Low heels or High heels

what are your first time and favorite type of heels?

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  • Low/under 3"
  • High/3" or higher
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    Sara Miller
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    The question is, do you wear high heels or low heels? As a side question. When and what was your first experience wearing heels. Even though I’ve been dabbling dressing since I was very young, wearing heels came much later. Finding any type heels that would fit was pretty much non-existent. About 25 years ago I ordered a pair of heels from Fredericks of Hollywood, they were to small but after some modifications I got them on. Not a very good experience! Online shopping and the opening up of opinions about crossdressing has made the variety of options a more pleasant experience. My first pair of high heels that fit out of the box was a pair of Pleaser black ankle strap sandals with a 5″ heel. I was on my way wearing and loving them. Needless to say my collection has grown over the years!

    Sincerely Sara

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      Just received my first pair of killer 5.5” heels and I absolutely adore them! I took my first tottering steps and couldn’t believe how they slimmed my manly calves and lengthened my leg. They make me feel incredible. I’m desperate to wear them all the time to practice.

      I find walking on the flat fine if I straighten my back and plait my legs but walking down stairs was scary! Could any ladies out there offer me some tips for descending stairs without breaking my neck?

      Angle your body to the steps so that you can place your entire foot on the steps…

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      I have both 3 and 4 inch, my legs really stand out with the 4’s though. I’ve never worn any over 4 inch especially since I’m already at 6’1 …  I adore the look of a high heel and panty hose flowing from a dress or skirt, now with cooler weather here I can wear them in on the way to work and back home with underdressing of nylons and just change them before going into work as well as afterwards.

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      Robyn Devine
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      Cannot be femme without them!  3-4 inchers are plenty.  Im 6 ft already, heels can put me at 6-4.

      xo – Robyn 👠👠💃

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      Regine Rich
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      Im right now wearing my first very own 3″ heels,and my SO says I’m pretty good in them:-) so I vote 3″ or higher,lol

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      Rei Durden
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      I’m pretty comfortable in 3-4” heels, and while I do wear 4 and 5” heels I still need plenty of practice.
      I’m sure it looks ridiculous seeing me wobbling all over the house vacuuming, washing dishes and laundry, changing out toilets and hanging shelves. All in a days work for this girl!

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      Jill Sweet
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      Oh my. The higher the better. Forget about comfort and even walking. I am the worst when it comes to wearing shoes and boots. My bordello pleaser boots are so sexy and that’s just the beginning. My wife said last night that a shoe shelf better be in place soon or else. I would even go for ballet boots which look painful but oh my so sexy.

      sweet pink kisses


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      I used to think the higher the better. Then I had knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago. I can still wear heels over 4”, but not for long. I tend to stick with 3” or less now. I have come to appreciate the comfort of flats.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      I voted low heels 3″ & under, but my comfort range is 2.25″ to 3.75″. Being 6’0″ tall I won’t wear 4″ or higher because I don’t want to obviously stand out. Two days ago I did buy my first pair of flats.

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      Yes !!!!! Some heels are just not comfortable …. The most comfortable Heels I ever had and wore in the house , garage, out walking were 5 inch Platform Heels that I gave $75 for …. THEY were awesome ….

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      Heather Jameson
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      When I first started dressing a long time ago ( dinosaurs still running around ) it was 4″ and up , I wore a pair of 7″ platforms with a mini skirt a few times to clubs and parties but now I’m older the body can’t handle that so it’s 3″ and down although I still have a couple of 4″ stilletos to wear with dresses, very formal looking.

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      Suzette York
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      i answered low because i usually go for about 3″ heels if i am going to be out for the night or for a long period.  i own many pairs of heels over 4″ with the most being about 5″ but i find though i walk well in them and love the way they feel on my legs and feet i do get tired after a couple of hours.  i will suffer through it for the right outfit though!  If i am out and going to dance i try to have a lower heel about 2 1/2 to 3 inches so that i can really get out there and have fun.  Now if a Man is holding me i am sure i can go with the high heels.  Sorry to comment as this is only a poll but i love this topic!

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      Mary Priscilla
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      My reality is that while I love high heels, being safe from falls is my truth.  My choice is to go with 2-3 inch heels with the caution that I usually carry them in a side bag and don’t put them on until I arrive at my destination.  It’s kind of like you see working women wearing running shoes until they get to their office and then switch.

      Without question, the shoes I wear are part of how I express myself as a woman.

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      DeeAnn Hopings
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      Started with low heels..2/1/2 to 3 inch…they are still my go to shoes…Still waddling around in the 4 inch pair I have..cant seem to bend my ankles right when I step down..My brain keeps telling me to put my foot down flat like Im stomping on something..othewise I feel Im either going catch my heel and fall or break the heal off if I put too much weight on it



      No, not flat. Try a little bit of an angle. With a small rotation, the foot is planted quickly and that greatly reduces the chances of the foot swiveling sideways. A flat planting does help a bit with stability compared to what I said above, but it is clearly not graceful. Perhaps you can boost your confidence with wider heels of the same height…

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      Hi, it’s Scarlett again! High heels – can’t live without them! My faves are all of my ankle strapped high heels. They’re just extra sexy and adorable at the same time. And they sure turn a lot of heads from both guys and girls. I’m wearing them in almost all of my photos taken in the last few years! The girls always send me plenty of compliments pertaining to the selection of my heels! I just feel so darn girly and sexy in them! And they sure add a little extra shape to my pretty legs as well!

      XOXOXO Scarlett

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      Started with low heels..2/1/2 to 3 inch…they are still my go to shoes…Still waddling around in the 4 inch pair I have..cant seem to bend my ankles right when I step down..My brain keeps telling me to put my foot down flat like Im stomping on something..othewise I feel Im either going catch my heel and fall or break the heal off if I put too much weight on it


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      Amy Vanessa
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      When I’m out wearing heels, they’re usually low, 1 or 2 inches.

      High enough to give me the feeling of wearing heels, but still easy to walk in.

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      This poll asks:

      “Low heels or High heels

      what are your first time and favorite type of heels?”

      My selection is “Low Heels”.

      “First time” was during my childhood around 9 or 10 years old. Back in that age of my femme “discovery” I tried on Mom”s fine early 1930’s vintage true bridal satin wedding gown. It was way too long on me so I found her 3 inch satin heels (pumps), stuffed them with hankies and slipped them onto my little feet. It took some time but I finally managed to stroll around in her elegant satin gown and heels. I eventually ruined both her gown and heels which were boxed up for storage and after her death thrown out.

      “Favorite type of heels” are 2 to 2.5 inch heeled pumps. Sadly, now at 80 yo, I am no longer able to wear them due to heel spurs developed 10 or so years ago. Being pre-diabetic I’m also dealing with swollen and painful lower legs and feet. I loved wearing them when it was possible. Something about my fine satin gown’s skirts swishing against my legs while heels are clicking away as I walked on the hard floor of our cellar just gave this “gurl” an exquisitely feminine feeling and joy!! (Oh how I miss those Payless Shoe Stores!)

      9/3/2020  3:17 PM EDT


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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      The choices really don’t fit as my heels are all between 2 1/2” to 3 1/2”. I have an arthritic ankle with an absolute maximum rise of 2 1/2”. 2” to 2 1/4” is much more comfortable with a bit of a platform.

      The first time that I went out I wore BORN black pumps with a semi-block heel, 3 1/2” with a 1” platform.

      Favorite brands are BORN, B.O.C (BORN One Concept) and Callisto.

      Favorite styles are one band and two band slides, ankle straps and clogs.

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      Penny Diamond
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      4″ or 5″ heels are great for photos as they look sexy … 3″ and below are better for walking!

      The first pairs I bought were all 4″ heeled, but when I started going out, I realised that they were hard to walk in. I walked in 4″ heeled court shoes once when out shopping, for over an hour … and I’m sure that it wasn’t a pretty sight as I staggered back to the car in agony!

      So I usually wear kitten heels to go shopping in, or 3″ heels if I’m going out for coffee or lunch and won’t be walking too far!

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      Alison Anderson
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      I find 3 inches comfortable, and 4 inches are tolerable if I’m not going to do a tremendous amount of walking.  Higher than that, I want a platform.  Lower than 3 inches feel like kitten heels to me.

      However, lately my right ankle feels like it has a tight tendon, so walking in any heels has been more difficult.  I also find my right foot tends to hurt at the widest part because of the shape of my foot.  I am currently taking my first pair which I thought fit comfortably and trying to stretch it out because I have an occasion to wear it this week.

      Gina, to walk down steps in heels, use the handrail and place the foot down so the toe and heel land simultaneously.  You can also turn your foot at an angle to help ensure the entire foot lands on the step.

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      Marie Chandler
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      With high heeled shoes, remember that they are geometrical.  What designers are most concerned about is the angle of the foot.  They need to make sure that a size 4 has the same or significantly similar angle of the foot as a size 13. That means that the shoe may say it’s 4″,  but your size 12 or 13 will be close to 5″. For the longest time I thought some of my shoes were 4″ when they were actually closer to 5″. Just something to keep in mind when you’re shoe shopping.

      Personally, I love wearing both. Higher heels at home for shorter periods of time and shorter heels for longer durations and going out. I really love the look of higher heels, but they take more attention and can be fatiguing. The nice thing about shorter heels is that you can feel feminine, but also forget you have them on.

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      I chose low heel, only because I’m 6’ tall and not terribly accustomed to wearing them for long periods of time, nor am I as graceful as I’d like. If I were shorter and smaller, I’d go 4-5” heels happily.

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      Janice Doe
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      I still enjoy wearing high heels, although I can only take heels that are 4″ in height as the max without platforms for additional support. I have a pair of 4″ stilettos that I can struggle with and a pair of 4″ block that I wear comfortably. For everyday, I like to wear 2″ wedges that provide a little lift, but are very comfortable. I want to try some higher heels with platforms. My problem is that I have really bad foot problems and knee problems (3 foot surgeries, 1 ankle surgery, and 5 knee surgeries). This makes higher heels almost too painful to wear. I had a pair of 4.5″ wedges that were fabulously comfortable, but wore those out and have not been able to replace them.

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      High heels are so sexy both to wear and look at, I only wear the high ones for special occasions and wear 3  inch heels for general wer during the day as they are more comfortable for longer priods. I admire ” girls ” who can wear 4 or 5 inch ones all the time it is an art.

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      I’ve owned both. Lower heels are much more comfortable, but higher heels are much more fun. I’ve got great legs and the higher heels show them off to the best effect, even if I’m the only one who sees them 😉

      The first pair I wore were ones of my mother’s. She did not won “high” heels as we are defining them here. I loved being in them nonetheless and was sad when I outgrew them.

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      Daisy Marie
      Registered On: September 27, 2019
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      My heels collection started with two pairs: 4″ heel nude sandals and 5″ block heel nude pumps.

      20 years after the last time I tried any pair of heels (always snatching from someone around), I felt quite well walking with both of them. While the 4″ pair was cute but a bit slippery, the 5″ block heels made me get used to higher heels without the fear of falling down.

      Between 2019 and 2020, I grew the collection from two to 10 pairs. All of them lie between 4 and 6 inches high. As long as I know that they may not be the most comfortable shoes, for me, the higher the better. I haven’t tried yet anything above 6″ high but I wouldn’t be opposed to.



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      Kayla Olson
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      I agree with Diane, higher the heel the better and the more sexy and fem I feel. First learned to walk in heels with a 4″ wedge a long time ago. A sexy black pair with ankle straps and studded detail. Over the years as I became more practiced wearing heels the heels got longer and longer. Fast forward many years and my collection has grown to 55 pairs with heel heights 6″ and higher. Now when adding to my collection wedges, stilettos, strappy heels, boots, booties among other styles, there are 2 criteria that I use 1. they need to fit and be comfortable and 2. they need to be 6″ and higher. Lately, I have been focusing on 7″ and 8″ “head turning” heels. Wearing these with short skirts and and Daisy Dukes are a lot of fun as I get many compliment from ladies of all ages. A couple days ago I ordered 3 pairs of stilettos online. Two were 7″ and the third was 6.5″,  they are all sexy and fit beautifully.

      I have seen flats and low heels look very sexy on ladies because the heel style matched with perfectly with their outfit and accessories. Ultimately, the question of heel height comes down to personal choice regarding what style and heel height will fulfill the look, style and confidence each lady is trying to achieve.

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      Amber Scott
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      I do have a pair of kitten heels but when I wear my 6″ stiletto’s, oh gawd the feeling. That’s when I feel absolutely femme and Amber is in full bloom. Be safe all.

      Love and Peace,


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      Gina Valentina
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      Just received my first pair of killer 5.5” heels and I absolutely adore them! I took my first tottering steps and couldn’t believe how they slimmed my manly calves and lengthened my leg. They make me feel incredible. I’m desperate to wear them all the time to practice.

      I find walking on the flat fine if I straighten my back and plait my legs but walking down stairs was scary! Could any ladies out there offer me some tips for descending stairs without breaking my neck?

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      Diane Crow
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      High Heels! Absolutely! I love wearing them the higher the better. I am a size 10 and find a lot of wonderful heels at Goodwill. At first I would just buy them and take them home to try them on. Then I would return what did not fit. I would not get a refund but I did not care. After a while I would go in the dressing room to try them on. Then I finally went to DSW and asked for help and they sized me properly in a size 10. I was so happy with great fitting heels I wore them to the bank and home. Even though I was in my man cloths no one even noticed I was wearing these beautiful black 4.5″ heels! Now I go to Goodwill and try on heels in my man cloths and hardly think much about it. I share photos with the staff there and they love it!! I buy dresses there all the time. Last bit of photos came from Goodwill.



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      Robin Snow
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      I didn’t vote because I fall in the category of “don’t care as long as it’s in my size.”

      I am a size 13 or 14 wide.  Women’s style shoes that big seem limited to be limited to fetish wear, one maybe two brands.  I don’t care it it’s a flat or a stiletto.  I just want a shoe which fits and I can wear out.


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      Comfort is my priority. I also like to dance and when I go to a fancy event I bring  a pair of flats or pumps to dance in.

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      Hi Sara. I love my heals. 4″ or higher. I do have a pair of 6″ Stilettos…

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      Rozalyne Richards
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      I would love to wear heels with a 4 or 5 inch heel but because of a ankle injury i suffered quite a few years ago i have difficulty in bending my ankle so i have to wear shoes with a kitten heel on them,

      I have some boots with a small heel on them which i like to wear with a nice skirt or a nice dress x

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      Patty Phose
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      I first began wearing pantyhose and heels when I was 4. They were gifts and loaners from my mother. I outgrew her heels around 12. I wanted my own heels that fit but I had to wait until I was 17 and bought my own platform wedges.

      Around that time I also began to think about getting other heels too. I fell in love with a couple of pairs of sexy stilettos. When I was 18 and had my own place, I bought  those stilettos and ever other femme piece of clothing I had wanted so bad for so long. I was in heaven.

      I put on my pantyhose, a short dress, then slipped into a pair of the stilettos. I cold barely stand in them. I stumbled over to a mirror to see how they looked. I was stunned and shocked. My legs looked incredible. Those legs are mine? I couldn’t believe it. How those stilettos heels made m legs look was such a huge difference. I had the amazing, sexy legs I had admired on women and girls for so long.

      Walking in those heels was a problem that had to be solved. There was no way I was not going to wear them. I wore them around the house all the time. I even went to bed in them. After a few days I was able to stumble around the house fairly well. I began wearing them out for short walks. After a couple of weeks I had the shoes broke in and I was comfortable walking in them. I absoulutely loved wearing them.

      Now, many years later most of my heels are 4 in. I have some 3 in heels too. I don’t think they look good but not as sexy as the 4 in. I also find the 4 in more comfortable and natural to wear. Maybe I’m just more used to them.

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      Kimberlee SkyHeels
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      I usually wear 5 to 6 inch black platform heels with pantyhose. Love the feeling, added height and long legs. A platform makes it much easier to walk.

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      Laura Lovett
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      I love 3″ heels the best, but find it hard to locate really comfortable pairs.

      I have some nude courts from New Look which I’ve almost worn to death – the pressure on my calves feels wonderful, although doorways can be a challenge, as I’m 6′ 4″ – 6′ 7″ in those heels, lol!

      I wore 2″ heeled boots with a really short shirt dress yesterday, and boy, did I turn some heads!

      Lovely comments included “Wow, those boots are made for walking!”, to which I responded “Yes, darling, and you know where they’re going to walk!”.

      I find they hurt a bit these days, ever since I damaged the big toe on my left foot. Not sure what I did or even when, but it hasn’t been right since, and aches like mad after a couple of hours in heels – so I carry a shoulder bag with flats in, just in case.

      But I do love heels, courts, Mary Janes, boots, strappy party sandals… Mmmm!

      Love Laura

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      Love my heels , over 3″ for me , but court shoes do look good with the right attire 👠👠👠👠🌹🌹

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      Stephanie Roberts
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      I prefer 3″ heels or under. Much more practical for me.

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      Jennifer Lynn
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      I love high heels, always have. Problem is as you get older, higher heels begin to get more difficult to walk in and tend to hurt your feet more. I still wear heels but not higher than 3″. And I tend to gravitate more to wedge heels. I do miss wearing higher heels and how they made my legs look.

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      Kristin Danvers
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      I love, love, love wearing heels. I’ve always been obsessed with women’s shoes (that should have tipped off my wife now that I think about it). All my heels are 3″ or higher. I get that shorter heels can be more comfortable, but I never understood the point. For me it’s either high heels or flats and nothing in between.

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      Davina Evans
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      I answered 3″ plus but…..

      3″ plus make me feel more feminine and make my legs look great.  However, below 3″ are a lot more practical.  Somehow, tottering around and looking drunk is not the way to present.  So more differing shoes of differing heights is the solution.

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      Carolyn Kay
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      I absolutely love my 3 inch heels. Even though I am 6 foot tall, I still love the way they make my legs look, just such a femme feel. I can wear 3 1/2 inch heels but any taller than that my feet bother me to much to really  enjoy.

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      Mikayla Welsh
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      High heels!!! I have four pairs at 3.5″ and one pair at 4″.  It is amazing how much of a difference that 1/2 makes… at 3.5″, I have no problems… no wobbles… at 4″, it is a work in progress.

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      Gloria Renee
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      Been out in both, prefer to be in high heels.

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      Vanessa Harris
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      love my high heels! i wouldnt feel as femm if i wasnt wearing high heels just my preference plus im not tall so it works for me.

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      High heels are incredible but I stay at 3 inch or lower. I just walk better in that height.


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    • #377980
      Falecia McGuire
      Registered On: January 11, 2019
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      I’m pretty good in heels after many years, but my recollection is that it came quite easily.  It’s not a gender thing at all; it’s an anatomy thing.  Some women never find an affinity for high heels and some wear them everywhere.  I think the same thing is true for CDs.  I love 4 to 5 inch pumps, peep toes, sandals, and boots.  With my women’s size 11, they have the perfect rake and balance.  Even higher are OK with a platformed sole.


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    • #377977
      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Golly Jenny…higher the better! maybe I am just lucky, but never had a problem with them. Don’t you love the way they push out your bust and arch your back….heels are probably the sexiest thing you can wear…..now there’s a discussion topic…hugs.   Grace xx

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    • #377902
      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      i picked 3 and under.   I have 4 pairs, 2 of which are 3 inch pumps, a 3 inch bootie, and a pair of flats.

      I’m only getting decent at walking in 3 inch, and I find 3 inch heels is plenty high for me.  who knows, maybe in the future I may look into something higher.

    • #377886
      Christina Wiliams
      Registered On: August 25, 2020
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      Black high heel thigh length boots over black fishnet tights … love the feeling

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    • #377866
      Stephanie Kennedy
      Registered On: March 15, 2019
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      Hi Sara  High Heel Shoes There is nothing more that screams look at me i am a girl Practice makes perfect They can make average legs look long ,thin and sexy. All woman should own at least one pair of black pair of 4″ heels. There are no shoes that feel and look good putting on and even better when you take them off. Lu Stephanie

    • #377850
      Joanne Jackson
      Registered On: May 26, 2020
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      Sensible, discreet, ankle-savers for me.  Thanks.

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    • #377849
      Deborah Sullivan
      Registered On: February 27, 2020
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      We all love shoes and have worn the full gamut over time. Most comfy in three inch when running errands or shopping but on occasion I do like to go to my 4 inch and feel very sexy and smart in them with the right outfit. Takes time to learn to walk properly in them but once you do it becomes so natural

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    • #377844
      Jenny Jones
      Registered On: November 5, 2019
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      So..due to large feet I only have one pair that I have bought. They tend to get more and more expensive as you go up. They are four inch boots, I think they are visible in a few of my photos. I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are my only pair of shoes, but they also don’t match with everything. It pains me when they are too dark or too ‘clubby’ or too boots. I lean on them far too much. Bought some new flats the other day so hopefully that will help me fall in love with my shoes and boots all over again.

      Also being tall makes a lot of high heels only add to my height which is always questionable if it is a don’t.

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