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    Hi Girls,

    This time of year we all spend some time talking to friends and family about what to get each other for Christmas. I cant help thinking about how great it would be if I could say to people “I really need black control top pantyhose and eyeliner” or “I saw this fabulous dress or pair of pumps at the The Bay”.

    Some of you may be there – if you are – congratulations! For me, I live with the knowledge that I have the ties, tools, cooking utensils and hockey tickets I need (yes I am a Canadian). But what I want, and what excites me – is found in the lingerie, hosiery, and women’s clothing department – and that stuff will not be under the tree.

    So my holiday wish for all of us and those come after us is this.

    May we all one day live in world were we comfortable asking for a dress or lingerie or hosiery or makeup no matter what gender we are, and were we can expect such requests will be treated as fairly and judgement-free as any other request we might make

    Happy Holiday Girls!!

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     skippy1965 Cynthia 
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    I totally empathize with your feelings-in fact last year I wrote this post about my similar feelings of angst While my sister didn’t know about Cyn til after Christmas, when she read that post she actually went out and bought me some jewelry-some of which I could wear immediately and some I have to save until I screw up the courage to get my ears pierced. I hope you to get to enjoy that experience soon, Kendra and in fact that ALL of us here on the site do so.


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    Hi Kendra. I hope your wish comes true and you are gifted with lots of pretty clothes and the accessories needed to be your true girly self. Β Cheers and Merry Christmas, Michelle

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     MacKenzie Alexandra 
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    Your words spark so true with my own feelings. Β I cannot describe how much I would love to be able share all that I would like for Christmas with my family.

    That being said, I am thankful for the live and support if my wife. She has recently ask for some boots and has noticed that I have been looking at boots lately. In response to her inquiry, I admitted that I was looking for the both of us. That she didn’t bat an eye and said we should go shopping meant so much to me.


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    Kendra – you’re a Canadian but never once used “eh” or “hoser” in your post? I may have to turn you in for improper use of the Canuck language. πŸ™‚


    I feel you, honey. Every year my mother asks what we all want for Christmas. I never know what to tell her for me. I would so love to tell her “pretty sweaters” or “this wig I saw” or “a makeover” or whatever dozen other femme ideas are bouncing around my head.

    My wife bought Rose some femme pants for my birthday back in September. I’ve since come out of the closet to my children as well, so maybe Rose will have Christmas presents – just not under the tree, since my parents come Christmas morning.

    Jane, your daughter sounds like a beautiful person. Congrats on raising her so well.

    A Rose by any other name...


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    Your article is very timely and well written. Thank you Jane for sharing your heartwarming experience with your daughter
    I take advantage of the season and buy either online and at the store something for my wife and something for me. They don’t say anything when the merchandise are a 8 petite (wife) and 12 misses.
    My wife asked what I wanted for Christmas. I said do you remember the hosiery and camisole we bought together last July?? I need new hosiery because they have runs in them…she was surprised and smiled. Let’s see what Christmas morning brings me!!!

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     Cookie JessicaLynn (Irish) 
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    You will here this frequently, especially after Jane S has posted before me. She said so perfecctly what I wanted to say, hopefully someday, when the world is ready, Kendra will come bursting out!


    Happy Christmas either way!


    Cookie Β πŸ™‚

    Smile and the world smiles with you! Live, Love, Laugh! πŸ™‚

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    Kendra keep in your heart the idea that your closet door is merely closed for now.

    When I first told my youngest daughter about Jane a number of years ago she was quite confused but, being the wonderful person that she is, she was willing to attempt to come to terms with the knowledge. She was the first person after my wife to be told. At the time it was only a couple of months until Christmas. Her attitude towards me did not change at all and I wondered if she was just trying to ignore it or even put it out of her mind.

    Then, a week or so before Christmas, she sought me out in a private situation and handed me a small, gift-wrapped box and said “That is for Jane. Merry Christmas.” I opened the box and in it was a necklace; a simple interlocked loop necklace. We hugged and I cried for I knew then that she had not only acknowledged my crossdressing but that she had accepted and supported it. My closet door had opened even further.

    Wishes can, and do, come true.

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     Kathryn Lynn 
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    Kendra, as a closeted CD this is my wish as well. Β Had a tiny breakthrough last week with my wife, but for the foreseeable future, Β Lorrie remains behind the dresses, blouses and shoes.

    Love, Lorrie

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