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      Hi, I’m Julie, I’m an occasional cross dresser.  It is so wonderful to be back at CDH. I so missed all the wonderful and lovely girls who have given me all their love, support, and advice. The last year has been a rough time in a lot of ways. I discovered my feminine side in late 2019, and it was such a wonderful experience. I went through the pink fog, a purge, and my wife finding all my cloths, makeup, and wigs.  She does not approve of my feminine side, and this has strained our relationship to almost the breaking point. I do love her dearly and could not live without her. Expressing my feminine side is difficult and not as frequent as I would like, I am hoping that she will eventually come to understand that this is who I am, and she will be understanding and tolerant. I would like to meet someone who is in the same situation that I am in, it’s always good to talk to someone.

      When I am dressed, I feel like a full person. I get excited when I see a pretty dress or a pair of new shoes. I love when my hairstyle and makeup are perfect. I find shopping for women’s outfits so much fun. I finally have a look that I really like, I just have to buy a new wig and some shapeware and I am ready. Just love going out dressed it is much fun and makes me feel good about myself. I just wish I could spend more time as Julie. Hopping to get back with old friends and meet some new one as well.

      Hugs Julie

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      Welcome back to CDH Julie glad you are here to gain the acceptance and support from others who can relate having lived very similar circumstances. Happy you are here.

      Hugs April

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        Thank you April. I missed all the support and friendship I found here. Would love to chat with you. Hugs Julie.

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      Welcome Julie. It is so great that you are finding your true self. I was in a similar spot in my life and I came to the conclusion that I have to be me. Luckily my wife understands this. While she is struggling with Jessica, she is trying to be supportive.

      I look forward seeing you on our journey and I hope things work out with your wife.

      Welcome Again, Jessica

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        Thank You Jessica. It has been difficult. I love my wife, but you are right I do need to be myself. You wife is a wonderful person to be so excepting. I will never give up hope for my wife’s understanding.

        Hugs Julie

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      Some wives are difficult to get to understand. But you have to stand your ground we have come a long way to be accepted. The forward goal is difficult but can be done. I have been full time girl 👧 since I was 9 till now at 62. When my parents caught me I was required to wear my dress 👗 in front of my friends. Had to work the farms to buy my own dresses 👗 and materials to make my own dresses. My wife used to buy me dresses 👗 to wear places until she passed away. We have a journey to take the path may not be the easiest but sometimes it is right one and the only way to start a journey is by taking the first step we can take those steps together. We are glad to have you welcome to the site

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        Thank you Christina. You are so right. Have a happy holiday.

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      Hi Julie, and welcome back. I can understand what you are going through with your wife. When I resumed crossdressing about six years ago, after a long absence, I decided to reveal Paulette to my wife and family right up front. While she was initially very unhappy with the prospect she has come to understand that NOTHING had really changed other than I had become more loving and understanding of what women go through. By the way, with you living in St. George just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Las Vegas have you ever gone there as Julie? I recently attended Diva Las Vega as Paulette and had a wonderful four days in total ‘girl mode’. I am going back there to meet some CDH friends right after the holidays for a couple of days of ‘girl time’. You might want to consider joining us there one of these days. Take care, Hugs, Paulette

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        Thanks Paulette, and yes I have been to Las Vegas. I would love to meet up with you. My dream is to find some girlfriends to go out with. My trips have been solo, but I had a great time.

        Hugs Julie

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      welcome back Julie it’s nice to meet you, this is my second time on here i tried to stay away since last Xmas but the pink fog was too strong so I’m back, I’m a part time crossdresser because I’m still in the closet to my wife and I’m not sure about coming out to her she says she doesn’t understand why some men want to dress 👗 up like women so i don’t think it would be possible to out myself to her, I’m a mature crossdresser I’ve been dressing most of my life since i was about 8 or 9 years old when i tried my older sister’s lingerie on, I’m sorry i can’t meet up with you for a coffee ☕ I’m on the other side of the pond in the UK, I’m sure there are lots of girls near to where you live who will be happy to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 💋

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      Erika Henderson
      Duchess - Annual

      Welcome back, Julie! We’re so happy to have you here and that you have found your way back!


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      Hi Julie,

      Welcome back to CDH.


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      Hi Julie nice to meet you and so happy you found your way home as we allways keep the light on for you to see your way home.. Please look around as not much has changed just a lot more girls here so rekindle old friendships and start up some new ones .. Again nice to meet you and hope to see you around for a chat sometime..

      Stephanie Bass

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        Thanks Stephanie, Love to have some new friends. This is the best site, and I would love chatting with you.

        Cheers Julie

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      Stephanie Flowers

      Julie welcome back and happy having you here once again. So get comfortable once more and enjoy being part of a special place that really cares about everyone that passes through our doors. Very nice meeting you.


      Stephanie 🌹


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        Thank you Stephanie, and nice meeting you as well. I love this site and the wonderful girls like you.


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      Hi Julie, and welcome back to CDH!
      It’s really great to have you back.
      Love and hugs from Stephanie ❤️

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        Thanks Stephanie, I am glad to have the support. I would love to chat with you.

        Hugs Julie

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          Thanks Julie. Yes, please keep in touch.
          Love and hugs from Stephanie ❤️

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      hi Julie

      Welcome to CDH, a large and welcoming family. It’s a pleasure to meet you here.
      Here you will be able to exchange opinions and information and find support to go forward in your enfemme adventure.
      Have fun participating in the forums and questionnaires.
      Here no one is judged, but always welcomed with a warm embrace.

      I’m Greta, a 56-year-old cd/tg person (I’m taking my first steps in hrt); with a life that is a bit complicated by having to hide my gender identity…..when I’m alone at home and I know I have no guests, I’m Greta, if I’m at work or I have guests at home, I’m Greta, externally dressed as Mr. Antonio (lol) but I’m wearing women’s underwear.

      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️

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      Lola Caprice

      Welcome back Julie!  As you’ve already experienced, this is a beautiful sisterhood.  So supportive and accepting!  My wife is mostly accepting so I don’t have any advice there but please know that my heart goes out to you and I hope things smooth out for you.

      Now, I DO get excited about new dresses, shoes, makeup… all that!  I’d love to chat about all things girlie any time!

      All my best

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        Thank you Lola, I hope my wife gets there event eventually. I do have a new wig that I can’t wait to try. You are a very beautiful girl, love to get some advice from you. So glad to meet you. Merry Christmas.

        Hugs Julie

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Julie,

      Welcome back to this wonderful community! I’m glad you found your way home.


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        Thank you Lara, I hope to make many new friends.


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      Thanks Stephanie, I am so glad to meet you. I would love to chat with you, See how you are managing your feminine side.

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