayson
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      Jaime, not sure what you want and where you want to go. Many here are happy just dressing in their own homes. Some want to go all the way and transition ALL THE WAY, including HRT and surgeries.

      Many of us don’t know where we want to do/ how far we want to go. For me, I am close to ‘socially transitioning’, and that might be all I want to do.
      I would suggest reading some of our stories then contacting someone who’s story interests you and messaging them and getting some advice on how you might proceed on your CD journey.

      . Cassie

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        Jaime Pleat
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        Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. What you suggested is what I am trying to do, find sisters that had the same experience, but I have searched for decades. I just think I am the only person that wound up like this. I am pretty desperate to find someone like myself. So thanks for your help, I really do appreciate your time and care for me.
        Love Jaime

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