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    Jennifer Thomas
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    I’ve been quietly lurking on & off for about a month soaking up information in preparation for my  journey.

    So, finally after months of waiting, I had an initial appointment with my HRT Doctor today.  She was wonderful. There wasn’t a moment of silence between us during our 75 minute visit and we could have continued the conversation all day.  I was tested for T & E levels and will return tomorrow for my first weekly injection of bio-identical Estradiol.

    After a month we’ll determine if I’m able to continue by self-injections or start on patches (I’m a bit queasy about self-injections – but perhaps with their instructions, I’ll adapt).  I also started Finasteride to prevent further hair loss – hair regrowth would be a welcome surprise. We’re hoping test results will reveal low enough T levels to avoid additional T blockers (spiro) and provide enough E to cancel the effects of T.

    Everyone is different, but I probably won’t notice physical changes for 3 months.  I suppose the first thing I’ll notice are emotional changes and a welcome change toward an estrogen scented body odor.  By the end of 2021 physical changes will become obvious,  but, upon daily inspection – I’ll possibly be the last to notice – aside from tender nipple ouchies.

    A referral is being sent to  my insurance company to proceed with electrolysis, and I was provided a short-list of gender therapists.  It’s questionable if electrolysis can be covered, but my doctor seems confident.  For now, I’m waiting for hair transplant decisions until I can observe the effects of medication.  My nose has broadened over the years, so I’d also like to proceed with rhinoplasty in the near future.

    My insurance has approved feminizing vocal therapy, and I start next week.

    Anyway, I  hope to add occasional progress reports along this journey, and of course your advise and encouragement would be welcome.



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      Jennifer Thomas
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      I got disappointing news today that my Dr has changed her mind and decided to stop my weekly estradiol injections until my hypothyroidism is under control.

      My thyroid results had been bouncing around for more than a year, so that could take months to figure out.   I’d been on bio-identical armour thyroid for several years without a problem but after they were bought out by big pharma, the price skyrocketed and my dosages gradually began fluctuating.  I might have to return to using synthroid – which has its own problems.

      The thing that’s curious to me is hypothyroidism is often associated with post-menapausal women.  Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I thought they HRT is administered to help balance their hypothyroidism.  I was hoping it would help me too.

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        Nancy Holly
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        I am so sorry to hear.  Make sure doc verifies there isn’t an underlying condition on your thyroid.  Mine was from cancer treatment, but there are others.

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      Diana Morgan
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      Welcome aboard CDH Jennifer, I hope your journey goes smoothly.




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      Lola Caprice
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      Good luck Jennifer!  I hope everything goes even better than you can possibly imagine!  Please remember to come back and keep us updated, you have nothing but love and support here.



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      Jennifer Thomas
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      My thyroid test results are too low and are a concern prior to beginning HRT. I have cronic hashimoto’s hypothyroidism – trying to dial into the correct dosage.  This almost delayed takeoff, but they proceeded with an injection of 0.5 mL (5mg) bio-identical estradiol valerate, and will repeat weekly for a month prior to deciding if I should switch to patches.  That seems like a light dose, but perhaps appropriate for a start.

      I also began Finasteride.  My T results were surprisingly in the low-normal range, so, I may need further T-blocking.

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Jennifer,

      Welcome to CZdH.  Congratulations on Starting your journey.


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      Welcome to cdh and congrats on the new journey to come

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Wonderful to have you here with us. Many girls to chat ,make friends with and  much to read through our forums and such. So get settled and start enjoying being part of a place to express your inner feelings and share them with gals that support and understand our needs for dressing and of course the few that are pursuing much more. Happy to welcome you here with us.   Hugs!


      Stephanie 🌹



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      Effie Jayne
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      That’s wonderful Jennifer! 🌼 and welcome to CDH!🌸🎀

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      Hi Jennifer congrats on your way to fem been on it myself now for about 5 months Oh also welcome to CDH

      big hugs


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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Jennifer nice to meet you and as you have been here for a bit you kind of know the welcome to our site ..

      But as a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms here so get settled in relax and enjoy yourself  .. Congrats on the start of your femme journey .. You are a lucky one girl that can go for it and be all the woman you can be  .. So again nice to meet you and hope all goes well sweety keep us informed on the progress ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Terri Anne
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      Hi Jennifer,

      Welcome. So glad you have joined us here. Feel free to explore what our site has to offer.

      The warmth and hospitality of our CDH and our sister site,  Transgender Heaven [ TGH ] are just awesome.

      Link to TGH: https://transgenderheaven.com/forums/forum/introductions-and-new-members/

      I’m sure you will find much information on either site you visit.

      Please do make use of the forums, articles and public chat room and friendships. Perhaps you will make new friends here

      As a member, you can contact any of us via private messages.

      Also, you may find what you need such as help by using the links in the R/H drop down 3 bar [hamburger ] menu.

      Thanks for your participation on the site.

      Regards,   Terri Anne, Ambassador

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