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      Good day femme sisters.

      Question here out of curiosity: Second only (for me, the sensuous feel of the tug of nylon gartered stockings) the other piece of feminine garment that I always wear under my dresses or skirts are a full or half-slips.

      Does anyone else do the same?

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      In my early days of dressing, a full slip was a must.  I just loved the smooth fabric against the skin plus how the slip made walking in a skirt/dress feel much more elegant and feminine.

      Now, most of my skirts are above the knee, and the full slips I have are full length, so it is a serious faux pas to wear a short skirt with the slip exposed.   I stopped wearing dresses as I can’t contort myself to zip up the back zipper.

      I have one half slip, and I sometimes wear it.  It is a jockey half slip, and the tag said no static, but what I found was the half slip caused alot of static (false advertising ??), plus I bought a size too big so adding up static and too big a size I stopped wearing the half slip.

      So for me, full/half slips are out.


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        There are dresses that button or zip up the front. I have several as I cannot close back zippers due to arthritis.

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      I have some of both, but I haven’t worn them for years. Maybe it’s time again?

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      Hi Meghan,

      A great question!  I do love wearing a full skip under my dresses.  Sometimes I’ll wear a half slip with a skirt.  Sadly, it seems slips have lost favor.


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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I have always loved slips. I have a few half-slips I occasionally wear with skirts but with most dresses being lined these days I don’t have many opportunities to wear a full slip under a dress although I do on occasion. However, I do use full slips to lounge in after dinner in the evenings and often sleep in one. I find full slips make me feel very feminine.

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        Same here, I feel luxurious and very feminine wearing one. I too often sleep in one with thigh his and panties , the feeling of the sheets are glorious !

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      Well Meghan,  I wear a full or half slip as needed if my garment is sort-of see through or if the material is clinging and makes things look bunched up.  Hence the slip of the slip, and your dress slides and hangs freely while you wear it.  No fetish here, just smart dressing, also you don’t look x-rayed when you stand in front of the headlights.  There are times however when I just wear a colored slip over my bra and use it as a slipdress under a blazer.  It all depends on the event, my mood and the weather.   Also I will sew the side seams of a slip to make it much more fitted to my body or cut off part of the bottom to match my mini.  I hope that this make some sense.  Marg

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      More so in earlier years, slips were part and parcel of a lady’s daily routine, much like the girdle and stockings.  Ahh, but you beautiful ladies know that already.  How things have changed over the years!

      I still own a few full slips and half-slips and still do wear same, depending on the outfit and mood.  The feeling of femininity is -wonderful-, but you knew this too!

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      Caty Ryan

      I love wearing slips, either half or full. Guess it goes back to seeing my mother wearing one…. Yes.. that long ago…

      I have one full slip in a burnt orange, black half and full slip and same again in cream.The lastter are so “vintage” they were made here in the “land of OZ’  I ALWAYS wear the matching cami. OK, not when its 40”,(105F) in summer.

      I only “go public” in the cooler months and that when the above come out.

      Its also so femme, to have to lift them up to get to my panties when “nature calls”.




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      I don’t have any slips at the moment but who knows what I might find on one of my thrift shop jaunts.  Some of my skirts and dresses are lined so the need for a slip isn’t there.  When I wear them the feeling is like having a slip on though.  I remember my mother wearing one all the time.  I asked her once why she wore them and she told me to help with the line of the dress.  That was when I was very young and long before I thought of dressing, or maybe I was and just didn’t realize it.


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      I’m a slip wearing girl during the cool months I absolutely love the feeling of a silky smooth full slip hugging my curves.

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      I don’t wear slips but I do love a cute slip dress.

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      I have one full slip, it’s a black one with a lace hem. I only wear it under my black dress because the dress is slightly see-through. As a bonus, the lace hem is sometimes visible, peeking out under the dress.

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        Lynda Jones
        Baroness - Annual

        Going to a CD party (get together) I searched high and low for a sheer top, to go with my pink Skirt and wanted to show my pink Bra, found the perfeir top and came dow with a cold. Can’t wait for next meet.

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        hehehe…”that’s what I’m talking about”, Michaela…!!!

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      Although I voted sometimes, rarely would be a better description.

      Most of my half slips are too long for my skirts. And it’s not that my skirts are all that short, it’s just that the slips are long. Rolling up the elastic waist to make it fit or wearing it too high is just not going to look right. Also, many of my skirts are pretty full, whereas the slips are a little bit narrower and don’t have a leg slit so I lose a bit of freedom in my legs.

      I also have a few full slips, but these are worn a lot less often than the half slips.

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      I do not have any half-slips, but I do own several nylon full slips. I use them as nightgowns to sleep in. Love the luxurious feeling they give me as I move around in bed.



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      OMG…even before panties, my mom and sister’s slips must have been the first articles of female clothing that I was attracted to and tried on…”the rest is history”…!!! Yet, that being said, I do not personally own a single one, full or half, and at least for me, never thought them to be a necessity for me to complete “my illusion”. Yet from all the comments posted so far, I totally understand and appreciate the attraction to them…they can be so lovely to view, and even more so, to feel against your skin…so carry on, Ladies…nothing like the “peek-a-boo” glimpse of a lacy slip hem to get those juices flowing for me…!!!

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      Janet Woodham
      Duchess - Annual

      Hi Meghan,

      My answer was yes but I do make an exception for dresses that are lined and look better without a slip.


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      Tracy H

      If the dress needs a slip then I wear one. Last summer I bought a new dress and I realized I needed to wear a slip under it for modesty. Finding slips can be difficult. Ended up ordering one from Amazon.



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      Wendie Cross

      A slip is an important part of my wardrobe

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      I am no lady, I am a full blown man that happens to wear ladies clothing.

      I always wear a slip when needed, but I wear them in what many call man mode. Because I wear a dress or a skirt with my chest hair and a beard

      I am androgynous masculine crossdresser and have pride that I am a man

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      My answer is half for skirts full for dress

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      I have both full and half slips with matching camisoles. I do wear them under certain dresses but really like one under a sweater dress.  Slips were the second thing I added to my pantyhose wearing many years ago.

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      I have several full slips. I love them. I wear them under a dress when needed. I sleep in them also. I always check out Goodwill and thrift stores for them. I have found some beautiful vintage ones there. Getting hard to find though.

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        And when you find them on E-Bay they are getting pricey…..

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      I’m the same as some others here; Half slips for skirts and full slips for (some) dresses. And I also just love the feeling of the smooth fabric against my skin!

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      I own around 5 full slips I have a little black dress and I like wearing a slip with it the dress has a slits on each side and looking in the mirror you get a bit of lace showing, it looks great. I have a linen dress that I wear a full slip with that one just to complete the look. Nothing better then putting a full slip on and the feeling with a silky pair of nylons………….

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      Angela Booth

      Slips were something that I loved wearing when younger and endorsed my feminine side. I have quite a collection of full and half slips which I wear regularly. The full slip under a dress in the cooler months and half as appropriate. It’s something not worn as much by women these days so availability of nice lacy ones that were in abundance when I was younger.

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      It all depends on the dress or skirt, some actually need one. However, most of the time I don’t, the item lays right without it.

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      I am partial to full slips. It all started as a 10 year old finding my mother’s nylon slip… and girdle with garters and stockings… I have been “hooked” ever since lol… Leonara

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      I chose never because I haven’t had the need to use one yet.

      My current tiny rack of dresses don’t need them or they have a liner, and my skirts either don’t need one or they are too short.

      Some day…

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      I love wearing full slips, when I can find them,. They are so feminine and the lace trim so pretty, they make me feel extra girly!

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      I prefer wearing slips under dresses to halo smooth out the lines of my corset and everything else I have going on under there. Usually half skips as I generally tend toward shorter dresses.

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      I always wear a slip with my skirts and dresses. Girls, let’s not forget the petticoat either. The lace trim peeking out from under the hem has an unbelievable effect on the guys. Nothing like teasing the boys with an “accidental” showing when sitting and crossing your legs so there is a peek-a-boo. I also love the feeling of the material against my body. Yes, I am an old-fashioned girl who enjoys every aspect of being feminine.

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        Peggy Sue Williams
        Duchess - Annual

        Thank you Miranda!  The petticoat is indeed, IMHO, just as powerful a tool in the arsenal of femininity as a pair of stiletto heels, a view of cleavage, a pretty pair of legs, etc.  The lace trim of the petticoat peeking out from under your dress or skirt is powerful.  It sends us girls into the pink fog and drives men crazy.  Let’s not forget that lovely swishing sound of the petticoat either, as you walk.  I sometimes wear petticoats and get compliments from women and see a few guys with their eyes popping out of their head.

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      One of my favorite topics!

      I love slips (both full and half) and wearing one is an essential part of my crossdressing.

      I have amassed an incredible collection, well over 200, so many pretty colors, designs and styles.

      Such great joy, indeed…

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        Now I know why I can never find a pretty slip at the thrift stores anymore! 😉

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      I’ve been trying to think exactly when it stopped being normal for women to wear slips under skirts and dresses. I can certainly remember my wife wearing them in the 90’s but by the 2010’s I never saw her wearing one. I guess the mini-skirt put paid to petticoats and I think created the idea of the bra-slip but the routine wearing of half and full-slips seems to have died out relatively recently. The problem with slips was always being able to find one of exactly the right length for the skirt or dress you were wearing. I remember buying my wife a whole collection of half-slips of varying lengths in both black and white so that she always had a slip of the right length and colour. She thought this was a wonderful present and I remember my wife telling her mother about this thoughtful gift from her husband. From the look on my mother-in-law’s face you could tell she was wondering exactly why I was buying her daughter all these slips! At the time I never questioned my wife’s motives for telling her mother this story but on reflection I now wonder if she wanted to start sowing some seeds in people’s minds about my crossdressing. It’s a thought but I will never know now.

      Finally to the question, do I wear slips, the answer is that now I never do. With the one caveat that if a dress comes with a built in slip (usually for modesty reasons) then I will obviously wear the dress with the slip, but otherwise I don’t wear slips. I normally try and wear what women of today actually wear on a day to day basis and for most women that doesn’t include a slip But I do understand why if someone wants to emulate the past then a slip is essential.


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      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      I live with a woman who always wears slips, so have adapted to what she thinks proper, even though contrarian nowadays…half-slips for skirts, at least and full-slips depending on the dress. She has a sister who donated many of her slips to me, so I have a large collection. Like many here, I sometimes wear a slip to bed, but I recently bought a silky nighty I prefer to slips and that seems more acceptable to her, as she does not like my wearing a slip or bra to bed but seems ok with a nighty..

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      I wear a slip depending on the fabric of the skirt and whether or not I’m wearing some kind of tights. I have a couple of cold weather outfits where the fleece lining in the skirt rides up horribly on fleece tights if I don’t wear a slip. That’s about the only time I wear one though.

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      I don’t wear a slip anymore but when I was a teenager trying on my mother’s dresses I would usually wear her slips underneath her dresses. I agree that it makes the experience more fulfilling and complete to wear a slip underneath a dress, while also wearing pantyhose. Also it is nice to wear a slip over a bra.

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      I always wear a slip under my dresses. Being an older crossdresser I find slips just part of my wardrobe along with dresses, nylons, lacy bras and full cut silky panties. That’s just what girls and women wore when I was young and in my mind wearing the same just makes me feel so wonderfully feminine. I love the silky feel of slips and of course some pretty lace to add to the wonderful sensual feel and look of slips. I wear both full and half slips and add a cami with my half slips. Slips are just so wonderfully Girly and Feminine…I LOVE THEM!!

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      I find lacy pastel slips and half slips add SO much to my FEMININE feeling.

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        I wear half slips and a camisole with my skirt and blouses. With dresses it is always a full slip. With pant suits usually a bra and panties.

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      I enjoy wearing nylon full and half slips as much as wearing nylon panties.

      If the hemline of my dress or skirt is at my knees or below and depending on the event that I am going out to; I elect to wear a slip to feel more like a lady.

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        Do you ever get to feel sweaty in a nylon slip?

        I was wearing a dress, today, and I had to take it off. It was, basically, 50/50 cotton / polyester. It wasn’t all that warm out.

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