How important is it

On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to always have on matching bra and panties when you wear them?

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  • 0 I couldn’t care less
  • 1 meh, I wear what I have
  • 2 maybe
  • 3 depends on the day
  • 4 it’s no big deal
  • 5 if a clean set is available
  • 6 depends on where I’ll be
  • 7 I enjoy matching items
  • 8 it’s quite important to me
  • 9 it would be like mismatched socks
  • 10 my life depends on it

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    Just for fun. How important is it to you on a day to day basis to ALWAYS have matching bra and panties?

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    hope your knee is kicking!

    for me, it is the foundation of what I wear. There are some places you can easily buy the match you want (not VS). I don’t even like mixed shades of pink. It’s like your house being in order because you never know if someone could walk in. But, seriously, you never know when you could be, well, you know..?

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     Paula F 
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    When I was younger and just beginning, it was hard to get matching sets.  I slowly learned over time from older gurls and some of the men I spent time with that it could be important if I made it so, and I did.  Most of my undies have been black or white, so it was not hard to find and build sets.  It may not be important to other folks, but in my head, I actually feel much more ‘put together’ when I know everything would pass a color coordination test.

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     Fiona Adams 
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    its impossible to buy panties and bra together an the panties have to be small size 38 or 40 maximum and the bra must be i lot bigger i found soft satin bra that fit and cotton ones that needed some modifications  and matched all my panties

    i also find a nipple protector looks interesting and with a soft bra stays in place feels amazing too i use pantie liners to stop getting wet patches on the back skirt

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     JessicaCross Johnson 
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    All my undies are 99% black so they always match, plus I mostly have black stay-ups, my clothes are multi color and so I try to let some lace show thru’ or peek over the edge.

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    I always match color of my bra with my slip most all of my panties are pink

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     Stephanie Kennedy 
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    I have a couple of matching sets.. They are very pretty and i love wearing them when I want to spend time just to feel pretty that day. Luv Stephanie

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     Davina Evans 
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    Nearly all the time I like to have a matching set. The colour also depends on the colour of the clothes I am wearing.

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     Kristen Moore 
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    If I’m just staying home, or going shopping, then it really doesn’t matter. But if I have a date, then they have to at least look good as set. Because there’s a 99% chance he’s gonna see them.

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    love them to be matching every day but i also love colour

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     Alison Anderson 
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    I don’t own a matching set.  I really don’t care, and my answer would have been somewhere between a 0 and 1.  I’d rather the bra match the top so as not to show (not wearing a black bra with a white top, or converting the bra to strapless so the straps don’t slip or show).

    But I am going to a lingerie party later this year.  I have red panties and a red garter belt.  I’ll make sure I get some red stockings and a red bra to match.  So this pushed my answer to a 2, even if it only for 1 occation.

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     Robin Snow 
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    Hi Emily,

    Great question!  I would love to wear a matching set.  Unfortunately, I don’t have one right now so I wear what I have and enjoy every minute of it.  I gotta do some more shopping.

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     Fiona-Ann Moss 
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    Hi Emily, great question! for me, it largely depends on the day, how i feel etc. If i was to be honest, i dont wear a bra often anyway and i am particular with my panties too 🙂

    Fiona xxx

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     Laura Lovett 
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    I only have one set, and the suspenders that go with it. That’s part of my burlesque outfit that I wore once to a hotel in Beaconsfield which has burlesque nights.

    So much fun, but a matching set feels a bit odd somehow!

    Can’t explain, I just feel more natural choosing items that look nice together but aren’t sets.

    Love Laura

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     Bettie Houston 
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    Whenever I am going all out for a night on the town matching bra and panties are an absolute must.  Just knocking around during the day, I can survive just matching color

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     Rozalyne Richards 
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    I think that if you are wearing some nice pretty lingerie then the bra and pants should definitely match x

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    Hello Emily,               As I do not own a matching pair of knickers/bras it does not arise. As long as they are the same colour, that ok. My normal day wear are cotton knickers & cotton bra, but on other  occasions, like going out somewhere, they are usually lace/frilly knickers & lace/frilly bra. It use to be that when I looked at matching knickers/bras, the bra was the right size, but the knickers where to big or the other way round. I think you can swap & mix sizes around now a days, but it does not really matter to me anyway.           love,  Helenmarie

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     Amber Martinez 
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    Omg it’s very very important to have matching bras and panties. On when I came out to my mother she seen my LINGERIE draw and said you have nice LINGERIE but as a woman its important to us to match our bras and panties. So from that day on I ALWAYS buy my panties and bras that match .i.feel more FEMININE like mother said

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     michaela jane 
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    It’s no big deal for me and if it was really important, multipacks of panties would come with matching bras.

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     Caty Ryan 
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    I’m in the “must match where ever possible” bra cup.

    And that’s why I own several matching brand sets. Otherwise, it’s match colours where I can from different brands.

    Simone Perle (on clearance) is a fave, tho their panties are a little narrow in the crutch and not great for “support”.

    A gaff or another pair of control panties under them, fixes that.

    (Like as of now… when I’m in my “Mother Of the Bride” outfit as per my just publsihed “return Of She” article.

    Happy Dressing




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     Patty Phose 
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    When I first began dressing I thought it was great to wear matching bra and panty sets. That was back when I knew someone would be seeing them. I still like the matching set but now if someone sees them it’s was pretty much not intentionally.

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     Michelle Wilmington 
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    For me, as long as they are the same color, I’m OK. But I do have at least a couple of matched sets.

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     Tammie Swenson 
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    I always wear matching bra and panties but I have usually have matched retro thongs  bikinis  high cut briefs, boyshorts for each of approximately a dozen & 1/2 bras, both full coverage and Balconnet style , in various colors and patterned fabrics.

    What I wear each day depends upon how I feel that day, also how daring my SOGGF  Zwants me to be re what I wear that day, and what I plan on doing that day   and evening.

    One evening  this time last summer We were going to attend a Outdoor Concert Facility with both indoor seating and outdoor on sloped lawn around the concert pavilion, as the weather was rather hot and humid with possible showers expected midway through the concert we upgraded our tickets to indoor seats. Any how SOGGF decides SHE WANTS TO LOOK.LIKE TWINS while DECIDED what ton for the concert since temperature and humidity were high, we should wear our matching white floral pattern mesh sleeveless bodysuits, our white background floral red rose FC bras and its matching bikini panties, our similar matched white spandex miniskirts and suntan leggs phose and flat shoes. Since parking lot was a little bit of a walk away from from pavilion.

    Any how after having a nice dinner b4 8pm concert we got to pavilion entrance about 7:20pm allowing time to find our seats in the middle of the back center 1st row 1st level balcony seats. We sat down and about 745pm two.people sat next row right behind us..both GG Ladies,  I guess in there mid30s, next thing I knew they were both talking to my SOGGF, then they said hi Tammie, we’re so happy to finally meet you, we work together with you friend. My how very nice you look especially like twins especially with those beautiful bras underneath your floral bodysuits.  Come end of concert at 1030pm little did I know that in addition to the concert all four of us went to a nearby nightclub for a GIRLS NIGHT out. Even at 3am when club closed the he temperature was still 80+ Boy was I glad SOGGF convinced ro be a little bit daring wearing a almost pantyhose like mesh bodysuit. If I had worn the Solid White Lace blouse and black spandex miniskirt I  would have been sweating up a storm especially during the concert .. no A/C just high speed ceiling fans. Got hot heard humidity 4am was 75%

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     Rachel Plain 
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    “9 it would be like mismatched socks”

    I mean I’ll happily wear mismatched socks, so … 😀

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     Jennifer Swanson 
    Registered On: April 20, 2019
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    I have many panties that I always wear.  I own 3 bras, 2 breast forms and a pair of stick ons.  I match to tops to panties so right now I’m wearing a red mini satin skirt with thong and a pink flowered top.

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