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    Hi! My name is Jonni and I signed up to this wonderful site about a week ago. Am a bit nervous but I guess I should introduce myself!

    I’m a 61 year old CD from the UK.  I say CD, but it’s been many years since I was ‘active’. After a promising start to CDing in my early twenties, life and marriage have meant I have had to hide my true self for many years.

    A rather life changing event recently gave me the kick I needed to start thinking what I needed to do to regain some inner peace and self respect. Being true to myself is a big part of that and that means I need to find and embrace the femininity within me that I have hidden and suppressed over the years.

    Easier to say than do, or maybe not?! Embracing my feminine soul again I can do, l feel so much more alive already after dropping all the male bull**** pretence!  Going further and adopting feminine clothing, mannerisms and looks might be a bit trickier!  When I was twenty I could fairly easily pass for a not unattractive girl, but taking a look in the mirror now I think rejuvenating this rather tired and scarred (and hairy!) old body is going to need a bit of work!

    Anyway, it may take a while but nothing ventured…! I have started on this next stage of my journey through life and it is such a relief to find so many like minded and lovely ladies here, your stories and advice are really inspiring. Thank goodness for the internet and CDH!

    Thank you and Lots of Love

    Jonni xx

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     dee dee 
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    Hi there…UK too.

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     Robyn Valerio 
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    Very much on the same path as you.  And living in the UK.  Keep in touch.



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     Laura Lovett 
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    Hi Jonni

    Also in the UK.

    At a similar stage in my journey. Good luck and welcome!


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     Michelle Newman 
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    Welcome Jonni!

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     Tricia Lynn 
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    Hi Jonni,

    You might be surprised at how much the wonders of makeup can do! I have found that proper application can really take years off your appearance and believe that I actually look better (and younger!) en femme than I “normally” do. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit – it’s definitely worth the effort!

    BTW, I am also over 60. 😉


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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Jonni welcome.  We are so much alike. I too am in my 60”s  ouch!!!! . And  have just in the pass couple of years open my hidden feelings of xdressing to which I haven’t experience since back in my late teens. Society’s ways certainly helped  as an a early marriage so my dreams of experiencing my femininity was gone. But life’s changes helped to explore this so by searching around on websites I came across this wonderful place. Shortly after joining I learned how to open up to my wife and now a new world has been opened up and with support from her and this site it’s been an amazing time. I hear you, I too wished I had my youthful appearance back when as it would be so much fun to pass with little effort but now opps!! Let’s just say we need to work on sanding down the rust and let the shine show. A major work in progress and likely never to what we would want but I feel let’s do our best and make us feel great inside. This Will help to what we see  in a mirror . With proper help it’s amazing how things can really turn out so don’t fret. It’s so much fun to see what we can do.  Girls here are wonderful and very helpful so relax and start experiencing the true feelings that are now here. Friendships are so exciting to make and has help me accept who I am. Very nice meeting you and love to talk and share about our experiences . Hugs!!

    Stephanie 🌹

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       Laura Lovett 
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      The way I look at it, if I’d had these experiences when I was younger, I wouldn’t be having them now.

      The effects of self-realisation and actualisation are so powerful that I’m glad to be feeling them now, when I have the patience to enjoy each small thing for what it is, without the impetuosity of youth driving me to get as much as I can in a hurry.

      Youth is wasted on the young – they don’t appreciate just how beautiful they are!

      I think I’m quoting someone, but not sure who!



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     fiona moss 
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    hi jonni. no need to be nervous, you are in safe hands here 🙂 . please feel free to explore the site and make friends. glad to have you here, good luck on your journey forward.

    fiona xxx

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    Hello Jonni, you sound firm and determined. Welcome in our midst.



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     Olivia Livin 
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    Hi Jonni, fully enjoy your newfound self…again. Practice,practice. Feel free to ask and share. We don’t necessarily have to pass, we just need to feel good in our own skin and mind.

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    Welcome jonni, I had no idea there were so many of us out there it’s awesome.

    Again Welcome 🙂


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