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    Even when I’m not doing drag but just having a normal day I still tuck and wear a gaff when I go anywhere. My everyday jeans are so tight that without tucking and wearing a gaff there would be a bulge and who wants that! Even though I don’t pretend to be a woman I still do these two, habit and norm I guess. I wear jeans daily unless I’m lounging around the house and usually a pull over or partial button up shirt, heels both shoes and boots, of course makeup, various wigs, jewelry and carry some kind of purse usually a hobo bag. With that everyday attire in mind I do believe a bulge would look pretty ridiculous whether your passable or not.

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      stephanie plumb
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      I sometimes wear a “vagina gaff”- or “camel toe gaff”.    Not the expensive silicon kind, these ones are made of cotton/spandex I think.   Amazon used to have loads in stock.   But they seem in short supply now. Someone has been buying them up!

      Not only do they work as a gaff, they have a pleasing rounded mound appearance with a crease down the centre.  Yes  – a hint of  a vag.   Very good in tight leggings.   And hard to leave alone ……….. or so I’ve been told!


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      Laura Lovett
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      I’ve never tried tucking, but use a gaffe with tight underwear under jeans and tight dresses.

      The rounded mound it creates is good enough for me – when you’re getting checked out by guys you know you’re looking good!

      Love Laura

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      Rei Durden
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      I’ve been back and forth on buying a gaff, actually been meaning to ask all you ladies for any recommendations?
      I don’t tuck when I’m in drab, which is only 3 days a week when I’m working. Always ticked at home or out and about underdressed.

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      bandie lee
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      I tuck it 24/7

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      Jennifer Swanson
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      Its so much more comfortable to wear a gaff.  Having everything tucked and not flopping loose is easier.  It’s better for dresses or jeans and much better for sleeping.  I’ve started playing sports tucked and it feels better there too.  Panties actually hold tucks better than boy wear.  Swimsuit bikini bottoms work very well.

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      Kelly Terry
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      I’m tucking all the time and been doing that for years, no matter what underwear I wear. I always hated boxers and other loose male underwear so I always have some tight style.
      I don’t own anything specifically designed/sold as gaff, tight tong or such is good enough.

      (shouldn’t this be a poll instead?)


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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Jackie I would have to say yes. I usually wear feminine/androgynous clothing styles that are more along the lines of womens styles. Womens jeans, slacks, tshirts, sweaters etc along with my Dansko clogs. I always have women’s underwear on as thats all I own, which is usually of a type I can tuck/snug things up. I also carry a purse that is not overly feminine but still a purse.

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