I just came out to my friends


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    Alex Churchill
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I recently came out as a crossdresser to my friends, they took it well considering that I live in the south, and the bible belt</p>

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Alex welcome     very courageous, that’s a big for many to open up to friends and relatives. Especially from stern mined people . Happy for you and hope the best in the future. This is a very caring place and now you have many here for the  care and support to make your journey most fulfilling . Nice meeting and looking forward to seeing you here   🌹

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     Carolyne Sherman 
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    Alex welcome and congratulations. I wish you the best of luck. Being out will male your life better and harder. Better because you wont need to hide who you are and close off yourself from others and feel you always have a “secret” to hide. Harder because there will always be some jerk who gives you a hard time. Be yourself and be happy!  You only have this life so don’t waste it.


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     Sara Marie Franklin (SMF) 
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    Alex welcome to CDH hun.  That is a very big step congratulations.  Now you can be yourself.  There are a lot of great ladies that have gone through exactly what you are and they may have some great tips on things to avoid and things to do to help your journey be a lot smoother.  So happy you came to this site and would love to chat with you.  Say hello anytime.

    Sara Marie

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