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    Rachel W
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    Hello I’m Rachel and I’ve been here for about a week haven’t been on much tho. Anyway I’m 24 years old and honestly for over a year I’ve been just kinda confused about myself. I kinda wish i were a woman and have been wanting to crossdress for awhile but haven’t cuz I’m still living at home and my family is pretty conservative.  I have opened up to my cousin and his gf and thats about as far as it goes. Anyway was just wanted some more people to talk to i guess. Idk thanks if you read my rambling lol

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     fiona moss 
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    Hello Rachel, you are more than welcome to join us!! welcome to our great community! hoping you make new friends and gain a better insight into your journey 🙂

    Fiona xxx

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     Michelle Newman 
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    Welcome Rachel.

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     Rachel W 
    Registered On: February 3, 2019
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    Well the thing i was wondering if you kinda wish you were a woman does that make you a trans person or what? I mean i know i shouldn’t rush to put a label on myself but its just something I’ve been really curious about

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      Hi Rachel, that’s an interesting question. As I understand it, and I’m by no means any kind of authority here so please if someone else can correct me I’d love to better know, but being trans is kind of a discrepancy between the physical gender of the body you’re walking around in, and how you feel internally as “you”. It’s an ‘all the time’ kind of thing, like you’re actually in the wrong body every time you blink, whereas cross dressing is an activity that can make you feel more feminine but without the need or want to transition genders. I think of it like choosing to put on a mask, instead of having the wrong one glued onto you. Though again it’s a spectrum and a continuum, best thing to do is talk with a professional counselor.

      For me, I am a cross dresser in that I love being a man and in a mans body, yet I do feel more feminine when I choose to dress up, though more feminine as a man if that’s not confusing. More whole, but in a temporary space. It’s an activity to me, even though I might feel more “woman” in doing so, I’m still just a man in a dress. That’s where I want to be, everyone is different though and I don’t mean to say I represent anyone but myself, and also no one should feel trapped by definitions too.

      So again if someone can correct me please do for my own understanding, but as far as I can say it’s the difference between a man in a dress, versus a woman in a man’s body, but professionally I work with drywall and not gender identity so I can’t give you the right answer, only how I think about it. I have heard a lot of people who are fluid in these definitions as well, so there’s also being gender fluid, not to make it any more confusing.

      Lots of good articles on this site though! Give them a read, and if you still have questions then your best bet is a professional in this sorta stuff. Otherwise, be easy on yourself and enjoy your time in how you choose to spend it. As always feel free to reach out to basically anyone.

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    Welcome Rachel, your feeling are normal everyone has them.



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     kylee Anderson 
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    Hey Rachel,

    I just joined about two minutes ago. I have been very confused about what I feel for a long time. One thing I know for sure is that if you want to crossdress you should. There is no reason to not try and it is likely you will get great joy out of it. If you can not find the privacy to do so in your home, I suggest finding a department store outside of your hometown and just grabbing any feminine clothes you think you’d like and try them on in a fitting room. This can be done very discreetly and costs you nothing. Remember there is no shame in doing what makes you happy, good luck.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Rachel , It’s wonderful to have you here with us in this wonderful community . Enjoy browsing through many of our well written forums, read about stories of others learn more on as they journey through their experiences. Many here to meet , talk with and for some develop wonderful friendships. A caring place I hope you enjoy being part of. Very nice meeting you

    Stephanie 🌹

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     Olivia Livin 
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    Hello Rachel welcome and ramble all you like, this may be one of the few places that encourages you to share openly. Look around, read or chat and add something to any of the forums. Making friends can be just a few clicks away.

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     Dawn Jones 
    Registered On: January 24, 2019
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    Welcome, ask anything you like.

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