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    So my wife doesn’t know I dress but I have to share with someone… I love the feeling of looking as convincingly female as possible but really, I love the feeling of wearing women’s clothes, regardless of how I look. I work from home and my wife goes to an office so I spend much of every day wearing fake breasts and clothes to go with them. Honestly, there’s nothing better to me than to use apps to see how I’d look as a woman (see avatar).

    A small part of me hates this, but the much larger part accepts the fact that I’m me and I need to do what feels good… while recognizing that it’s something I won’t tell my wife about.

    I’d love to hear from others in similar situations. Really, I’d love to hear from any of you at all! 😉


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      Samantha Roarke
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      Hi, hello, and welcome to Crossdresser Heaven! You have just arrived at the best and greatest CD site on the web! CDH has tons of very helpful crossdressing information, tips, and support from real people just like you! We highly encourage new CDH members to ask questions no matter how trivial you think they may be, as we are happy to answer to the best of our ability. We also love a well written profile, this helps everyone to get to know you better as the beautiful woman you are! We hope that you enjoy your stay here at CDH, as we are happy to have you as a part of our wonderful community.

      Thank you, Samantha Roarke

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      Phoebe Smyth
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      Hello again.
      I fear I may have come off the wrong way in my earlier reply. Your feelings are  completely understandable and I have as much compassion for you as I do all my sisters out there and don’t wish to add to any emotional burden you may have dear.
      Don’t ever hate yourself for who you are and I hope you never give up on being Vixen either. But again your life your choice. I still believe that inevitably you will have to have that discussion with your wife and eventually your happiness is in the balance, but for now relax and rejoice in the knowledge that here you are among friends who only have your best interests and happiness at heart.
      You will always find friends, support and the love of sisterhood here.

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      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      Hi there Vixen, That sounds pretty darn familiar to be honest.  Like you, my wife doesn’t know but I love the feeling of looking as female as possible and I absolutely love women’s clothes. If I could wear them all day every day I would. I also work from home (at the moment), and as soon as she leaves I put on the dress.  I love using apps that show how I would look as a woman, but even more … I love seeing my figure after I put on a body shaper and seeing that slowly developing hourglass figure.

      As much as I would love to say “tell your wife”, I can’t because I’m kinda in the same situation … I have to do what feels good for me, while at the same time I’m not ready and don’t know if I ever will be ready to tell the wife.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Vixen nice to meet you . What a story girl as so many of us have come out to our wifes i did shortly after we were married i could not keep it from my wife so out it came and with it a lot of questions and lots of conversations that has been 37 years ago and Stephanie is still a home girl and never goes out. But its so much better to come out and take baby steps into this before your many years into marrige and she finds out and wants that devorce  paper just my opinion dear its like a butt we all have one good luck and keep us in your loop so to speak  .

      Hugs and good luck

      Stephanie Bass

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Vixen,

      Welcome to CDH.


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      Phoebe Smyth
      Registered On: February 2, 2020
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      Hi Vix.
      I know it’s your life and all. But I’d be concerned with how you not only do but intend to continue hiding yourself from your wife.
      Honestly I’d be surprised if she isn’t at least some what aware or hasn’t found your attire ( any portion there of. )
      I know it’s scary coming out and it never seems to get easier no matter how many times you do it or how many people you come out to.
      But I feel you should be concerned with what type of relationship you have if you can’t share yourself fully.
      You should be able to express your male and female side equally or not as you feel comfortable with. But you should also be able to trust your partner with at least some of that if not fully. Many grow resentful of relationships when they feel trapped or confined within their own skin and if you can’t trust or rely on your partner then who can you?
      But you also seem to be on the edge of accepting yourself so it may be too much to put that on you too.
      Self discovery can be scary Vix. It can have life altering consequences. But those decisions should eventually include the both of you.

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        Rei Durden
        Registered On: October 11, 2020
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        Hi there! Tons of advice, love and support here at CDH, relax, you are amongst friends.

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      Katie Collins
      Registered On: January 25, 2020
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      Hi Vix,

      i’m like you. Now 57, wife and 3 adult kids don’t know. Dress when I can but still consider myself a very happy and balanced individual.

      Katie xxx

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Vixen   no need to hid and be alone no more. Here enjoy expressing your self with many same mined gals all here experiencing their love to dress. Beautiful  place to get the help ,  support and make wonderful friendships.  Very nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you here soon.


      Stephanie 🌹


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      Stevie Steiner
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      Hi  Vixen and welcome. I gotta say I love that name.  Sorry that you must keep yourself hidden at home, but you did choose the ideal place to share your story with.  I think you will find – if you haven’t already – a lot of sincere girls here who really do care.

      And …. please do not ever hate yourself, even a bit, for being true to yourself.  There is far too much hate already in the world, we should never bring it on ourselves!  I hope you can settle in and start enjoying yourself and all CDH has to offer,  you have the right to be happy Vixen.



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      Regine Rich
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      Hi Vixen,I think a lot of us are in the same spot. I too have to keep it very secret at this time,but this group has made all the difference in the world,about how I feel about it:-) Welcome “home”
      hugs, Regine

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      Lee Ann Rakers
      Registered On: August 18, 2019
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      What do you hate, Vix?

      Lee Ann

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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Hi Vixen

      Welcome to CDH, you are in good company, and a safe place here.

      You have definitely come to the right place. Most of us secretly love this feminine part of us and want to explore it further just because it feels so good, both physically and psychologically.

      But many are scared to be too open about it. Lots of fears. We are challenging gender stereotypical behaviour, societal  norms and expectations. Challenging the barriers within ourselves that tell us it is wrong. Why is it wrong? Is the problem with us, or those who cant accept a man in a dress.



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      Christina Roberts
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      Hi, i too share similar situation. Very guarded secret, so frustrating and would love to blossom out… but no way as my wife will leave plus i dont wish to upset her.  At least i can in the evenings be Christina in lingerie…. at least a little better than none.  Only time will tell in my journey.  Warm regards and hug to you

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        Janet williams
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        Christina you appear as such a beautiful woman and like you I have not told my SO that I dress completely when I can or she has gone out

        the one time she went to visit her  daughter I had invited a guy to spend night with me for the 1st time and he failed to show up but I have had many wonderful pleasure from  others and enjoyed them all

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      Kendra Beauford
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      Hi, back at ya!

      I believe that we’re two peas in a pod on this. My profile pic is from faceapp, and I’ll have to say that I was rather surprised.

      My wife and I have been married for a while. She has no clue that I’ve been like this since I was 15, and I doubt that I will ever tell her. I’ve given thought to breast forms, gaffes and hip pads. Just not sure that I would be brave enough to go out in public.

      Let me know if we could be friends…


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