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      So……. Things have unfolded very fast for awhile for me beginning in May of this year. Ending a marriage that was over with for the better part of 15 years, leaving a depressing, isolated rural living situation and moving back to the Chicago area. If that was not enough, I decided that now is also the time to begin therapy, come out to my kids and brother and begin looking to finally, after what seems my whole life, now also seek my transition. This has been deeply emotional for me as I am finding as well. So many years of repressing myself. To this point, and this is just beginning for me, really , I am going through more changes than what lies ahead for me physically. While I am embracing it, there is a lot of discovery about myself yet , a lot of it emotional and mental. Everyday now, more of who I really have always been from within is being released and accepting this, and making it real and everyday is still a process. I definitely have cried a lot recently, had a few meltdowns and get impatient as well wanting this to hurry up so to speak. But, with so much help from so many of you here, Tessa, love you dearly, I have begun to slow down and take this day to day and try to enjoy each day I grow into Darcy. All the hoopla is over, now it’s just time for me to continue on my journey and time to own it . love all of you Darcy Anne

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      Gina Angelo

      I am enjoying getting to know you and count you as a friend and someone who has helped me. Glad I can make you laugh and hopefully remove some of those tears. You are doing amazingly well considering all you have been through


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      Jaime Parris
      Contributing Editor

      Keep in mind, it’s called a transition for a reason.  It’s a process.  I wanted everything to happen at once as well.  However, I am enjoying this adventure.  It is opening myself up to things I needed to learn about life that I resisted from accepting for too long.

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      Thinking of you from this cold country where I am right now, Darcy Anne. You’ve always been so bold, brave, and open about where you’re going, and I wish you all the happiness and good luck as you continue your journey!

      Hugs, Cindy Lou

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      Stephanie Flowers

      Darcy: the best to dear .much that has happen is far too much for person to endure.I’m happy your settling and you deserve  a  peaceful rest .were here love for all the support you need. Best to you and hope  your journey is now on calm waters .🌹

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      Sorry you have had to endure so much pain but really glad you are on a path to emotional freedom!

      Both in awe of what you have done and very proud. You are beautiful!



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