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      Hello Ladies

      I hope everyone is going well πŸ™‚

      Happy to advise that I will be able to dress a lot more fairly shortly.

      I am about to be house sitting for people for about 2 months while they are away.Β  When I got asked, the first thing I thought of was that I can dress more often and freely (no one knows I crossdress).Β  So I said yes straight away!Β  Or more like say yes to the dress(ing up)!

      I have really only been able to limit myself to wearing chemises at night or a dress for 1-2 hours when the people I live with are not at home.

      I have got my bags sorted and I have packed all of my clothes and accessories for my stay including shoes, make up, wig and so much more.

      This will not only be able to allow me to experiment more with what I like to wear, but it will also allow me to learn to walk in heels and putting on makeup as I haven’t been able to try that yet.

      I am so excited to be able to get the chance to live en femme 24/7.

      Can’t wait to let you all know how I go πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love,
      Jacinta xoxo

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      What an opportunity.

      If it’s not your neighborhood you might even be able to start going outside without the burden of dealing with folks who know from your “regular” life.


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        Thanks Venus.Β  As much as I would like to, it is still somewhat close to my neighborhood however that is okay.Β  Let me get more comfortable dressing at home first πŸ™‚

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      Well Jacinta looks like youre the one on vacation now. Enjoy every moment to experiment with everything you have thought about

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      When the house sitting is over, will you be forced to go back to where you live now or will you use your free time to hunt for a more suitable location?

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        I have been looking for a new place for a while now.Β  It is just trying to find the right place for the right price.Β  The housing market in my country at the moment is crazy so it doesn’t help at all however at least I have somewhere to stay and not be on the streets.

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      What a great opportunity! Enjoy!

      Hugs & kisses,

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      Hi Jacinta,


      Enjoy your opportunities while you’re house sitting! Β You’ll sure have fun.


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      Jenna Jay

      I love this.

      No one knows I do either. I rely on work events abroad to spend proper time experimenting.

      Enjoy your time xx

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      Hello Jacinta, I hate to be the first to offer a bit of cautionary advice; just make sure that the people’s house that you are housesitting does not have active home security cameras or computers/laptops with web-cams on them, or once the people return they might not ask you to house-sit again.

      Otherwise, enjoy your two months of “alone time”. I admit I am a bit envious, but in the good way.

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        Hi Brittany

        Thank you for that advice I do appreciate it.Β  I have/will be taking those precautions – I am always careful around things like that. πŸ™‚

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      Hi Jacinta

      Excellent opportunity, I hope and wish you a lot of fun in this moment in which you have the opportunity to feel completely free to be whoever you like to be…. enjoy your special freedom!
      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️💙😘

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      Samantha R

      Starting next week, I will be traveling quite a bit. I am so excited.

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        Lucky you, Samantha! Have fun.

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        That’s awesome Samantha.Β  Enjoy it – I know you will!

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      great opportunity to sty dressed for extended periods of time. I bet your wardrobe will increase a bit…

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        It may Leah.Β  I have somewhat no longer hace the impulse buying but instead looking for something that I like and I think would great on me πŸ™‚Β  More likely I will be able to find more outfits amongst my collection that I like the most.

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      That sounds like a great chance to experiment. I will warn you. You will end up spending the last day trying to cover up the traces of feminity. At least I would. Little foundation here or lipstick there. The scent of a woman everywhere.

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        No doubt about it Michelle!Β  I will be double and triple checking everything that is there.

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      Update on my first day of getting the chance to dress up 24/7. It is been so comforting and relaxing. I have not done anything too much and than stuff around the house like cleaning and washing up. My stress levels were next to nothing which will be helpful to my health.

      It has been a while since I have been able to dress up fully and I have noticed that I lot of clothes fit me so much better since I have been losing weight which is fantastic. I still have a bit to go but some of the clothes look more feminine on me now.

      One thing I have noticed is that my breast forms are too big for me now. They stand out a bit too much now and to some extent are hurting my back with the added extra weight – I don’t want to be ruining my back with breast forms. I noticed that without the breast forms, I look so much better. Before I was a C or D cup however I am probably now a A or B Cup. Maybe it is time for me to have a breast reduction πŸ™‚

      Tried on lipstick for the first time as well. Did an okay job but need to improve (only experience will help with that). I will be doing the full makeup in the future but baby steps πŸ™‚

      I hope to keep you updated on this πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love,
      Jacinta xoxo

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      Hi Jacinta,
      What a great opportunity! I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy this time.
      Love and hugs from Stephanie ❤️

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      J J

      It sounds like you are having fun, so keep it up. I think I can safely speak for the group and say we are having fun following your experiences, I certainly am, so keep posting. A few pictures along the way would be lovely as well.

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        Awe thanks JJ. I appreciate that you are enjoy hearing my experiences. πŸ™‚

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