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      I know this will be a taboo subject for some but how do we get that best Feminine shape?
      I am just curious as i use a Gaff but appreciate others will just tuck with tape etc!!!

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      The whole tucking procedure strikes me as enormously tedious and uncomfortable and I doubt that I will ever even attempt it.

      The closest I have ever been to a gaff is the dance belt (which I learnt about and made use of when I joined an adult beginner’s ballet class).

      I cannot, however, imagine spending a whole day wearing such a restrictive garment though and for me, it would detract from the experience of feeling ladies’ underwear against my skin.

      Generally, I therefore choose my panties sensibly and ensure that whatever outer garment I have on either conceals or draws attention away from whatever “bulge” might show.

      However, as time goes by and I grow increasingly keen on “passing” as a woman in public, who knows what horrors I may yet inflict on myself?

      Love, Katherine


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        Hi Katherine
        As i said,i use a Gaff but can’t find a garment to fit my size/waist!
        I know that is too much information for most here but having one sometimes is uncomfortable but removes my manhood well outta view!
        There are pluses and minuses for all ways we choose to obscure our Male Form!
        Love & Hugs
        Anna xxx

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      Hello Anna Marie.

      Depending on the outfit I will tuck and wear tight fitting womens bikini swim bottoms to hold everything in place or just wear snug panties or regular panties. With jeans tucking is necessary for a smooth look but with a skirt the tight panties work and with some dresses like peasant dresses I can wear regular panties without a problem. Girls suffer for fashion… lol.

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        Dearest Michelle

        Thank you for that input and very sorry for not being in touch!
        Obviously you are a dab hand at this Dressing thing and we could learn a lot from each other!
        Brought up this Poll because it’s a problem i have had myself!

        Love & Kisses

        Anna M xxx

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      I only wear a gaff and tuck for very special times like when I want a really flat front with swimwear or bandage dresses.  Otherwise daily I wear a Warner’s Cloud 9 Seamless  Hipster Panty.  This gives me some smoothing and a slight tuck and it is very comfortable for all day wearing.  My gaff is the Mesh Front Gaff with Heart Pattern from the Breastform Company and is also very functional and comfortable.  I wear these articles to help me look good in my clothing and for no other reason.  They do the job and allow me to go about my daily business with little fuss or muss.  To me it’s just what makes my daily appearance look good and not unattractive while still being very useful garments and not a bother.  I don’t really see this as a taboo subject any more than the period products that are advertised on television.  It’s just part of my life.  I hope this helps others and thanks Anna Marie for this interesting topic.


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        Marg Darling
        I will send a Private message to you because i don’t want to embarass you and lay open your life!
        Pleased you are glad i raised this Topic but must Place my heartfelt Thanks to Celeste,youknow what you have done to help me!
        Hugs & Kisses
        Anna M xxx

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          Thanks for the nice reply Anna Marie but I really don’t see any embarrassment here.  I’ll look forward to your PM.  Thanks,  Marg

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      I’m apparently small enough that my regular panties and control top pantyhose do the trick.  I often wear open bottom girdles as well, so there’s no chance of an unsightly bulge.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      I use a gaff to hide it away for a tight skirt or form fitting dress.

      A long T shirt is great for covering with leggings or spandex shorts. No tuck needed then.

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      I have gotten very good at the QuickDraw and I can hide anything.  Staying tucked all day is not a problem.  Many times I will use a gaff to hold the tuck.

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      Sadly (/happily?) I’ve never been man enough to really need to tuck, though I suppose if I ever got the nerve to sunbathe in a bikini I’d need to do something… though at that point in all honesty my groin’s the least of my problems.

      For erm… “research” purposes I’ve tried a couple techniques, most of which I’ve somewhat regretted after.  Personal experience though; actual results may vary.

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      I don’t use a gaff or tape. I just slip the little guys up into the lingual cavities and tuck myself back. I usually wear snug panties, I like that feel anyway.



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      Barb Wire

      Tucking? Ah, no…

      I’m with Celeste. I gotta pee too often. LOL!!

      Besides, I already struggle enough pulling up my pantyhose numerous times a day (I sit to pee). I guess this is why I’m into thigh-highs nowadays.

      The biggest reason I don’t tuck is because me and “The Mrs” are still on speaking terms despite my wardrobe and sometimes as rare as it is all the planets line up. WOO HOO!!


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      I, like many who have replied to this post, don’t have that much to hide, just shove the little boys up into their canal and tuck it back underneath, and I almost always wear tights over my panties so the result is a completely flat front.


      Lauren M

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      Mia Mor’e

      I tuck it under, no tape, put on a gaff, and hold everything in place with a tight body shaper.

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      I have found that simply wearing spandex panties is all I need, I have become very relaxed when enfemme so and there isn’t the bulge trouble I had in the past! 😉

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      I’m a little small down there, so tucking works for me.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Rayna Carlian

      If I NEED to tuck, I use a gaff.

      Easy, set it and forget it, plus it’s easy to go pee. No tape to fight and reapply.



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      Dear Anna,

      I prefer a,gaff

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      Dear Anna,

      I prefer a,gaff, as that is the most effective and,covering. I have four of them different colors, also have a silicone vagina which I use often. Adds to the womanly feeling!

      Love, Aurora B.

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        Darling Aurora
        Thanks for your reply to this intimate of Topics!
        You have different coloured ones?
        All mine are beige but i have 2-3,one being a half body gaff and there is one on the way which i can not divulge here as it will cause controversy!
        A Silicone Vagina?
        That’s a new one on me!
        You slip it in your panties sweetness or is it panties-related?
        Most of us hate those damn dangly bits in our underwear haha!
        Love & Respect
        Anna xxx

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      I’ve looked at gaffs online but haven’t pulled the trigger on one yet. I fine with my panties and pantyhose I can keep things under wraps pretty good.

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        Evening Ashley
        Thanks for replying sweetness but they aren’t for everybody!
        If you are comfortable and the things do range in style,size and price,then good for you girl!
        I only raised this Topic because i personally wear one and wondered if others tucked with Tape!
        It’s too tight though me being a large girl!
        Anna xxx

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          I’ve never tried tapping but have worn a pair of control top pantyhose with the legs cut off under my panties and found that it kept things in place with no bulges at all. Mind you I’m not huge but rather average I like to say.  Lol.  I think I will order a couple gaffs and try them out.

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            Darling Ashley
            As you are a Canuck girl,they should be readily available and reasonably priced in Canada!
            Living in the UK,mine are sadly from China!
            I know this is going to create a stir of controversy but the prices of Gaffs in the UK are not good!
            Nor is the quality…..
            As it’s nearly sleep time here i’m off to wear my Babydoll as it’s unseasonably warm here!
            Night Sweetness and thanks for the reply!
            By the way,saw your public pix and you look real foxy lol!
            Anna xxx

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      I have neither tucked not used a gaff. I am fortunate that my bits down below are very modest and as I only wear dresses that are loose below the waist I am comfortable with the degree of control that comes with panties and pantyhose.

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        Morning Rachel

        I guess not every girl needs these fashion accessories but i am not going to comment on your size sweetness!
        You seem to be more experienced than me and know what you want!
        Please have a good night’s sleep and Thanks for your honest reply!
        Hugs & Kisses
        Anna xxx

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      Caty Ryan

      I tuck and ware a gaff. For extra security I wear firm control panties over the gaff. Colour matched(where possible) to the rest of my lingerie… I also use the control panty to “anchor” my suspender belt with safety pins…




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        Morning Caty
        So,you do both and in all honesty i have taken onboard your comments about wearing Control Panties over your gaff!
        I am currently wearing Pink Control Panties but have not got around to wear a Garter belt yet as i am trying to find one that fits and is Pink!
        I much prefer Panties and Pantyhose!
        Hoping that you had a nice night’s sleep because as i write this i know the time difference between us sees you deep in slumber!
        On waking,have a nice day and Keep Well sweetness!
        Hugs & Kisses
        Anna xxx

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      This is always a bit of a touchy discussion but a necessary one. Personally I don’t wear a gaff although I’m curious about trying one someday, I find tight panties and hose are enough for me. When I have worn lady jeans in the past, it has worked out fine. After all I know I’m not a beauty queen and I don’t expect to be, but I do like to present my best self. So maybe I need to try a gaff because tucking properly sounds a little scary. Lol

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      For me I have done it a couple different ways. Depending on my outfit. I have 7 or 8 gaffs all different colors except the two that are black. The one black gaff also has a ring with an elastic strap & hook. The ring goes over the shaft with the elastic strap hooking through a loop in the back to help hold things in place. I’ve tucked using the gaff with another pair of panties over the gaff to make sure things stay in place. Also my panties are snug which helps. I have also tucked then wore two pair of panties to hold things in place. Thirdly I’ve tucked with a gaff then wore control top panty hose over that & it worked. I’ve tried taping one time but that was only to keep the boys in their cavities. It wasn’t too bad. Would need more practice to get it right every time.

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      Depending on if I am wearing something tight or not, I use a homemade, crude socktop gaff, but I am in the process of designing my own gaff like a bikini triangle.

      I want to see if I can make one that holds the testes in their inguinal canals without taping, too. This should make for an even flatter profile. It seems to be possible and results with my first prototype are encouraging, and the appearance is very smooth for this mesomorph. Devoting enough time to experiment should do it.


      Question: does anyone here have testes that are so big that they can’t be inserted? I have one tiny one and a modest sized one and it doesn’t take much to insert them (keeping them up there is another story), but I have seen some mighty impressive ones, too. I just don’t know how common of a problem (for tucking) this is.

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        Our friend Harriette advises
        Her b*lls are of two different sizes.
        One is quite small,
        Almost nothing at all.
        The other is large and wins prizes!

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          I love limericks. Thanks you, Wanda.

      • #740547

        I had some time, today, to cut a 3rd prototype. Should fit me better.

      • #740953

        I don’t know that my testicles are big or that the hole is extra small, but I can’t find the hole they descended from to even try to put them back. This cause me to have to tuck all three back and wear a gaff panty.

        • #740955

          My guess is that they won’t fit, now. Leading them upward, they should go in without forcing them.

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      If that area is going to show, I tuck. If not, I don’t.

    • #736012

      The lymphedema in my pannus makes neither necessary but, to address Harriette’s question, my “boys” are way to big to go home again.

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      Something interesting is a fufu clip, Check it out on reddit

      • #740610

        Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

      • #742231

        Kathleen thank you for this suggestion.

        I have never heard of the fufu clip.

        I’m small so depending what I am wearing I may tuck but I certainly wear a gaff to smooth things out.

        I am going to check out the fufu clip. I see they are on Amazon.



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      An interesting subject and I know a personal subject.  I always tuck when I dress.  It took me a while to get past the willies about pushing my testicles up inside, but with time and frequency, they now slide up inside with ease and no discomfort at all.  Certainly makes it easier for me to cross my legs when I sit.  I’ve not tried taping yet, but do have a gaff that I wear.  Either that or some tight fitting panties, pantyhose and shapewear holds things in place.  The gaff just makes it easier to tinkle when I have to.  And I always sit to tinkle.  I’ve had enough shrinkage down there that I know I wouldn’t have to tuck in a looser fitting dress or skirt, but I still choose to.  For me, it just makes me feel more feminine.

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      I wear panties that have a camel toe that keeps everything hidden, it must work as I had a lady put her hand under my skirt & had a feel, she got quite a shock.

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      I wear gaff anytime I get dressed regardless of what I am wearing, fem wise. I am small so when I tuck and wear a gaff and it feels like nothing is down there. I now wear  girls clothes  95%. Like jeans, leggings, shoes and tops. Just a casual everyday  look.

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      I tuck from the very beginning, and still i do tuck. I haven’t went out fully crossdressed till now so when I will plan to gou outside i would definitely have gaff

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      Ah, another from a while ago that I missed, but looking at the dates, I was on a Euro cruise and didn’t get on that often.  Glad someone found this and got it going again. So, anyway, over the years I’ve become pretty good at tucking, I seldom have a problem when I do while becoming reasonably smooth.  And if I’m going full dress, then I have some well fitting tight panties that help, and sometimes a pad.  I’ve looked at gaffs, but they don’t much interest me.  I’m of the opinion that whatever works for one and one feels comfortable, then that usually is enough.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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      So I’ve never used a gaff in the past and have always tucked.  IDK about other girls, but I found that I would become untucked over time, even with tape.  (Especially if I had to stop to tinkle while out and about, which essentially ruins my tuck for the day!)  I honestly don’t know if anyone else has this issue or if maybe I’m just doing it wrong. 🙃

      Very recently though I tried a fufu clip for the first time.  At first,  I thought I was going to throw it away because I couldn’t get it to work, but I kept at it and am thankful I did.  It _definitely_ takes practice, but now that I’ve got it right I absolutely love it!  Most importantly it helps me keep a tight tuck all day, and it makes sitting with properly crossed legs completely comfortable.  But I also feel extra feminine when I have it on because it creates a natural camel toe look.  While no one ever sees me in my panties, I’ve always been self-conscious about my appearance in panties.  Now, I finally feel like I look great in my panties!



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        I saw diagrams of fufu clips and couldn’t figure out how it works.

        • #743309

          Yeah the diagrams had me lost as well!  There are a couple of instructional videos that were helpful for me.

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        Emilene, I’m very curious about using a fufu clip it’s uncomfortable for me to cross my legs while tucked fortunately with help of firm body shaping panties I can keep the little guy flattened out. It would be horrible to be in a cute outfit and have a bulge.

        • #743506

          Hi Jill!  If you’re curious, I’d say give it a shot.  Just know that it may not be perfect the first couple of times but you can get there with practice.  I feel like I’m getting better and better at it each day, and now I won’t leave home without it!

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            I’m definitely going try a fufu clip hopefully i can find one at a local adult store can you imagine ordering online and having my wife receive/open that package!

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      I can joke about it, because I’m living proof we were not “all created equal”….why to you think I call myself “Tiny”…??? I no longer venture out in public as Tiny anymore, but in my younger days of freedom and privacy to dress whenever the mood called for it, and was able travel around my fair City to enjoy an adventure, a gaff or the need to tuck was never an issue. The fact that I try to dress stylish, yet conservative to fit in when I was out in public, I usually wore skater skirts and/or a full dresses, nothing tight or clingy; I did not want to “stick out”, literally and figurative, so that anyone would notice I was anything more, or less, than the woman I desired to be…!!! I did consider purchasing a silicon female genital accessory that was advertised as “a gaff”, for what I thought might aid in an ever MORE realistic illusion, but then, I realize…”WHY”….??? The cheaper ones were not that realistic and the realistic ones, were more than what I wanted to spend…the practical side of me choose to use that budget for more clothes and lingerie…!!!

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      Dearest Celeste
      Your privacy is noted!
      Sorry for touching on a sensitive subject for you!
      Just as long as you are happy being Fem and presenting as a Female!
      Anna xxx

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      Barb Wire

      And this is why you and I are good friends!!

      LMFAO!!! 🙂

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