I did it!

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    Gillian Blackwood
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    Yup, I did it.

    The other day, I went to Soma and bought myself a pair of panties and a bra. I was cool and calm going in, and when the sales woman asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for, I calmly said, no I’m just looking thank you. After a few minutes, I found a pair of black retro panties that were silky and satiny, and a lacy bra that I just loved. Best part: both were on sale, big time! I paid, and when asked if they were a gift I said no. The sales woman didn’t seem to care one way or the other, she just wrapped my items in a little tissue paper cocoon and off I went.

    I didn’t get to try them on in the store – I was pressed for time, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have tried them on in any case, for various reasons. So, later that afternoon, when I finally go a chance to pull that little cocoon out and try my new clothes on, I was sad to find the bra was too small. I am not exactly new at this, but it has been a few years since I last bought anything, so perhaps going with a remembered size was a mistake.  Oh well, at least the panties fit!

    Today, I decided that I needed to have the proper fit for my bra. I did a quick measure at home and girls, was I ever off! So, wearing my satiny panties,  I went back to a different Soma today (again, there are reasons for not wanting to go back to the one I originally went to – nothing bad I assure you!) to exchange the bra for one in a better size.

    I wasn’t nearly as calm and cool this time. I walked in and the sales woman asked what she could do for me, and I said I have an exchange – but it was a sale item (I was prepared to just let it go and be out a few bucks if that was an issue).

    She said, “No worry! What was the problem?”

    “Wrong size,” I said, quietly.

    “Well, what size is she?”

    …I felt like a spotlight was on me. I managed to very quietly mumble, “Its for me, I’m sorry I don’t know what the right size should be.” I don’t know why I felt so exposed, so afraid – I’m 6 ft tall with a manly-man beard, and I’m usually the most confident person in the room.

    She must have sensed or seen how panicky I was, how vulnerable I suddenly felt, because she reached out her hand and put it on mine and said quiet enough so that only I could hear, “My dear, would you like a fitting?”

    I almost started to cry. I asked if that would be ok, and she smiled the biggest joyful smile, and while still holding my hand brought me back to a fitting room. She asked what I wanted out of my bra: shape? lift? did I want to look like I had larger breasts? something pretty, or functional?

    Once in the back, I felt less exposed and more confident, so I answered, “something I can wear under a shirt, without a lot of exposure, but with a little lift, and yes, please may I have one that’s pretty?” I also mentioned the lacy one I had picked out was a bit… uncomfortable – the lace felt rough. She laughed and said with a flirty wink,”Well, of course hon! That one is only meant to be worn for a short, sexy time – if you know what I mean. I can find something sexy for you that’s comfortable if that’s what you’re interested in!”

    Then she did a few quick measurements, and told me to wait, she’s be right back. And five minutes later, she was, with an armload of bras. She explained why she chose each one for me, and how they should fit and feel. She asked if I needed any help with putting them on. She said if I did want help, just crack the door a little – she’d be right there.

    Ladies, I was in heaven. I got to try on about 12 different bras. Three or so fit very well, but I am on a budget, so I only went with one – it was an even exchange for the wrong sized one. It isn’t black, so it doesn’t match my panties (I’ll fix that soon, I’ll buy some matching ones!) but I know that most women don’t generally care if their bra and panties match, as long as they’re comfortable. The one I picked was indeed sexy and lacy, in pink and white. It fits perfectly, and I don’t want to have to take it off.  When I asked, the sales lady said it would be perfectly ok to keep it on, and wear out it of the store. When I left, she put a little heart around her name on the sales slip, and assured me she would be more than happy to help me whenever I needed it. I asked for a hug; without hesitating, she wrapped herself around me, and ran a finger up and down the straps of my new bra, saying into my ear, “I’ll be here for you if you need it, just call.”

    Again, I was nearly crying – I felt like this woman, who doesn’t know me, doesn’t have to care about me (she could have treated me like any other customer) went out of her way to make me feel like I was special, like I had value beyond just a sale – she made me feel like I belonged. I walked out of the store feeling light as a feather. I’ve been underdressed now for a few hours at work and soon I’ll have to revert back to drab (gotta give the marks from the bra time to fade before I get home.) But now I know I have a safe place, and next time I will go in with confidence and a smile!


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     Laura Lovett 
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    That must’ve been a wonderful experience- well done you for being so brave, and what fantastic luck to get such an understanding lady to help you.

    That is a fantastic story – and so well told I felt like I lived it with you!

    I’ll join the standing ovation.

    Love Laura

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     Gabriela Romani 
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    A standing ovation for you!!! I’m very happy to read how things went!

    Gaby 💜

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