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    Mandy Wife
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    Hubby and I always hold hands when we are out wandering round the shops / taking the dog for a walk (yes, even after 30yrs of being together!) and it’s a bit of a joke that if we are out and NOT holding hands then it’s a clear sign we have fallen out!

    So, if I was out with Penny am I still OK to hold her hand?  or is that a no-no?  Im not sure and I asked on another forum last year and was quite firmly told that it is NOT the thing to do and at a push linking arms would be more appropriate but it wasn’t a specific CD forum.

    The last thing we would want to do is draw attention to ourselves or anything like that but I wanted to see what you all think.  We are in the UK (Scotland) if that makes any difference (I think the USA is probably a bit more liberal but who knows!)

    I do have to add, not that Penny goes out much but on the couple of occasions we have been for a short walk it’s been strange, and I want to offer Penny my support and encouragement as well.


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Have done it many times with dates and with other cds when out and never had a problem of people staring or saying anything

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      Mandy Wife
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      Thank you everyone – guess we know what we will be doing next time we are out then lol!

      It’s also strange how I think that holding hands will draw attention to us – never mind the neigh different when Penny has her 3″ (or more!) heels on (I wear mine to make it less obvious!)!

      Im very protective of my friends and family so to me it seems natural to hold hands, show love & support and we are genuinely so much closer now than we have ever been – never underestimate the joys of enjoying a quiet house without kids living at home (son moved out in May)  and not having to have hushed conversations!

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      Stephanie Green
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      Do what is best for you.  Don’t worry about what others think.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Mandy as from USA You go girlfriend as a wife and a girlfriend to Penny dont worry what others say or do . As its in your heart to love Penny and your husband and thats all that matters so hold hands and be happy for who you are a loveing couple  end of story.💋💋

      Stephanie Bass

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      As mentioned by a couple of posts I too am from Canada and have seen girls,  locking arms,  holding hands and being very comfortable in themselves. Guys too but not that often.  My wife and I always hold hands and I think 40+ years of marriage has much to do with it. Sorry to say we haven’t been out together as gals as its an uncomfortable situation my wife fears and still is dealing with and I totally understand. But I’m sure if that day ever comes it would be just natural for us to hold hands and personally I wouldn’t care what someone would think. If it feels right then it shouldn’t be a problem… Mandy.

      It’s love 💘

      Stephanie 🌹

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Mandy,

      What a lovely thing to do!

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      Registered On: January 21, 2018
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      Hi Mandy,  I’m an American “but no, ya had to be an American, everyone’s got something to say” lolol… I say, if you wanna hold hands then do it!  I dont understand how the answer could be any different. ❤

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      Registered On: December 21, 2017
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      Firstly Mandy I want to say how lovely it is to hear that you are so supportive of Penny, you clearly are a special person. As far as I am concerned you should hold hands if that’s what you want to do. Demonstrating your love and support for Penny to the world is not only a lovely thing to do but also shows that you approve of her life choices. So hold hands and both of you be proud of what one who you are!……………..

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        Mandy Wife
        Registered On: September 12, 2019
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        Thanks Andrea – I’m not so special, honest lol – I just love my husband down to the tips of his toes, whether they are painted or not and would be lost without him, we both now know Penny is very much a part of him so that means I love her too.  I can be quite an anxious person at times and a lot can be said without any words holding hands – a reassuring wee squeeze goes a long way sometimes or tension gets picked up instantly as well so it was odd to me (well both of us) not to hold hands at the weekend on Penny’s first daytime walk.

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      Hello Mandy

      I’d hold her hand. I hold my girlfriends hand if I am male me or Natasha ME.

      I dont think it’s a big deal. Like we care what others think anyways. When Natasha and my girlfriend were in Canada. Lots of male and female couples holding hands.

      But like I said. Natasha ME, male me, and my girlfriend Tiffany feel if your happy and your not hurting anyone. Go for it. To heck with what others think.


      Natasha 💋

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      PY Marshall
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      Hi Mandy, Sisters holding hands, Best friends holding hands,School chums holding hands,Mums and daughters holding hands. I don’t think you would even get a fleeting glance!people are so preoccupied with their own survival.Holding hands is a lovely thing , and i personally think, quite special. By the way ,i am also from Scotland,love to you both and stay safe .PY xx.

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        Mandy Wife
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        Thanks PY – yes, we are in between Edinburgh & Glasgow and I have a sneaky feeling we will be caught up in new restrictions very soon!

        Keep safe as well!

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Thanks Mandy

      Just my tuppensworth but it’s 2020, go for it girl. I think things have changed dramatically in our lifetime. Most Youngsters nowadays would be cool with two apparent females holding hands. Most middle aged people may be a bit uncomfortable but know they shouldn’t be🤣🤣🤣

      Its only the old fogies who may give a second glance  and tut tut    or tell how they were ‘taken aback at the sight’.

      Lesbian overtones are all over soaps, adverts, dramas, reality shows etc nowadays. I think society is largely desensitised to two girls together being something wrong. If you want to hold hands you hold hands.

      ❤️B (even further north than you⛰)

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      Laura Lovett
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      In Brighton, girls walk with arms around each other, holding hands, whatever they please.

      Men do too.

      I am firmly of the belief that people should enjoy and show affection, and anyone who disapproves should mind their own business.

      Obviously, there are sociable limits, but holding hands is a lovely sign of affection in my opinion 😍😍😍

      Love Laura

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hi Mandy…I am single but I do have an opinion. I live in the south of the U.K. and where I live, I quite often see female couples holding hands ( which I may add, I think is lovely)…it is not frowned upon these days as it once was, but at the end of the day, you must do what makes YOU feel comfortable….huggs, Grace xx

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      Olivia Livin
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      I’m in a fairly conservative part of Canada and notice quite a few sets of female friends and couples that hold hands in public ithout a worry, I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it and think it should be fine.

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