Hi there. I'm Alexis. 😘

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    Alexis Kingston
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    revealed to my wife recently that I’ve been wearing her panties and this weekend we ordered breast forms and went purse and outfit shopping.  I may eventually transition but for now hope to better understand ME and get some practice.

    First question: how do I cover up my beard shadow?  Also, any tips on ways to discreetly try on wigs?  She and I kinda made it work with trying on outfits today but I admit it was a little like 007 level sneakiness.

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     Lanna Barton 
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    Hi Alexis,

    Welcome, so nice to meet you!! You will definitely find thevhelo and advice you need to helo you along your journey here!! To answer you question a lot of CD sites that offer make up also have beard shadow concealer. It works very well. If you need anything you can PM me anytime.

    Love and hugs,


     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    Welcome to C.D.H. It is so wonderful that your wife helps you with make up and dresses, go shopping with you for dresses. That would make me so thrilled to have my wife help me with make up and dress up and go shopping. My wife lets me dress up but I have to do it all my self, I buy my own female clothing in stores and on line.    For the wig well look on line for wigs and what style you like and length , plus real hair or fake hair. The Internet is a place to start to look for wigs, then there is C.D.H to find how to apply make up and stores to buy female cloths.           I have been cross dressing for many years on and off.  It seems to be more on then ever. I love the feel and look of female clothing in me, plus I feel more relaxed as a female. Glade you came aboard

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    Hi Alexis and welcome to CDH. I’m sure the girls here will have a lot of idea’s how to help you. You sre lucky that your wife seems to be supporting. Many are like my own, accepting but not participating, and others can’t take it at all and seek divorce.

    As for a wig, you could look for a possible style and order a reasonably priced synthetic one online. Or you could go somewhere away from home and frankly ask to be fitted for a woman’s wig. I did this for my first wig and the girl in the store couldn’t have cared less. Later, I’ve bought several used and new wigs online, both synthetic and two of human hair.

    If your wife knows her makeup it’s a good start and there’s heaps of tutorials on the Internet. If you’re up to it, it could however be worth the effort to visit a makeup counter or a ssloon and let them find your best colors.



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