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    stephanie plumb
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    Being a girl the wearing of female clothes is natural to me.

    I and my male counterpart/alter ego  share the same physical body. A roll of the genetic dice deemed that it would be male and not female. So that is how we have to present to the world, and although I am a free and independent spirit I have to be content to live in the background – for much of the time.

    I can only physically be myself  when I wear my clothes. Then I can enjoy the sensations of being me and see a likeness of myself, peering through my eyelashes, of how I look to the outside world.  I can only do this with the co-operation of my alter ego – who I shall refer to as ‘he’. When I insist on having some ‘me-time’  he, not reluctantly, agrees.  Of course being a CD he also enjoys seeing me dressed, so it’s not just to please me!

    He has to keep the fact that he is a CD secret due to the constraints that society has placed on us and to protect his male life with his/our?  family.

    He has other typical CD traits too.  He sometimes has panic attack purges and dumps most of my stuff, though I do persuade him to keep my favourite things.  I purge too, because storage space is limited, but really because a girl needs to be fashionable and keep her wardrobe up to date, and get rid of those bad impulse purchases.

    Another CD trait of his is the desire for me to wear revealing clothes and skimpy lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, I love lingerie too, but I prefer comfortable and feminine lingerie, not the sort that leaves little to the imagination.

    Of course, like many men, he is obsessed with large breasts. I have to indulge him and put on a sheer loose fitting blouse, a sheer balcony bra and his F cup forms. I nearly topple forward with the weight of them!  This is because he likes to see my nipples and experience my boobs bouncing and wobbling as I walk.   Men!!!!   What do I get out of this? He agrees to that new dress I have had my eye on.

    I love going for long walks in the leafy countryside with the family dog, so I can experience the wind in my hair, and the feel of my clothes against my body as I move. It becomes my body because I have ‘borrowed ‘ it. Of course I dress in clothes suitable for the outing, but to indulge his CD desires I carry a floaty summer skirt in my bag that I can change into in a quiet spot. This is because he likes to feel the breeze under it.  It helps to keep him sweet.  Now and then he wants me to take off ….do naughty things, but I am not going into that now.

    I am comfortable, happy and relaxed when out. But he panics at the prospect of being caught. I roll up my eyes as he makes me scoot off into the bushes if anyone gets too near. I am working on this, but it’s an uphill struggle.

    I am sure there are lots of other examples of his CD behaviours that I have to endure, but you will be getting bored, so I will end here.

    It is because of me that he is a CD.  That makes it my fault I guess.


    Stephanie P.

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      Diana W
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      I really love this!  It’s an interesting perspective, one I think we can all identify with. I know I feel more complete when I’m wearing feminine clothes.

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      Beautifully written Stephanie, I’m sure a lot of girls will recognise your predicament xx

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      Kay Anderson
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      Hi Stephanie,

      This is very well written! I love it!


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      Bettylou Cox
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      Very well stated, Stephanie.  And I can relate.  The other day, my wife asked me  “How does it feel to wear a skirt?”  And I replied “Normal”, because it does.




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      michaela jane
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      Love it! I can almost see me in your wonderful writing. x

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      stephanie plumb
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      Just thought I would resurrect this old post of mine.  I found it quite amusing to read again. Did I really write it?  I did off course, last year when fully immersed in the pink fog, which swallowed me whole after joining CDH….  the best thing I had done in a long while.

      So, I hope you find it amusing too…..

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      I think you should put him in a position, he can’t explain his way out of! LOL

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