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      Just wondering how often you visit Crossdresser Heaven.

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      It’s about what I thought when I saw my email linking this thread. I certainly hope NO ONE has better things to do! And we’ll have to wait 3 or 4 days for the other one. Everything else is somewhat even. I think this is at least the 3rd time I’ve checked things today.

      Always want to get encouragement from my girlfriends. Or maybe try to be that encouragement!


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      since i’m still wfh (don’t know how long that will last), I have cdh up pretty much for the whole work day.

      on weekends it will depend on how big my honey do list is.   but i usually try to check in for a few min on the weekends.

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      I voted that I’m on here all the time.  I find this site very addicting.  I can’t seem to get enough, but I’m sure it will wear thin sometime ( but I doubt it)

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      Caty Ryan

      My answer is very simple…. too long. Every day at least twice, especially first thing in the morning Australian time. ….Mostly cos all you lovely girls from “up norf”  have been active here whilst I’m sleeping.

      I “need to get out more”. As per the number of articles posts, thank you’s in my profile

      Covid and lockdowns did not help got me addicted to to this “infernal machine”

      I do have quite a few other interests, but a reoccurring nasty lower back problem means I cant lift much at all.

      So here I sit….But I think its time for breakfast.




    • #714260

      I am here daily.  I check in multiple times per day.  I really enjoy the site and all the postings, etc.



    • #714274

      Thanks everyone for their response and especially for the comments.

      I have to admit I’m on here every morning as I drink my coffee reading all the posts I’ve missed in the last 24 hrs. I find our members are very interesting in whats discussed around our lifestyle and I learn things all the time. Thanks to the moderators, we are in a safe and close community here where we can feel free to express ourselves when we can’t to anyone else in our daily lives.

      After a year of being here, I feel I know some of you as friends even though I have never met you in person and most likely never will, but we can still be sisters on CDH. Thank you all who have ever posted and I hope more will find the courage to express themselves in this safe place of sisterhood.

      • #714384

        And right back at you Michelle.    Hugs,  Marg

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      I’m pretty new here so I stop by at least once a day. Some days the time just slips away and I tell myself I must really get back to my chores.

    • #714287

      Hi Michelle,

      “it depends” wasn’t an option so i didn’t vote.
      Sadly, my trips to CDH over the last few months have been drive-bys. I started transitioning and a new job and my daughter came home for the holidays so a lot of people and things clamoring for my attention but as things start to settle i’ll have more time for this great resource.
      Thanks for being here!
      I really appreciate you all!
      Thanks for asking.

      My ride is here, gotta go.
      Stay safe!
      Talk to you soon.

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      Hi Michelle,

      I check it out before I head to work, and I’m back on when I get back home, so I guess you’d say several times a day. Don’t want to miss anyone or anything 🙂


      Ms. Lauren M

    • #714339

      I’m retired, so I can stop by several times during the day, although there are days where I have other pressing activities, or I am out for extended periods, and/or on a trip, so my time then is reduced. I’ll probably be here for some time to come, it’s enjoyable and informative, being able to share my own experiences, read those of others, give and receive comfort and support.  We may not all be on the same path, but our journeys have enough moments in common to accept that each of us is not alone in this.

      Hugs, ChloëC

    • #714362

      This is my sanctuary.

      Hugs, Liara

    • #714385

      Daily, once with my morning mail and once again with my evening mail.  Thanks Michelle for this nice survey.   Marg

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      Lola Caprice

      At least twice a day…often for hours in a day.  I have made so many friends here and I cherish every one of them!


    • #714398
      Cece X

      I am glad you asked that question, Michelle. I had been thinking about asking it myself. My curiosity is satisfied.

    • #714406

      Hi Michelle i visit lots of times through the day I’m like a butterfly 🦋 i flit in and out just to check out the posts and catch up with the girls, I love reading other girls stories and see how things are going for them, I just love being part of this sisterhood X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

    • #714421

      I’m here every morning for an hour or so while my wife is still sleeping.  If she goes out during the day I will pop in for a bit, Depending on how long she is out that is also my opportunity to dress.  I do enjoy the time I get to spend here, particularly chatting with the girls in the morning.


    • #714436

      Several times a day….im hooked💜

    • #714464
      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      I do check every morning Michelle, before going to work, I love to chat but that usually doesn’t happen daily because I’ll get to involved and not be doing what I should be. When I get home I check in again. I truly enjoy my time here, sometimes feeling guilty by not adding anything and just lurking in the shadows but I do try and get involved when I can.


    • #714469

      Hi Michelle, another great question!

      I check CDH several times throughout the day (yes, I know I should probably be working, but this is so much more fun!). I know a lot of us truly value the friends and community here, along with all of the great discussions and insights we gain, so those are just a few of the reasons I love to visit CDH. Plus, I love seeing the pictures of all of  my beautiful sisters here, because I can tell how happy you all are when you’re able to be your true feminine selves!



    • #714470

      This has become one of my favorite sites, other then my shopping to go to in the morning when I get online.  I love coming here to see the forums and read what is going on with everyone and also for the many great ideas and tips I get….  I also enjoy the polls and do vote in most. Thanks all…….

      • #714530

        Ever since someone here suggested I use Amazon lockers to keep my orders discreet, I’ve gone wild searching for and purchasing all kinds of stuff. My Amazon cart stays full all the time, with a huge list of items waiting in queue. Besides, CDH, Amazon is my second most popular site. LOL

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      I voted that I’m on CDH for hours everyday. On weekdays I’m usually on from after 8am until 2-5 or 6pm EST; only my wife coming home or my work schedule determines when I log-off. There are some Saturdays and/or Sundays that I’m on for same amount of time. Lately, longer on Saturdays.

      There might be one day a week that I won’t be on CDH; that is if “Brittney” wants to go out for the afternoon and evening.

    • #714674

      Hi Michelle i answered im on here for hours every day as many of you girls see me here i love to welcome the new girls to our home.. Then look thru the posts like this one and throw my 2 cents worth in he he until 9pm or a bit later as a girl need her beauty sleep as me i need a lotha ha .. thanks Michelle for a great post ..

      Stephanie Bass

    • #714702

      A few times a day for me, I look for any interesting trending topics and check my notifications.

    • #714703

      Probably too much and too long as I for the most part am on several times a day for short periods of time. Always eager to see new posts sometimes offer replies or a topic usually always welcome new members. It is fun and informative makes one think and share I enjoy it and have found stories or comments that have either helped me or that I have offered that help others.

    • #714712
      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I’m on a lot.  Most days for several hours.  It’s therapy for me.

      • #757338

        I agree Emily, you all all great therapy.

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      I joined CDH when I was made redundant and was on the website daily, reading the articles and chatting to the other ladies. However, since finding a new job, my time on line is very restricted so now I am only able to visit CDH once or perhaps twice a week. I do miss the chats and the encouragement I get from the wonderful ladies on this site.

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      I start every morning on CDH. It is my morning quiet time. I check back in a couple times later in the day when time allows.

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I check the site a few times everyday, I have to, this is where so many of my friends are at. If I miss a day, do to other obligations, I feel as if I have missed something, it is a safe place where I can just be me. Most of the members just want to share and have a place they can be open about who they are , this is it. Hugs to all!!!!

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      I’m on here at least once a day in the morning but generally in the evening as well.  The scientist in me feels compelled to point out that the poll is obviously going to skew heavily (at least initially) towards the frequent flyers who tend to be my friends for that reason.

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      Samantha R

      I keep it open on my lap top and check it often. But I am fairly new to the site and trying to figure out all the nuances

    • #717420

      I usually come to CDH most mornings (my dressing time).  Sometimes at night while relaxing.  The site just gives me motivation to keep stephanie progressing.  Some topics for me are pretty out there but alot are pretty relevant to where I currently am

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      I’m new here and I check in just about every day to see what you other Girls are saying and thinking. It’s great for me and has opened my eyes to a lot that I wouldn’t have even though about in my own little pink bubble!

    • #757337

      I come here as often as I can. It is just so wonderful sharing how important it is to express our feminine side, with all the wonderful sweet girls here on CDH. Each and every girl on this site is supportive and helpful. The friendship I have made are so precious to me, and just having someone to talk to who feels the same way is so valuable to me as a women. I would like to thank each and everyone here who has touched my life and made me feel like I am not alone.

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