How often do you go driving around en femme?

This poll asks how often do you go driving around when you're crossdressed as a woman.

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    Holly Morris
    Registered On: April 15, 2022
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    Hi ladies!

    For many of us, going out in public as a woman is both thrilling and scary at the same time. This is because when we’re out in public, we’re forced to face the world as a woman and deal with things the way a woman must. While that is the goal for some of us, for others it is too big a step to take — at least initially.

    That’s why many of us take an intermediate step and go driving around in our cars. That allows us to be out in public as a woman, to be seen (somewhat) as a woman, and to have some limited interaction with others, without actually having to come face to face with them. Driving around while en femme provides a wonderful sense of freedom, yet also provides a bit of safety as well.

    When I first started going out in public, that was all I did. I would get dressed in my most feminine lingerie, pretty dress, high heels, jewelry, wig, and do my makeup just right so that I was feeling extremely feminine, and then I’d get into my car (loving all the sensations I was experiencing as I got into the car as a woman), back the car out of the garage (hoping that none of my neighbors saw me, yet secretly wanting to be seen as a woman by them in some ways), and then pull onto the street and head out. A lot of times I would just drive around, going by shops, by the mall, by the school (hoping that people would think I was a mom coming to pick her children up), that kind of thing. But what I really loved about driving around was pulling up to an intersection and seeing a man in the car next to me. I knew that if he looked at me, he would see a woman in her car, not a man in a dress, and THAT would really make my day! I would drive around floating on a pink cloud the rest of the day! Sometimes, if I really wanted to heighten the excitement of being seen by a man, I’d pull my lipstick or mascara out of my purse and touch up my lips or lashes, knowing that if he looked over, he’d probably just shake his head at the woman doing her makeup in the car next to him, as that is just such a feminine thing to do, that men just don’t understand! What a thrill that always gave me!

    So of course, that got me to wondering…

    How often do you go driving around en femme?




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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      Everyday for me but I don’t see it as crossdressing.  I get gendered female regardless of what I’m wearing.  Clothes don’t define who I am.  That’s been one of the most freeing aspects of transitioning.  The world treats you different once you start believing in yourself.

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      Registered On: September 24, 2021
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      Driving from Wyoming to Utah next week about 5-6 hour drive.  Planning on wearing all my girly undergarments, leggings and a nice blouse along with some jewelry.  Will be attending a very macho workshop and will be camping at a local campground.  So after the day is done will be dolling up a bit.  Careful in Utah and wyoming is  a survival tactic.  Excited and looking forward to it all.

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      Genia Samone
      Registered On: May 5, 2022
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      Living and working out of town in ND and my SO is not here so I get to dress routinely and drive dressed unless at work. Will get dressed to go shopping every chance I get. Do get a few looks if they notice the shoes or boots with heels, makeup or the forms. Normally wearing womens jeans, blouse and jacket.
      💕 Genia

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      Marika Jaye
      Registered On: August 4, 2018
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      I’m a truck driver, and I wear a dress (I don’t take any “male” clothing with me)  to work nearly every day, so you could say I “drive around” en femme quite often.

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      Registered On: December 14, 2017
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      I love to drive around en femme. The best for me is that the mall has parking spaces for solo women drivers. These have a prime position right next to a door going into the mall. Apart from the fun of driving around as a girl, the car is also a refuge and a place to stash stuff, so easy for me to stash my shopping as I go along.

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      Deborah Sullivan
      Registered On: February 27, 2020
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      Do you all notice how ppl are more respectful like letting you into a lane when driving . I enjoy long trips en femme and use the women’s bathrooms at rest areas. I also go out on buses and metros when out and about.

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      Kerryanne Zun
      Registered On: June 12, 2021
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      Hi Holly,

      I have to admit it is something I have found to be my favorite thing to do whenever I have the opportunity. Dressing up to the nines in my sexy stilettos and sheerest pantyhose with tight figure hugging dresses, makeup and wig then just going out to my local park or nearby beaches and walking around gives me an electric thrill everytime I get in or out of the car.

      Growing more and more daring each and every journey so far hasn’t disappointed me,  even when I haven’t seen or had any luck finding someone to help heighten the experience of driving there in the first place. If my timing is right I can get a friend to join me  for the night.

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      Registered On: April 21, 2021
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      I have only done this two times  – it was my first time going outside of my four walls dressed!   Being my first time I went at night to I guess feel more passable in the shadows.   I found myself wanting to avoid attention but at the same time get a few head turns my way.   I wasn’t sure what I would do if I got a head turn- panic?  Wink?   Smile?  Sinewed I didn’t feel any eyes me I didn’t find out.  But it made me want more.  A couple days later I hit up early and decided to drive to a walking path nearby.   Dressed in leggings , sports bra holding my ample girls I place, topped with a yoga shirt,wig and red lipstick, I felt more bold than ever.   Clearly part of me wanted to be seen.   The seatbelt hugged me tightly crossing my boobs I drive ti my destination.   I did sense a couple eyes on me and while I didn’t panic I also didn’t engage as I thought I might.   I arrived at the walking path and stepped out in broad daylight for the first time.  I picked this path because it was not too crowded.  Like when driving I was torn between wanting to be seen vs not.   I ended up crossing paths with some men and women and felt that they were trying to figure me out. But no one bothered me and it was exhilarating to do to say the least   On the drive home I found myself pulling up side by side to other cars so our windows lined up.  Again a little disappointed I didn’t get those head turns but maybe it was for the better.  Afterwards I felt like ok I did it nothing more to prove here.   2 months later…the urge to try again is surfacing….

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      Jin Crocker
      Registered On: November 15, 2019
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      If I happen to be in girl things and need to go out for some reason, I just go as I am. I only change if the planned activity warrents. For instance, if I am in a dress and heels, and the trip will call for a lot of walking, i change to flats. Or if I am in grubbys and we are going to a nice restaraunt I get showered and dolled up.

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      Becky Davis
      Registered On: February 10, 2022
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      I try to go driving dressed as often as I can, now the days are getting shorter staying dark longer in the mornings just this morning I took my garbage cans out dressed and it was fun….   When I drove truck I would dress a lot with pantyhose and bra with a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I have even gone fishing in the morning dressed in the boat, was at one lake that was secluded and had on a swim skirt and when I was done fishing and getting the boat trailer-ed I went swimming…

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      Denise Little
      Duchess - Annual
      Registered On: August 10, 2019
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      I replied, as often as I can. With mature son that is temporary at home, one year now, and helping take care of two new puppies, the occasions to dress are limited. Driving around is my escape an opportunity to appreciate the feeling of being dressed. Plain skirt and top are easy to change into while in the car.

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      Marg Produe
      Registered On: March 16, 2022
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      Hi Holly,

      For me it’s all the time but I really don’t see it as crossdressing,  I’m just being me and woman’s clothes fit me best.  In most cases I think that I’m just seen as another soccer grandma since I sort of blend in.  People usually leave me alone then. That’s part of my intersex world.  However if you mean do I really get looked at?  Then the answer is only when I glam up and then I try to be real careful since I sometimes get unwanted attention, especially late at night.

      Safe Journey,      Marg

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      Patty Phose
      Registered On: May 7, 2016
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      Depending on the weather, I try to go out a few times a week. Often it is just for some short errands and some driving around. Often the driving around was looking for places I felt I could safely get out and walks around. Once I found those spots, I would frequent them often.

      There was some places I liked to go walking around in and some stores I liked to go in, look around and buy more girly things.

      Now when I go out, it’s because the opportunity is there and I want to take advantage of it. I don’t necessarily have any pale to go or anything to do, so it often involves just some driving around with a few stops here and there.

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      Natalie Sierra
      Registered On: August 20, 2022
      Topics: 3
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      Only a couple times. I leave the house in drab and go to a dark parking lot or road shoulder and attempt to change in the car … Easier said than done . One time I tried for 20 minutes to put on a tight dress in the cab of my car before giving up hahah . Felt like I was playing twister trying to zip that thing up lol. The next time I opted for a blouse and skirt instead paired with some wedge heels. I walked to the ATM in a shopping center at night and then sat by a fountain with my skirt blowing in the breeze! So simple yet so exciting as it was one of my first times leaving my house dressed! I was 19 at the time.

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      Julianna Frances
      Registered On: July 29, 2022
      Topics: 3
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      I love driving en femme!

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      Donna Ceedee
      Registered On: January 17, 2022
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      I have been out driving while dressed. I started out doing it after dark. I would drive to a neighboring town. Started to gain more confidence. But for the most part, I felt I did a good enough job at passing that nobody would recognize me anyway. Then I started going out during the day but with sunglasses on. I always felt I was the most passable that way. To be out driving around in broad daylight was the most wonderful feeling. It was like finally letting myself free of the closet. Now I don’t have the opportunities to get out like I used to. I sure miss it

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      Deena Smith
      Registered On: January 24, 2019
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      I did it once in winter when it was dark and no one could see. I was so terrified about being seen by my neighbours but the thrill of being out en-femme was thrilling. Unfortunately it was a one-off but still a great memory.

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      Rachel Williams
      Registered On: November 3, 2019
      Topics: 8
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      Hi Holly
      Indicated as often as I can but this in the context of still being firmly in the closet at home. This means that it only happens on the rare occasions that I am home alone but I have done several long drives en femme including going into a busy Ladies Rest Room at a Motorway Services area.

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      Alisha Alex
      Registered On: November 28, 2020
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      I did it once. Thought of going the grocery store late at Monday night. It was a short drive. When I got to the parking lot I got panicked. My feet didn’t help me to get off my car. So I decided to drive back home. So it wasn’t a success. 😔

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      Cassie Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      I answered as often as I can. But truth is that is almost every day. I am taking my granddaughter to work, taking her to her mother’s, trips out shopping and more. SO usually that means multiple times a day and/or 3 to 7 days a week.
      . Cassie

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      I love to drive enfemme.  I love the thrill of getting out of my car in a skirt and heels at a busy Costco gas station and pumping my gas.  I look around to see if anyone is giving me funny looks.  Most of the time I am ignored so maybe I am blending in


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        Holly Morris
        Registered On: April 15, 2022
        Topics: 107
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        Hi Kerri.

        I agree, getting out of the car and pumping gas while there are lots of others around, especially men(!) really is exciting and thrilling. I’d say that since you’re not getting any strange looks, you’re blending in quite well! Congrats, girlfriend!



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      Registered On: January 21, 2021
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      There is a couple of weeks of car shows in my area. I would love to ride around en feme. One of these days!


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      Jennifer Lynn
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
      Topics: 1
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      Every time i drive it’s as Jennifer. Anytime i leave the house and go anywhere it’s as Jennifer. Whether to go shopping, grocery shopping, camping, traveling or just to get gas. My drivers license has Jennifer’s name and picture on it.

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      Rozalyn Richards
      Registered On: July 27, 2022
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      Hi Holly I’ve not been able to drive around En Femme for awhile not since before we had the lock downs, I think it was in 2019 when i last went out dressed as Roz, I went out late at night because no one can tell if it’s me or my wife in the dark, I’m hoping that next year will be a better year for me to get out and about, I want to try driving in my new boots i bought they don’t have a very big heel maybe 2 and half inch heel, I’ll have to see how it goes,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 💋

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      Michelle McQueen
      Registered On: June 14, 2021
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      Being under dressed with panties and bra every day, when I go out I sometimes put my forms on while driving then take them out before I go into a store. With my ponytail, obvious D boobs, big fem sunglasses, and many times a pastel V neck top, those who see me I’m sure think I’m just another woman going about her daily business. When at red lights I don’t look all around but keep looking straight ahead as a female would. I notice some guys looking but don’t give them any attention. Its all fun!

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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
      Topics: 24
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      …being a full time girl, to get around, I’m either in a car or on a bus, and always enfemme, of course!


      Ms. Lauren M

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