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    I want to start going out dressed. Girls Jeans or shorts, girls tshirt or top…even have the rainbow womens shoes!

    But I have really short hair. Total buzz cut. I want to find a wig that works best for me. I’m tall, with what some have said is a long face.

    What kind of hair would work best?

    I’ve played with faceapp it always has me with long shoulder length hair. I know it’s not really scientific..but it looks good.

    Not trying to pass out there, just want to be complete


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      Diana Stockton
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      I would also suggest going to a wig shop.  Otherwise you are going to end up buying a lot of wigs you do not like.  I have been to two shops and found the store personnel very helpful.  It turns out a lot of their clients are dressers.

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      Alanna Cain
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      I google search images that I like such as Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and I look at their various hair styles and colours.

      I look for wig styles that will soften my features. For example a bob style that covers my jaw line. Or a soft bang to cover the forehead.

      I agree with everyone that said if you can go to a wig shop do it.




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      Barbie Satin
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      If you have a long forehead try a style with bangs.  At one time I had about 30 wigs. The photo I use as an AV is me wearing 6 of them and a clippie at the same time. You can do all kinds of things with wigs including pinning them together and styling them.

      I found what I thought was the perfect wig and wore only that style for years. A pro stylist showed me all kinds of looks that also worked and I started changing looks a lot.

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      Patty Phose
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      When I first began going out, I was looking for a look that would suit me and I could do. I would see what women were wearing and tried to figure out how I could wear what they were wearing and how I could look like them. There was so many beautiful women I wanted to look like, but that was only in my dreams and fantasies. No way I was going to look like the.

      Then I saw Daisy Duke and that was it. The short shorts, the pantyhose, the heels and the hair. That was the hair I wanted. I bought a couple of wigs in that style. One was brown, the other a dirty blonde.

      When I put my outfit on and looked in the mirror, I was a guy dressed like Daisy Duke. When I out the wig on, I became a girl. A total and complete transformation. I had it all. It was overwhelming and life changing.

      Find someone you would like to look like. Try to do their look. Hair would be a big part of that. Get some cheap wigs to try out the look. One you have something you really like, you can eventually get a good wig with the same or very similar style.

      Those two wigs took me through first going out at 17 through my college years.

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      Caroline OBrien
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      Go to a wig shop abs try on 30. I did!!

      Caroline 💋

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        Raquel Smith
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        This is exactly what I did. And I had the most enjoyable time, even though I was in drab.

        Trust me, you won’t be the first crossdresser they have served.

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      Michelle Brown
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      I would also suggest to go to a professional wig shop.Check out the internet,make your choices ,bookmark them,walk away for two days ,and call for an appointment.Be courteous,be honest,choose the right color and length and have fun.They are pros at this,listen to them and have fun.

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      Wearing wigs is so much fun!

      I’m also a tall gal, and I have a long face too, sister. I usually wear the long (28 Inch) wigs. They look great on me, and I imagine long hair would look great on you too. Another piece of advice is choose a wig that matches the color of your eyebrows for a more natural look.

      Wish you all the best!


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      Terri Anne Greene
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      I would suggest going to a professional wig shop and asking them for help finding a style that works for you.

      They deal with CDers and trans people everyday so there is no judgement on their part.

      When I first came out I went to a local wig shop and picked out a few to try on and found some wigs just weren’t me at all even the one I liked the most.

      The pros will help you find what looks natural on you so listen to what they say.

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        Barbie Satin
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        <script src=”moz-extension://a5db4fb3-7504-42a5-af80-56e622fefbfe/js/app.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>Hi Terri Anne

        I used to live in Baltimore. There was a wig shop called Mrs Ko’s and Mrs Ko had a wall full of photos of her special girls. Having a photo on the wall was a matter of pride for a lot of girls. She had gorgeous wigs that were very reasonably priced and she sold gorgeous jewelry. Back in 05 I could walk out with three wigs and a necklace set for like $140.

        Not only is their no judgement, there is love for us at many shops. I was so happy the day my photo went up on the wall.

        <script src=”moz-extension://a5db4fb3-7504-42a5-af80-56e622fefbfe/js/app.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

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      Cassie Jayson
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      Crystalline, If you like how it looks on you, go for it. If you like how it looks that will make you happy and comfortable wearing it.

      . Cassie

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