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      Joan Love

      Sorry that it took me a little while to finally get something substantial posted on here. Been a bit busy. Just had surgery for a hernia. Anyways, I dabbled a little bit with dressing when I was just a kid. Not even in my teens yet. I had an older sister so I did have fairly easy access to female clothing. Didn’t really even know that it was called cross dressing way back then. I just knew that it felt good and I felt so alive when I did have on some of her panties.  But alas, life took off in a different direction and I wound up getting married and having a kid. I’m divorced now (nothing to do with cross dressing).  And I’ve been through several different relationships since. I haven’t dressed in a long time and I’m single now. Thinking I’m just going to do my thing and dress how I want to and enjoy my femme self. Unfortunately, I’m not totally ready to come out yet and still need to be careful who I’m around when dressed. Not sure that this will ever change. Look forward to getting to know all of you. Well feel free to drop me a line whenever. . .



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      Hello Joan welcome to CDH I am glad you have shared part of who you are and having found us and made the step to become part of a family that is welcoming, understanding, compassionate, and supportive. While we are all similar and have many of the same desires we all differ on our goals or public expression and or level of personal experiences. I encourage you to explore the many forums, topics, polls and member biographies found here as there are a wide range of members all over the spectrum of feminine expression or those on the path to transition and those that have. There are also links to websites that have products and services that may help you on your own personal path of acceptance and self expression. Ultimately it is a place, home, or world were you can feel feel comfortable and confident in who you are; as being who you truly are as your authentic self of you being a man, a woman, or expressing your feminine desires feelings and or qualities. I am happy you are here and have made a choice to accept this part of yourself as self acceptance is the most important thing you can do for yourself and others. You can’t expect others to accept you if you don’t accept yourself all of you. As you are sharing a part of your authentic self here on CDH it ultimately lifts some of the burden that you may be feeling which many of us have carried for what seems like a lifetime you are not alone. Being here helps not only yourself but helps others gain acceptance and confidence I am happy you have made the step to be here. Welcome!

      Hugs April

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      Hi Joan, and welcome. I think you will find this to be a great place to make new friends and share. I think you will also discover we are of all ages and persuasions. I am a senior who only returned to crossdressing about six years ago. I must be trying to make up for lost time because I am enjoying Paulette more than I could have ever imagined (even if she is still a “sometimes” girl). The other curious thing I think you will discover is we cover the range from happily married heterosexuals (myself married 51 years), to bi and trans. The fact that there is very little dispute over who is “right’ and who is ‘wrong’ is, in my opinion, a testament to the love that exists here. I hope you will discover this for yourself. Hugs, Paulette

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      Hi Joan
      Welcome to CDH. I lived in Fishkill for 3 yrs during HS. Had swim team practice in Poughkeepsie. Enjoy your journey, keep us updated.
      Hugs Ginger

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        Joan Love

        Hi Ginger !  I was actually raised in Hopewell Jct. and in fact still live in Poughkeepsie. Small world huh ? If I may ask, where abouts are you now ?

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          Louisiana. North of New Orleans. Went to John Jay HS

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            Joan Love

            I went to John Jay High school as well. Class of ’86.

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      Hi Joan,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Stephanie Flowers

      Joan happy you found us. Browse our site and start enjoying all that we are about. The ladies here are wonderful and love to talk and offer help and advice if needed and always here just to listen if one wishes. In time make lasting friendships and know we’re always here to share each other’s experiences in our love for dressing. Very nice meeting and love to chat anytime.


      Stephanie 🌹




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      Hello there Joan

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      Hi Joan welcome to CDH it’s nice to meet you we are like one big happy family on here so don’t be shy come on in and join the family, I’m a mature crossdresser I’ve been dressing most of my life since i was about 8 or 9 years old when i tried my older sister’s lingerie on, I’m sorry i can’t meet up with you for a coffee ☕ I’m on the other side of the pond in the UK, I’m sure there are lots of girls near to where you live who will be happy to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat I’m sure you will find lots of friends on here so if you have any questions just ask and the girls will get back to you, there are lots of girls on here from beginner’s to full time girls who dress 👗 24/7 we don’t judge anyone on here it’s a safe place for everyone X 🎀

      Hugs Rozalyn X 💋

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Hi Joan and welcome, glad you joined our little household. Please make yourself at home.


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      Liara Wolfe

      Welcome to CDH.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Welcome, Joan. I lived in Middletown and Suffern growing up and had a great-aunt in Buffalo.

      Joan and Jessica’s exchange reminded me of the time Wanda took a date back to her place. He was a bit naive and Wanda was having trouble getting him to understand what she wanted to have happen. An idea struck her and Wanda said, “Would you like to see where I was operated on for appendicitis?” “Gosh, no!” the young man said. “I hate hospitals!”

      Hugs & kisses,

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        Joan Love

        I love your appendicitis story !! Very funny Wanda !! You obviously have a great sense of humor.

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      Hi Joan nice to meet you sorry im a bit late with a welcome to you was out of town just home so hope you forgive me .. Girl im happy you found and joined us girls here so get settled in relax and enjoy yourself here.. As a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms into our home as well as yours now also .. Girl there is so much to see and do here from reading the forums and posts from so many ladies here telling there stories about there journeys down the femme road they are on.. When you get comfortable with us please join in with a story or two about the life and times of Joan as she travels down her own girly path in life..  As for making friends here there are so many ladies from all over the world to build long lasting friendships with and best of all we are just a simple click away from you ..  Please do us a simple favor girl return to your profile page and fill in more please as this is how we get to know you better thanks.. Once again nice to meet you and hope to see you around for a chat sometime soon..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Joan Love

      Well this is my second time trying to respond to your message. My silly thumb often times hits the close button by accident and then I lose everything I was just trying to say. Ugh. I hate when that happens. Anyways, I was trying to tell you about my hernia scars and my new scar is just above my belly button and runs east to west and is about 3 inches long. Not too bad. But I also had a hernia operation about 13 yrs. ago and that scar runs north and south and is probably about 2 inches long and it’s directly above my new scar. So yes, I may have to use some makeup on them if I ever decide to join a beauty contest. Lol. Not likely however.  And hey ! What is this you “think” your glad I’m here stuff. Lol. I’m pretty sure I’m glad I’m here. I guess that’s all that really matters. Perhaps some day if we ever meet up, I’ll make you glad I’m there. Hehehe




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      Joan Love

      I’m sure glad you’re here. You’re really cool !!! And fun !!!

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      Joan Love

      Been to Buffalo once before when my son and I visited Niagara Falls. Beautiful area. Too much snow for me in the winter time though. I was hatched in Kingston. Lived in Woodstock for the first 2 months of my life. Things got weird after that though. Was taken away from my parents and put into foster care till I was adopted when I was 2yrs old and raised in Hopewell.  Been a strange life. Maybe cause I’m a little strange. Hmmmmm. Going to bed now. Talk more later sweetie.



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