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      Rei Durden
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      Registered On: October 11, 2020
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      That’s so awesome! Congratulations Melanie.

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      Kathleen 60454
      Registered On: January 8, 2020
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      Congratulations Melanie, I am so very happy for you.


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      Felicia Millan
      Registered On: October 26, 2020
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      That’s amazing, it’s good to hear that she is starting to understand. It took my wife a little while to understand / me to understand, and it will take some time for you two to learn how dressing fits into your relationship. This is a great place to be, congrats on being able to express yourself more!!

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      Anna Christ
      Registered On: October 6, 2020
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      Thats great.


      Im very happy for you.


      Yours Truly Anna

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      Phoebe Smyth
      Registered On: February 2, 2020
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      Are Congratulations in order???
      So happy for you. That’s a big move on her part as well as yours.

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      PY Marshall
      Registered On: July 21, 2018
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      congratulations Melanie and also to your wife ( i like team work and flexible thinking),A wife will never get fed up listening to you saying you love her.

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      Joanne Jackson
      Registered On: May 26, 2020
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      Sweet, Mel, so happy for you.

      I am still in the slow process of introducing Joanne to the wife.  She knows about the under-dressing and yesterday we went overnight to a nice hotel ad the only male drab item i packed was a suit-coat.  She even noticed and commented positively about my new shoes bought just for the occasion (Isabelle wedge heels).

      So, i agree, slow is the way to go *but* the more you get the more you want.  Remember to breathe, deep calming breaths and you’ll be girlfriends before you know it.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Melanie nice to meet you and congrats on wife being more accepting thats such a bonus in our lifes im a home girl i never go out side the home as we live in a very small community . I came out to my wife just after we were married that was 37 years ago . Its a wonderful thing she loves the girly company as much as i do so please take it slow and lots of conversations  about her feelings on anything and her advice on clothes and makeup choices.  These are allways a hit with my wife to be asked about the girly things weather you need help or not its a way to keep her involved in Melanies life good luck sweety .

      Stephanie Bass💋💋

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      Vanessa Vanreed
      Registered On: May 7, 2020
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      It’s great to have supportive wife. JustRemember  her needs. Even though mine accepts my female side she still needs me as her man.

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      Regine Rich
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      Thats awesome Melanie. As the other girls have said, slow and easy, and always consider her feelings. so happy for you, (and jealous, giggles)
      Hugs, Regine

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      Registered On: December 22, 2018
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      Fantastic news, just go slow

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      Robin Snow
      Registered On: May 7, 2019
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      Melanie, that’s such wonderful news.   Take it slow and try not to overwhelm her.


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      Grace Scarlett
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      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Great news Melanie….another girl is up and running… bet you feel DREAMY !!!

      grace xx

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      James Brine
      Registered On: October 13, 2020
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      that exciting news. Hope you enjoy plenty.

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      Amanda Burton
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: January 15, 2020
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      That’s great news Melanie, but just take it nice a easy and slowly and don’t push her too hard to fast. Allow her time to absorb the situation and she will be fine with it eventually. What ever you do engage her in conversations about it when she needs too, and above all listen to any concerns and conditions she may throw up. Good luck for the future.

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      Toni Kohls
      Registered On: May 16, 2019
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      Soon I will be able to do it pretty much any time I want to! I’m nearing the end of the home buying process and will be there by myself I am so excited to be able walk around the house en femme whenever the heck I please!

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      Jamie Taal
      Registered On: June 14, 2019
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      Great to hear! I am in the same situation but a few years ahead of you in coming out. Take it very slow. Don’t be overtaken by the pink fog and forget about her feelings due to some of your newly found ‘freedoms’.

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      Cheri Loves
      Registered On: October 12, 2020
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      My girlfriend encourages me to dress. I LOVE IT

      It makes me very wet as I do the makeup part. Would love to meet up with others to further talk about our hidden secret.

      Nice to here from you. Let’s keep this going. Where are you from sexy????

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      Julie Carson
      Registered On: October 26, 2020
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      Thats wonderful Melanie. At first my wife was furious to find I was a cd girl. But in less than 6 months alll I had to do was ask her for a feminine day and she never once said no. I only had to do a little housework during my feminine day. And in time she wuld see i was all bunched up and tellme i needed one. So happy for you.

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