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    Katie L.
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    I don’t know where to start so I am just going to type what comes to me.  I am sorry in advance if it seems jumbled.

    I am 40 years old.  I guess you could say I am emerging crossdresser . Definitely a part time one when I am alone.  This is all fairly new to me still and I do not know where it is going.  I don’t  want to be a woman physically for real, like surgery and all.

    No one knows about this interest.  In a way you might call it a hobby or something.

    I do not know what exactly caused or got me to explore.  If this was me sitting here from 5-6 years ago I would not be typing this right now.  It just slowly came over me.  Another example would be 12 years ago some friends of mine all wanted to do Halloween in drag.  I refused.  Now if they came up with that idea I would do so willingly.

    I remember very vaguely sneaking some of my moms undergarments when I was young and putting them on.  I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time, I really cant say.  I think I may have done this twice or three times.  I know it was at least twice that I can recall, again I was young and it was a long time ago.

    I do not know if that had any influence on me in the past 2-3 years.

    The past few months I have branched out some I suppose.  Wearing more women’s clothing at home. I have even worn panties when I go out under my jeans or slacks.  I bought a nightie last month and I find that I am wearing it more and more to bed at night.  I also find myself thinking at work of putting some things on when I get home with more frequency.

    I find now when I go to a place that sells women’s clothes, that I look much much more than I used to. I have even gone to a few department stores and causally looked around at the women’s section though not touching anything.

    I have thought about buying some things on my own several times.  I chicken out though.  I realize and rationalize that no one in the store knows me and I wont see them ever again, I just still feel embarrassed to do so.   Part of me says that once I do this once, it wont seem like a big deal possibly, I just cant get myself over that hurtle yet.

    I don’t consider myself fem.

    I do own some things that I have bought online, since it it more anonymous.

    Just wanted to find someplace that I could talk and not feel weird or anything.

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    HI Katie, and welcome to CDH. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m also relatively new, having started wearing women’s underwear 2 or so years ago, and expanding that to include skirts, heels, dresses, wigs, etc just this past August. This site has proven invaluable to me – whether it was advice, answers to a question, or just the friendships.

    Good luck, though I’m sure you’ll find the ladies here as welcoming and caring as I have!

    A Rose by any other name...


     Lauren P. 
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    Hi Katie, and welcome!!  By joining up on this site, you’ve joined a tremendous sorority of gals on this website who all understand what you’re going through, and many of us can certainly relate to how you’re feeling as we’ve been in the same situations.  All of the members on here are wonderfully supportive of each other, and now that your part of this community you’ve certainly got a safe space to share your thoughts, and talk through them with a great group of new friends!

    So glad you’re here with us, and trust me when I say that the more you’re able to talk through your thoughts with others, the more you will realize that being who you are is a great thing!  Your confidence level will grow as you meet sooooo many others on here who are in such similar experiences, you’re truly not alone.  That’s the beauty of this site, it’s an amazing collection of truly great people who are all here to help.  🙂

    <3  Lauren

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    Hey everyone I recently told my loved ones that I cross dress and you know it wasn’t as bad as I expected it. The world didn’t fall apart and all is ok. Take it from someone that always thinks of the worst case scenario.

    I have crossed dressed on and off for a few years. The desire has been with me since I was young however. I have to be honest with myself and with my family I wasn’t happy not dressing. I wasn’t happy not telling my wife about who I really was. She was very supportive about it and actually went shopping with me and we found some outfits and shoes and we went out with some friends and it was great!!!




     Rachel J Rose 
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    Hi Katie and welcome to CDH.



     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    i started with wearing tights in a school play. got hooked. love the look and feeling of female clothing. it was on and off in the 70s. its now 2017 and i have more female cloths then my wife does and wear them more then she does. i wear female cloths most of the time when i can and kids are out for the night. wife knows of my cross dressing. there are times i wear lacy panties with pad, lacy body bra and nylons and a dress under my boring male cloths and go out to stores looking at female clothing. i buy all my female cloths on line and in stores. i am a closet cross dresser and wish to get out and show my fem side but society here is not a good thing. shaving my legs well never thought about it but would like to try to but knowing my legs would itch like made. feeling the nylons on a smooth shaved legs would be a thrill of a life time. wearing make up when i dress up is also i do. eye shadow and lip stick and perfume. nothing like dressing up all the way

     Kim Paige 
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    As you read the various forums, articles, and make friends here you will quickly realize the interest you have in your femme side is shared by many, it’s more common than you think.  You will also find a supportive community where thoughts and feelings are shared openly and honestly without judgement.  It’s wonderful to find a place to finally embrace something that occupies so many of your with thoughts but you’ve been compelled to repress.  Welcome to CDH, you are not alone on this journey.


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