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      Tara D Sometimes
      Registered On: October 4, 2022
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      I’m so glad you finally get to express your true self! Everyone is at a different place along the journey, and that is all good – there is no road map for doing this.

      Take care


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      Sarah Cerise
      Registered On: September 25, 2022
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      Hi Vikki
      Welcome to CDH nice to meet you look forward to chatting.
      Love Sarah xx

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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Hi Michael,
      As all the other sisters have said, welcome to CDH, take an enjoyable tour of our site and I’m sure you will find many things of interest.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Registered On: May 17, 2016
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      Welcome to CDH. This is the best place for you.
      Yours Terri

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      Trish White
      Registered On: December 2, 2021
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      Hi Vikki, welcome to CDH. You’re going to love it here surrounded by the most caring and loving women you’ll ever meet. What ever you need in advice or help just ask we’re all here for you.

      Trish ❤️

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      Suzanne Martin
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      Vikki –

      Welcome to CDH.   Be sure to check out the forums and articles, you’ll find helpful information there.  Look forward to seeing you in chat.


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      Wanda Ovahear
      Registered On: October 19, 2022
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      Hi Vikki,
      Have fun exploring all there is to enjoy about femininity.
      Hugs and Kisses,

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      Greta La Folle
      Registered On: August 6, 2022
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      Hi Wikky,
      Welcome to CDH, you are in right place to have a warm hug of welcome.
      Enjoy your journey with all us, don’t be afraid!
      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️

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      Registered On: October 7, 2021
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      Registered On: October 30, 2021
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      Welcome Vikki!

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      Helena Field
      Registered On: February 14, 2022
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      Hi Vikki
      Welcome to CdH from another UK girl living in Somerset.
      Secret crossdresser
      Enjoy the site.

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      Rozalyn Richards
      Registered On: July 27, 2022
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      Hi Vikki welcome to CDH it’s nice to meet you, we are like one big happy family on here so don’t be shy come on in and join the family, I’m sure you will find lots of friends on here who will help you out with any advice you need, I’m in the west midlands too I’m in Shropshire, I’m still in the closet to my wife, if i was to get a divorce i would live as a girl 24/7 , I need help with my makeup too,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 💋

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Vikki  welcome to Cdh

      Stephanie 🌷

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      Alicen Thairms
      Registered On: July 15, 2019
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      Hi Vikki, welcome to CDH 🙂

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      Hi Michael and everyone.  I’m new to crossdressing too.  At some point, I’d like to sneak out for a weekend and live like a lady.  I dress up when I’m the only one at home, and sometimes can manage a few hours.  I’m experimenting with clothes for a nice feminine look.  I really have to practice a guy, I’m fairly hairy, yet I don’t want to shave my legs etc, for fear of blowing my cover.  Part of the fun for me is doing something that my inner circle is unaware of..

      I look forward to the advice and ideas on this forum.

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      Krista Dean
      Registered On: October 2, 2022
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      I wish I knew about these girls sooner!
      Lots of support here! Have fun being who you are!

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Michael,

      Welcome to CDH.  Have fun window shopping as you decide what to add to your wardrobe.  Many retail stores are CD friendly and the associates can assist with sizing.  And best to try an item on to ensure it fits.  Some stores offer fashion consultation so can recommend a skirt and top in colors that can compliment your favorites.  And ULTA or Sephora are CD friendly to assist with how to get started with makeup and live within your budget.


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      Christina Isme
      Registered On: April 8, 2022
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      Well hello 👋 a good place to get dresses 👗 is And as far as makeup you go to utube they will have videos to show you. As far as places to go I don’t know anything about your area. We have a great site that could help you join in with the girls 👧 and we are glad to have you welcome to the site

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      Hi Michael,  I’m Kerri but my middle name is also Michael.  Welcome to CDH.  You will find many beautiful ladies on this site and you can be too if you want.  All are happy to chat with you and provide advise on clothes, makeup, and any other subject you would like to talk about.  So enjoy your experiences here.



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      Stephanie Bass
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Michael  Nice to meet you and so happy you found and joined us girls here so get settled in relax and enjoy yourself here..  As a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms into our home as well as yours now also..  With so much to see and do here like reading the forums and posts from many ladies telling there stories about there journeys down there femme path in life .. So girl when you get comfortable with us please join in with a story or two about the life and times of Michael as she travels down her own girly path in life.. As for making friends here there are so many ladies from all over the world to build long lasting friendships with and best of all girlfriend we all are just a simple click away .. Again girlfriend nice to meet you and hope to see you around for a chat sometime .. As our wonderful Stevie has said maybe a Michaela In our house he he ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      April Sinclair
      Registered On: April 29, 2022
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      Hello Michael welcome to CDH glad you have shared a part of who you are and found us and made the step to become part of a family that is welcoming, understanding, compassionate, and supportive. While we are all similar and have many of the same desires we all differ on our goals or public expression and or level of personal experiences. I encourage you to explore the many forums, topics, polls and member biographies found here as there are a wide range of members all over the spectrum of feminine expression or those on the path to transition and those that have. There are also links to websites that have products and services that may help you on your own personal path of acceptance and self expression. Ultimately it is a place home or world were you can feel feel comfortable and confident in who you are as being who you truly are as your authentic self of you being a man, a woman, or expressing your feminine desires feelings and or qualities. Glad you are here and have made a choice to accept this part of yourself and you are sharing a part of your authentic self it ultimately lifts some of the burden that you may be feeling which many of us have carried what seems like a lifetime I am glad you have made the step. Remember it may not always be easy but the most important thing is to accept yourself in doing that you will be able to help and love others. Welcome!

      Hugs April

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
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      Welcome to CDH Michael!  Or maybe I should say Michaela 🙂.


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