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      My wife is away. Because of this, I got up late this morning. I rushed around, kicked the dog out the garden, fed him. Fed me. Grabbed the keys and shot off to work….
      I got into work and one of my colleagues said “Are you wearing liptsick?”
      Bggr! I was. I use No.7 Perfect Stay Lip Lacquer. It lasts forever and is quite difficult to remove. I went to bed late last night and thought I’d take it off this morning…. Rushing around, I forgot. Normally, my wife would be home, and she’d have spotted it.
      Thankfully, the colour was close to my natural colour, so I said it was a balm for chapped lips…. As I said, this stuff does not want to come off. Water won’t get rid of it…. So there I was, in work with lipstick on all day. What with this, my pierced ears, and sometimes smelling of perfume, I think they might be working out my secret πŸ˜‰


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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Oops! I can absolutely see myself doing the same thing if I had been home alone, and rushed out to work in the morning. Good job playing it down as lip balm, and not panicking!


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      Haha…. thanks Cerys!!!

      Live your best life!……. as my daughters said to me on revealing I’m transgender!

      Hugzzz A

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      What, no eye liner?

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        Most of the time I only wear lipstick. I occasionally wear mascara. I’m useless with make up, so I keep it to the minimum.


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      Ah, Cerys, been there, done that.Β  Some years ago when I was working, similar circumstances, spouse out of town, got up late, didn’t do what I vowed to do the night before.Β  I don’t remember if anyone seriously noticed, but I was on edge for a while.

      Hugs, ChloΓ«C

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      uff sister, what a scare! hugs felicity

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      I always look in the mirror the next morning and allow some time for a close inspection, then even when I don’t see anything, I still go over the entire face and neck with a makeup wipe. Β I also won’t use anything that couldn’t be washed off. Β It must have been traumatic though for you at work all day knowing that someone spotted you with lip stick on your mouth. Β I could have seen myself doing that though when I was younger too, so I think we can all relate.

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        I’m normally very careful. My wife being away knocked my routine out of the window. She’s also my safety net. She has spotted stuff in the past.


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      Luckily it wasn’t a red or some other bright color and you could pass it off.

      Once I thought I had cleaned some neon pink nail polish off but a little remained in the far crevice of my nails that I didn’t see. I was at a hotel check out when the girl looked a bit shocked but I didn’t know what was up until much later… lol

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      I’ve been thinking lately I want to wear lipstick. Have to find a neutral shade, that is easy to remove!!

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      Lynda Jones
      Baroness - Annual

      Working out of town, I spent evening dressed in my room, makeup to the nines. Next morning running late,I went to the front desk for a late checkout. The Young Lady WITH a big smile said no problem. Back in the room and packing and in the mirror I see mascara and RED lipstick. So that why I got the big smile.

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      I was at the gym last week and realized I had a bright red toe nail polish on while undressing. Oops I didnt use the sauna or jacuzzi .

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      Brush your lips with toothpaste for that hard to remove color. Makes your lips feel silky smooth too.

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      Peta Mari

      I was talking to a neighbor yesterday, over the fence. I realised afterwards that I was wearing a bra. I had a singlet and a loose long sleeve shirt over the top.

      I dont think they noticed. I certainly forgot I had it on.

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