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    Hey everyone I recently told my loved ones that I cross dress and you know it wasn’t as bad as I expected it. The world didn’t fall apart and all is ok. Take it from someone that always thinks of the worst case scenario.I have crossed dressed on and off for a few years. The desire has been with me since I was young however. I have to be honest with myself and with my family I wasn’t happy not dressing. I wasn’t happy not telling my wife about who I really was. She was very supportive about it and actually went shopping with me and we found some outfits and shoes and we went out with some friends and it was great!!!

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     Rachel J Rose 
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    Hi Jadel and welcome to CDH.



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    Hi Jadel, and welcome to CDH. It’s nice to meet you. Like you, coming out to my immediate family was the best decision I’ve made in recent memory. My wife and kids have been supportive, and I get way more “Rose time” as a result.

    A Rose by any other name...


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    Hi Jadel and welcome !!

     Lauren P. 
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    Hi Jadel, and welcome!  So happy to read you had wonderfully positive reactions to coming out to your loved ones!  Having the support of loved ones is truly a blessing, especially the support and encouragement from your wife!  Cherish that lady, as she’s one of the special ones!

    So glad you’ve found yourself, and that you’ve joined up with us here on this site!  This is a truly great place, absolutely filled with an amazing community of gals.  Glad you’re here with us!

    <3  Lauren

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