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      Hi all

      Happy New Year,  I wish you all health happiness, and dreams coming true.

      So this year I’m hoping to go on holiday. Those of you who know me know I’m single, and totally clean shaven, except my eyebrows.

      I have two thoughts in my head.


      a holiday in a hotel 100% en femme all of the time, wig, make up, forms and all, maybe a  City break, or

      a solos holiday, single people getting together at a resort where you can get involved in activities and nightlife with the other solos as much as you want. If I did this the wig, make up, forms, may be impractical for activities, especially as I would like to go somewhere hot and sunny. I would perhaps take Summer dresses, swimsuits(maybe a bikini), floaty tops, women’s sandals, a sarong etc etc. Given I have no hair could I pull this, no wig or make up but in a dress, look off? I could take the wig and make up to wear maybe on an evening but would this just confuse things?

      What should I do?

      What would you do?

      Any holiday stories?

      B x


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      I was Hilton Head SC over Xmas with family so not femme at all but I would love to go there or someplace similar and stay in a condo for a long weekend or longer.  Morning and evening walks on the beach, biking on bike paths, its cool but typically not too cold.  Lots of restaurants, many with outdoor seating still with heaters, catch a movie in their great theater, shop a bit in specialty stores, just be a woman for a bit.

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      I’m going to the keystone conference, The conference starts mid week so I decided to have some vacation starting Saturday before. I will be 100% en femme all the time all the time so as for what I would do it’s already about to happen.

      Now first time I did it  was some years ago when I rented an airbnb for a long weekend as a getaway with my wife. We did go there and I think that was the first time I was dressed more then one day. We did stop in towns on the way, visiting stores, restaurant and so on, no problems anywhere.
      Only comment I got was things like “you are very tall” (182cm plus 12cm heels) and “nice skirt”.


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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual


      If I had to choose, I would go with being femme 100% of the time. For me, that would be the most comfortable.


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      Cassie Jayson

      At this point in my life I would go for the being in fem all the time -something I have done twice in the last 2 years. Although the other option sounds fun too, do you think yoiu could pull off being i fem part of the time and in drab part of the time??
      I would say search inside your self– what do YOU want most right now. There will likely be other opportunities later.

      . Cassie

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      Well, if I was going on holiday, and swimsuits and summer dresses were an option, I’d go for it!

      I’ve looked at your pics, and you look great in every outfit there, including swimwear and athletic wear. I think you should feel totally confident and comfortable going out.

      For me, the wig is a pretty important part of my transformation, so I’m not sure if I could pull it off without one. You might be different. I’ve been growing my hair out for a couple of years now in the hope that I could pull off more active stuff like swimming or paddle boarding or cycling en femme, but I just look like a hippy. My long hair really doesn’t make me look more feminine. I’ve thought of trying a braid with a hat and I think that might work at the beach to some extent.

      I do have one idea you might consider, but only you can know if it will work for you. I really love a pixie cut, but they seem to work best with certain kinds of faces, and I don’t think my face is the right kind. You’ll have to decide how it would work for you.

      You might try a bit of experiment. I don’t know how long until your holiday, but you might consider letting your hair grow as long as it will until it’s time for your trip, then go to a hair stylest and tell them you want the most feminine short hair cut you can get. It might work out (or maybe not and you’ll have to go to the male barber for repairs lol), but it might be worth a try. I’ve been considering a new wig lately, and I’m tempted to try buying both a shorter and a longer style.

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        Thanks Sarah, I would love to grow my hair but I don’t have enough natural hair left on top. What I have left is just a stereotypical balding middle aged male semi circle of hair round the back. I totally shaved my head and think it looks better that way. I have seen women pull this totally bald look off.

        It would be a step further than I’ve been before. Totally comfortable out in full ‘Bianca’ mode, and androgynysing my make look. But being overtly feminine in male mode, that is new. A dress, skirt, bikini, swimsuit, jewellery, etc, but drab from the neck up.
        I also am starting to find it such an interesting social ‘experiment. How different ages, gender, social class, beliefs etc react, act, and interact with me. Would I be treated differently in drab, in androgynous, in male but overtly feminine, in full on feminine dress? The only one I have not yet experienced is the male but overtly feminine mode.

        I also like to think by pushing these boundaries by I am challenging myself but perhaps at the same time doing my little bit to desensitise society, to normalise what we do.

        B x

        Loving this journey!

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          Well, whatever you decide, I look forward to hearing about your adventure!

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      Hi Bianca,
      I think the city break idea would be the easiest to pull off. Choose a city where you would find some interesting evening venues. It’s easier to blend in if you’re in a city but, on the other hand, it could be a thrilling experience to be in a sunny, warm, beach environment and enjoy being scantily, femininely dressed. We know you could pull it off! As Nancy says, just be a woman for a bit.


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        Thanks Juliette

        Long time no hear from you, hope you are well.

        B x

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