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      When I was 11, I saw the girls starting to wear bras, and I was curious to wear one. So, I tried on my sister’s bra and liked it. I wore the bra a few times, and a couple of years ago I started to buy my own bras. Now i’m 26 y/o and i have 16 bras, various stlyes and colors: padded unpadded basic lace underwire wirefree, black white pink (my 3 fav colors), and red purple and blue too…


      What your fav bra colors/styles? How many bras you have?

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      About 30? Various sizes to go with various breast enhancers/forms and Moods πŸ™‚

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        [quote quote=61953]When I was 11, I saw the girls starting to wear bras, and I was curious to wear one. So, I tried on my sister’s bra and liked it. I wore the bra a few times, and a couple of years ago I started to buy my own bras. Now i’m 26 y/o and i have 16 bras, various stlyes and colors: padded unpadded basic lace underwire wirefree, black white pink (my 3 fav colors), and red purple and blue too…

        What your fav bra colors/styles? How many bras you have?

        7 bras my fav is Victoria secret my fav color is pink red and blue

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      My preference is for underwire and padded bras, but I have about 15 bras of several styles.Β  Color has never be an issue, but I do seem to avoid white bras.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      i shocked myself by actually counting my bras and discovered that i own a little over 50 bras in multiple colors and styles and in 2 sizes for the small and the large breast forms.Β Β Β  im thinking i might have a problem….we wont even think about the shoes


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        I do not think I have hit the 50 bra mark, but I am getting close. I might have 35 to 40 bras. I have a whole range of colors and styles. I 40b and 40c sizes and 2 sets of breast forms to fill my bras.
        Vicke E.

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      I probably have 20 or so bras. I usually wear some type of sports bras to work but put on underwire bras outside of work. I do have solid A cup breasts so fill out my bras without forms. I prefer blue and black color the most.

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      7 or 8

      ..padded and t shirt but a couple of lacey ones too.


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      Right now I have four underwires, ten soft cup bras and about 20 pullovers, which are the kind I wear most often.

      I have many different colors and styles.

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      I feel surprisingly compelled to answer this post. At the moment, I have 10, mostly underwires and some bralettes. I’m contemplating buying some pushups as I have added enough to my bustline through herbal help to fill an A-cup. I am really curious to see how it feels to have cleavage without using breast forms.

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      Lol. I only have 5… 3 sports/training bras 2 nude 1 black, a black pocket bra, and 1 that I save for special occasions.

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      One, my wife was getting rid of it and I just couldn’t let that happen.

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      Hi im nina.i have 3 sisters so i could try 3 sizes at any time..now i wear a bra regular i use 36c when i dress in younger clothes.then 38dd for my 60yr look..

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        Thanks for reply becky.im exactly the same 4 sisters,even tried my mums on when I was about 12 yes I prefer 36cΒ  too

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      I start buying bras many years ago and been buying VS in any colors and stiles, I have over 100 under wires d cup that I use with my silicone forms and about 30 a cup that I use daily.

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      Well having been crossdressing for over 55 years IΒ  have well over a hundred bras.Most are underwired non-padded

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      Oh wow, I must have seven or eight.Β  They are everything from sports bras to t-shirt bras to pushups and even a wonder bra!

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      Well, add one more sexy bra to the pile.
      I was walking through the mall and see a bin of hot coral, padded push up lace bras. Marked down from 40.00 to 9.99.
      I find my size, and can’t help myself. I get to the checkout, and they’ve got everything in the store another 20% off.
      How am I supposed to stop buying sexy things if this keeps happening!?!?!

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      Never counted them…..1 large dresser drawer full!!! Β Every time I see something lacey or pretty…..here we go again. I am going to get another dresser. Really like the ones with 4 plus hooks…..just feels so good against my back. Like my corsets, tough to do up….need orangetan sized arms.

      Lady Veronica

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      I have over a hundred bras mostly pink and black. Β I can’t help myself Β when I see a sexy bra I buy it. I wear 2 sizes of forms so I have 36c and 36dd bras

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      Good question! I secretly wore bras on and off for many years. But because of work and worry about what SO and others would say I kept it hidden and only wore when safe. 4 years ago I decided to wear every day and since that time I have been on a shopping spree. I am close to 100 bras of various styles from sport bras to Victoria Secret bralettes to more traditional back closing satin and lace bras.

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      I must have 12 bra or so. I wear one each day.

      I love the simple models (which is surprising for a sissy): cotton or satin, white and without too much frills: a small lace decorating the outskirt (?how do you name the outer part of the cups in English?), with something like a little flower or a pretty satin knot in the centre, those are my favourites. Most of them are B cup.

      As for the more coloured one, I have two blue (2 times the same model, which I adore wearing), one yellow and one in pale grey.

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      [quote quote=64569]Never counted them…..1 large dresser drawer full!!!

      I remember when I was a kid and I was rummaging through my mothers’s (smaller) drawer full of bras and panties and tights/pantyhose. How sad I was the day I realised I had worn every single one of her bras and panties. There was regularly newer items, though, but not as often as I wished… If only she had purchased more of them, but I reckon that’s not something a boy is supposed to encourage his mother doing πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

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      I must have about twenty now, a mixture of bralettes and back fasteners which I prefer now, all in a variety of colours, my favourite is a dusty pink lace bra in a b cup which I fill nicely.

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      I have a total of 12 bras. Time for more!

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      I’ve been dressing since i was 16 but when i moved to my new job 23 years ago to surrey my wife stayed in the north east. Since then i have been buying all my clothes as i knew she wouldn’t be visiting me. So i have 4 wardrobes of skirts, dresses, blouses etc, 2 deep drawers of a dresser of bras so i must have about 100+ a drawer of knickers and one of suspender belts. I’m off shopping today i hope to find a nice new bra i’m a natural 36B thanks to originally pueraria mirifica and a noogleberry, now with just ovarian glandular.

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      I have 6 bras at this time 2 white, 2 black , 2 tan or nude all are t-shirt bras. I do plain on getting more when I have the money to! I really Β want some racerback bras ! With one of my dresses you would need to wear a racerback bra so the straps don’t show. I’m looking for some that I like and would wear!

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      I have 3 and one is too tight I’m afraid it or I will break (it’s my fav though) Β I really think you all that have too many to count need to share, lol…

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      I don’t really have a favorite bra color or style.Β  I just prefer them frilly and lacy.Β  I make an effort to wear one that goes best with my outfit and the the way I’m trying to present myself.Β  I haven’t counted them in a while.Β  I’m not sure how many I have, but I do know that I don’t have enough.Β  Lol.

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      I probably have at least 2 dozen bras I usually by in matching sets bra & panties. My wife told me years ago I have a better lingerie collection than most women including her. I used to buy cheap K-Mart or Walmart lingerie, I have a few VS but recently found Maidenform bras which I love

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      I have only 7 bras and usually wear them in rotation between washes. I have Cami, Bandeau, Sports, Black Lace underwired, Pink non-wired, a White and a Grey underwired.

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      I have 9 bras right now and growing lol. All but 2 are underwire and those 2 are pull over ones I use for work when it’s really hot. That’s one of my favorite parts of the day, picking out what panties and bra to wear for the day, sliding the panties into place then sliding the bra straps up my arms and clasping it and then on ready to get my day started.


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      I really love bralettes and have about a dozen of various colors. Β I get them slightly small so that my breast forms will stay nice and secure. Β They’re so snuggy. πŸ˜‰

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      My love affair with bras started when I was in my teens I am 80 now and still love my bras. I have A collection of over 300 bras in about any color and styles you can imagine. Being retired I wear A bra daily and after all these years still enjoy as much as ever.


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      I’m really not sure – maybe 10-12.

      I love silky bras, but my all time favourite is Triumph Doreen – it gives such a wonderful shape.

      It can feel a bit like scaffolding, but I like it for that. I love the way that when the firms are in, they stay perfectly in the shape you put them in.

      The look is a little retro too, which adds something to a modern dress or blouse.

      Love Laura

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      probably around 30 so far, of all different styles and colours. I really like the look and feel of some of the super lacey pullover bralettes but alas my wide shoulders make them next to impossible to get on. I prefer the lightly lined bras for my day to day work underdressing. Wether when shopping or just getting dressed, choosing is part of the fun.

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      That is about how many I have.Β  I have found they last about 100 wears.Β  Β I try never to wear the same bra two days in a row.

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      Caty Ryan

      I have about 15-20 and cos I think they hold my forms better all underwire and lovely pastel colours, plus of course black. (every girl should own a black bra!!)

      Brands: favorite is Fayreform, (tough brand to buy these days,Β  even in Oz). Very comfy and hold my “breasts” just right. Thence, (on clearance) Simone Perele, oh, (with apologies to the Toyota ad) “the feeling” of buying an SP bra for 20 bucks!!!

      I also have a lovely Wacoal bra and panty set I bought at the “Bay” in Vancouver as a “souvenir” of that trip.

      Last but not least 3 16a “trulife” bras for the days when I underdress and I can almost fill the cups.

      This brings me to a question I was going to ask.

      I am a real sticker for matching bra and panty sets, to not have the same brand, colour and if possible panties, just does not seem “right”. IE any mismatch grates me…

      Last but not least, I’ve always had a giggle about how much of female clothing has very descriptive colours. “Nutmeg”, (the SP bra above_, “Cappachino” for the Wacoal and “Latte” for one of my Fayreforms.

      I thought we were wearing these garments, not consuming them!!!


      Happy (bra) dressing


      PS Dont get much chance to have any “Caty time” these days. But just up from a restful nights sleep in my silky cami,Β  pj’s and dressing gown. Forms attached meant just like a “real girl” I slept bra less. “”Oh what a feeling” mark 2″.

      Will now go put myΒ  “$20.00 SP” on and have brekkie, followed by a lovely long femme shower.. You can guess the rest, or google the “Return of She” on sister house.net







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        Caty Ryan

        Given this thread is almost 5 years old, it’s time for an update from me. My “go to” underwire bras would now number about 20, mostly Fayreform “Corals” with a good smattering of Wacoal and Simone Perele. The latter are mostly full cups which I wear at night sleeping en femme with my biggest set of breast forms.

        I also love daytime wearing of my Arainne Bralettes, out of Montreal Canada. I buy via the local “OZ’ distributor. I have three in different colours.

        They give me just the right AAAAAAA?? projection and with no hooks and eyes or adjusters are virtually invisible under my male drab.

        Via en femme shopping trips to stores such as Target, I have also bought and donated a number of bras to women’s shelters and other similar charities.

        Happy bra dressing,





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      I am not sure exactly but it is north of 50. I have a few different band sizes for different weights over the years and different cup sizes if I am looking to be more subtle or less so…

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      Let’s see…….
      I haven’t counted but roughly 20 bras. Most are lace and seethrough underwire bras rear hook, some are lace bralettes, wireless, front closure, a couple are satin & silk underwire with lace rear and front closure. My favorite bras are my rear closure 4 hook underwire lace I purchased through Amazon. I am an A almost a B cup so I bought a B cup and these will hold my C cup breastforms and also it can hold me when I bend forward and pull all of me into the cup. I wear these bras formless under my shirts when in drab and love it! I also am looking for the right lace and mesh see through bra to hold my own breast tissue but have not found one for under $75 that I liked. Any suggestions? Thanks. Love ❤️
      Danielle 💋👠

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      When I discovered Victoria’s Secret 38B and XL fit, I got an obsession.

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      About 70 and counting of all types and colors. I think I may have a bra fetish… lol

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      I just went through my 2 drawers of bras and I have 40 or more, I am starting to bag some up that I don’t wear anymore so I can make room for more..Β  LOL Β  Β  I try to keep mine in sort of a rotation so I don’t wear the same one, and I do wash them in laundry bags and hang dry them. I’ve bought mainly Playtex over the years, in the beginning they were wire free but after I bought a underwire they are about all I buy now, I just got a Torrid and a Wacoal the Torrid is really nice!!!!!!

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      I currently have eight, including a mixture of Playtex and Bali in both black and white. Most are 42B, which seems to fit and suit me best.

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      I’ve only got 2… 1 red and 1 black pocket bra for my forms. My wife bought me some lingerie for Christmas this year, and I guess 1 set technically came with a bra but I’d have to wear it without my forms or purchase a breast plate or something so I haven’t worn that one yet

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      6 bras various colors! I will be getting more but love what I have already!

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      Sadly I only have 4, 2 are parts of matching bra and panty sets, 1 is an old one of my wifes which was the first bra I wore regularly when out as Clara and a sports bra.Β  I am not going to add to my bra collection at this stage until I get properly fitted, so what I have will suffice for now.Β  I guess you could say I have 5 if you count my coreslette.

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      Until quite recently, I had only two bras, as I always wore one-piece bodies or similar with built-in cups.

      However, about a year ago, my partner was having a clear-out of stuff she no longer wore and I got first refusal before it went out. This included about a dozen or so matching bra and panties sets which I happily claimed for my wardrobe! Since then I have rather taken to wearing matching sets rather than bodies all the time, and have consequently increased my stash of bras (and matching panties) and would guess that I now almost thirty, almost all parts of a set. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we can accumulate all this stuff. 🙄

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      29 in various colors, but pink is my favorite

    • #722368

      I probably only have about five that I actually wear and another five in a drawer somewhere for summer use. I’m more a seasonal gal. My favourites are strapless black or white. Β White is my favorite Color and hardest to keep clean.

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      Teri Ray

      I have not made a recent count but I am betting somewhere over 100 bras.Β  I have a 5 drawer dresser that contains all my bras and panties.Β  Like others here most are lace bras but I also have a mix of padded and t shirt bras.Β  I love them all and wear a bra, panties and cami daily.

      • #758155

        I’ve lost control of my Bra count. I buy about 3 a week. Breezies are my favorite bra’s they fit me the best and hold my girls perfectly. My wife helps me shopping for all my clothes I’m lucky to have her 💕

    • #758151

      I have just added a Triumph Doreen Long Line Bra to my collection, really looking forward to trying it on over the weekend, when I have some quiet time at home with my wife, son and My mum who lives next door all going to be out.

    • #758290

      I have three in my gab co,ors pink,purple and black. Wearing the pink (un padded)one now with pink pantries snd pink hose.

    • #758291

      I’ve only just stared, so 2 bras, one black, one white πŸ™‚

      And I made my own forms for the black one, in black velvet (sewing machines and lots of fabrics available here).

    • #758297

      I currently have 8 bras but I’ll be expanding that soon.Β  I have many tank tops and dresses with built in support so I don’t need to wear them as often as you would think.


    • #759249

      I have 12 bras and 10 lace bralettes.

    • #759251

      I have four Bras. I planning on getting a few more in the near future.

    • #760345
      Emily Shy

      I have quite a few in all different colours they consist of Β about 8 bralettes for casual underdressing. 6 non padded with wires, and about 6 padded ones. Still want more though. Few colours I don’t have yet lol

    • #760421

      I only have two. (Black and Red)

      So wish I for more. πŸ™‚

    • #760484

      I have one one, and it’s pink. I would like to buy more, maybe a black one, a white one, and a red one with matching panties.

    • #760493

      My favorite is my sheer, black pocket bra that fit my silicon breast form, perfectly…very secure, and flattering, love how my nipples “POP” when I wear it; my 2nd favorite is a matching Goddess brand, black leopard print bra and briefs set, so perfect to show off when wearing my mesh tops; and lastly, my black strapless bra that gets a lot of use when I wear my halter/strapless dresses and tops, except extra care is needed because it does not hold in the forms as securely as the other two. UPDATE: just posted a pic of me in the black leopard print w/mesh top…take a peek if you like…!!!

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      I now have 2. I just bought a new wire free Bali bra today at target. I tried it on at the store as well. Also bought some nail polish, Secret deodorant,Β  and pantyliners. It felt so exhilarating.

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      Cece X

      I stopped purging, so they are accumulating. I have 17 bras and bralettes. They have their own drawer in my CD bureau. This is a lot considering that until the past month I seldom wore them.
      Now that I started wearing bras more regularly, I noticed that I had at least two bras that had sat in a tangled web in the drawer for months and had never been worn even once. Yesterday I lined all my bras and bralettes by color. This was so each could be worn in rotation. Prior to that, I would pick them at random and usually just grabbed something on top.

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      I live as a woman full time and currently have 9 daily bras, three sports bras, and one strapless.

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      Joanna J

      I have 4 Satin Bralettes.Peach,Lavender,Black and Purple.I wear bra and panty all the time.I have never been out in public completely Femme but I wonder if people Β notice my straps sticking out under my shirt?❤️

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