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    Stevie Steiner
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    Always loved that song, and I know I am not alone feeling stuck in the middle at times.  I really do enjoy trying to help people understand, and love people who choose not to be ignorant about things.  And my niece is right up there, chatting with her auntie.  It’s always a bit grey when you are more than a crossdresser but not a physically transitioned transgender, though.  In that purgatory that is more than one, but not quite the other – at least in the view of many.  That got me thi king I would now enjoy exploring some HRT to some degree at least….  but that’s another matter.

    Sheesh, she asked if she should refer to me as a ‘transdresser’.  Nein!  There’s no TDH!  Not another label I moaned to her – just call me Stevie or auntie then!  Lord no, I’ll just kinda stand in between and bridge the gap, I have long legs.  Bridges are important after all. 🙂


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      I have been driving down the road singing that song. And I thought to myself, yea, it fits!  Thanks Stevie!!  Hugs

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      Tara Jeane
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      Apropos of nothing, have you seen the original video? I think they were VERY high  🙂   I really do love that song though!

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        It is a good song Tara!  He could have pink eye. giggle

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      Amanda Burton
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      Thats a great song Stevie, and many on here have hit the nail on the head, to many labels. As a society we tend to label everything black and white, a case of which pigeon hole do you fit in. But life is not like that, yet we still insist on this out dated system of references. If your niece has asked what she should call you then it’s up to you what you wish to be called, indeed its then a matter of what she feels comfortable calling you.

      I have said many time on here and faced this with both my daughter, their simple answer was (Dad) even today if I and my daughters go out and I am dressed en-femme, they still refer to me in public as dad. (Now  that really make people mouth catch flies)., I am not a different definition of who I am, but simply me that leads a different lifestyle, that doesn’t fit into to society acceptance to pigeon hole.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Stevie,

      You said it: “More than a CD, but not physically transitioned”; accurate, but something only another CD can possibly understand. I say it as “I’m really a girl; I just can’t pass the physical”. Same problem. No mere label can define us, so perhaps we can just ask to be accepted, no labels needed.


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      Oh for the days when we don’t need to explain or put ourselves in boxes (or closets), for fear of who knows what.
      I have to admit to being somewhat relieved to have made the decision to begin a ‘formal’ transition. I feel validated to have gone through months of therapy, spoken to several medical professionals, as if I can now say ‘look, it’s real, it’s not just in my head’

      It’s all bxxxxxx tho. I’m doing this because I know it’ll make me feel better about who I am

      Love you all

      xx Seren xx

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      Hi Stevie, Auntie Cutie

      Seems like you have enough labels to be going on with!!!!

      ” clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,

      here I am, stuck in the naughty corner with you!!!!

      …..sounds oh so familiar….

      Smiles, grace xx

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      patty williams
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      Hi Stevie I understand so much, its hard to figure out exactly where we all fit in in this world and trying to find a word to describe our own unique situation can be difficult.

      I just say we are all beautiful people and its so great to have a Niece that is trying to understand who you are .

      very nice sweetie.

      Hugs Patty

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      Heather Jameson
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      Hey Hun, confusion, confusion, confusion. Tis the life of a CD, TG, TS. That’s why they call it transitioning, it’s a path and a very long one. Unfortunately it’s not take this pill, go to bed and boom your a woman when you wake up. As I’ve told you I can’t transition due to health risks but I have already transitioned. I know, what the heck are you talking about now you dizzy blonde ( with great legs don’t forget, you told me ). Just as I like to say in my mind and in my heart I am Heather, the  only thing left of Bryan is this shell I live in, the other 99.9 % is all me. There you go, fire that one off at your niece, that should give her something to think about. She sounds like a great kid, your lucky to have such a good confidant. By the way Tuesdays short skirt and high heel boots day, expect some pics.

      Take care, Heather.

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      Paula F
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      There are just too d**n many labels, and the list is growing it seems.  I love that song also Stevie, and was convinced when I first heard it many, many years ago that it was a long lost Beatles song, LOL.  Gerry Rafferty definitely sounds a lot like John Lennon in it.

      I had quite a time myself with both nieces explaining just where I was in the whole boy/girl scheme of things, and now that the oldest has had her first child, I get to do it all over again, but at least I have a few years before that happens, and who knows, I may have transitioned by then and won’t have to explain it at all.


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      Hi Stevie,

      I love that song too! I am with you, no more labels. Your niece probably doesn’t understand, she maybe trying to be nice and respectful.



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