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      I love tight panties they feel so sexy what are your thoughts

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      Tight panties go a long way towards smoothing that unsightly bulge. Also, they just feel nice.


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      While I have not tried tight panties, the ones I wear I LOVE.  Being in my 60’s my comfort is important.  So I really try and get a good comfortable fit for me.  Of course I LOVE seeing some of the adds and some of the very sexy undergarments available but I know that they will never be for me, but I’ll be damned to wear cotton granny underwear!  LOL!


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      I love panties and wear them 24/7 but no toght panties unless it is a panty girdle enjoy the feeling of panties and bras on me love being a gurl

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador

      As a general rule tight is right.  Helps contain and smooth out the bulge, and feels and looks  nicely feminine.  Yes, I also have looser panties, but then i have a lot of panties ….

      Silky,  lacey, and in red or black please.


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      i need/want panties that hold everything in place.  That doesn’t necessarily mean tight, just fitting around the leg.  Gaff panties are next on my list.  I would say, that a nice lace pair of panties, with control top pantyhose are great to tuck and hold


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      Whether en femme or drab I have always adored the feeling of panties that fit snug and hold everything in

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      I voted yes, but for me not super tight, snug fitting is great as it holds the package in.

      I’m a big fan of vanity fair/vasserrette panties (granny panty style), they are snug fitting yes very comfy.

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      When I finally worked up the nerve to buy panties for me 2 years ago I bought plain XS Hanes from Walmart.
      I’m a men’s small/medium and boy oh boy, those were some TIGHT underwear, and they were fantastic!

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      I have always preferred panties that have a lot of spandex in the material and fit snugly. They just feel sexier. Although, right now I’m wearing some very comfortable Hanes cotton Hanes high cut briefs.

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      I use a pair of tight white panties and pantyliner to give me a lovely smooth look down below and then a second pair of shall we say ‘ordinary ‘ panties over them ,these are normally full cut briefs maybe coloured, or lace or sometimes just plain white or black but whatever they are I love wearing them and don’t want to take them off .      Michelle  xx

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      Bee Dee

      I have all kinds of style apart from thongs and G,stings. Panties have to hold everything but material is supper important to me. I love lacey, silky, sheer, nylon, embroidered Panties. I have cotton but don’t tend to wear them as much but I do have a couple that I really like. As for being tightys…if I’m in the mood. Have to be comfortable and most importantly, sexy!

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      Panties are the one item I wear on a daily basis. I really like a softer smooth panty in either a boy cut or bikini style. Lately I have been buying more spandex volleyball or yoga shorts. I really like the fact they are a little thicker material and hold me in better.

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      Dani CD

      Love love love tight panties.                                 Dani👩🏻‍🔧xx

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      I go for tight panties since that makes tucking easier plus it feels more right.
      I’m currently trying on different styles to see which one works best. The full cover (which I like less) of course works and the gstring (which I like best) doesn’t work at all – nothing to hold my manhood in place.
      Thongs and bikini style seems to be best but it still depends on details like how wide but they all need to be tight so no huge grandma knickers for me.

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      I always wear a size too small. My knickers are then really tight but not uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than flappy big knickers. Bridget Jones!😡

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      I too love tight panties! In particular tight thongs. I wear panties every day all day. Thongs are the only way to go for me. I’ve got all kinds of colors,styles and materials.

      With that being said I like to sleep in satin string bikini panties. You know the ones from the 80’s / 90’s. I just love the feel of those against my skin and the sheets. ( I’ve got thongs in this variety also 😜)

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      Love my tight , lacy, bikini panties:-)

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      Shana Mac

      I also wear panties almost every day and love them tight. I mostly wear bikini or boy shorts but I love them all. I LOVE PANTIES! On my self and on others. Panties panties panties I even love the word lol


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      I love tight panties. Especially thongs. I’ve been an underdresser 24/7 for about ten years. I had to downsize at one point because all my panties were taking up way too much space. I think I might have less than 100 pairs but I honestly don’t know.

      Here’s what’s interesting. Over the past ten years, I have definitely put on more weight and all my panties still fit well. I suppose that’s because most of my weight gain has been centered on my waist. But I always purchased size XS in everything. If I don’t have really tight panties, of any style, the leg elastic relaxes too much and things start slipping out the sides. Of the dozens of panties in every style that I own, nothing will hold my tuck. I ordered a couple gaffs last night so that I can go beyond underdressing. In fact, googling panties for men led me to the term and definition of a gaff. Then, researching gaffs through google brought up a link to CDH.

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      Hi Carrisa

      I would love to reduce my unsightly bulge.  How many sizes smaller. Do you buy?



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      Tight panties-no

      firm girdles-YES!

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      Tighter the better..

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        I love wearing skimpy knickers but I also love control knickers as they give me a better female figure and yes the tighter the better.

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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Tight panties………………a camisole………….. athletic  running shoes with thick pink socks……………..my in home office uniform………………….

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      I always wear tight panties (knickers in the UK). I wear a size smaller than my usual size so my knickers do the tucking job better. They also feel sooo nice!

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      I like them tight, but not to where they constrict. They need to be tight enough to hold everything comfortably and stay up, but free enough to move around in

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      I like snug but not tight

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      I love the control knickers you get in the uk as they hold bits in and lift and separate bum cheeks like no other knickers really, i like them so much ive got a multi pack of m@s ones coming today so its exciting

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      I must admit I’m not a fan of wearing panties. When I dress, nothing comes between me and my pantyhose.

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      I like tight panties, they help me stay tucked specially when I’m wearing yoga pants. I like showing off peanut lines.

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        I like snug not tight panties and really love a VPL😊 I hope gg’s notice the lines

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      Hi, ladies

      I like them tight enough to feel every inch of fabric on every inch of skin and cutting slightly into my bum cheeks. The more I am aware of them, the sexier I feel, if that makes sense!



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        I agree! To be able to feel them with every movement!!!

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      I just love panties and wearing them. However I do not like them tight. I need room down there

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      I love to wear tight panties even in the beginning my preference was to wear a tight panties especially spandex briefs i love the support they give and since I’m extremely fond of wearing really tight shorts and jeans that helps a lot to keep everything under control and also like my tights to be really snug and tight on me too.

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      I do like my panties to be supportive of me. If I want something loose fitting I would wear men underwear. But I have found several styles of panties that give me the type of tight support I want. If I’m wearing a looser then I would like pair I’ll throw on a pair of tights or pantyhose.

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      Tight panties ,o YES and then a pad inside to smooth the bulge and then a tight girdle and a longline bra and forms.And Michelle is well on her way to be the best part time lady she can be.

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        I love a girdle and long line bra!!! Lace panties add to the total sensation!!! I will have to try the pad.

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      I’ve always loved the feel of panties with lots of spandex.

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      Hi! I love tight panties as well. I usually buy small sizes so that the panties keep my penis inserted into my body and not showing. I also just love the way they look when I am waxed and only cover a small amount of skin.

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      Natalie Dane

      I like the feeling of snug panties that ride up in back just a bit.  Including thongs with some stretch.   I really dislike when my testes slip through though…

      I’d love to find a cut of panty which works to keep me tucked (without tape) and gives a noticeable yet non-restrictive “hug”.

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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        I found some high cut one at Soma that are very comfortable and keep things in place all day.

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      Love panties that fit snugly and hold everything in, but I do like a thong especially when we have weather like we have at moment in UK.

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      Well girls, here’s the deal with Scarlett and her panties. I wear three types and they all fit firm but not real tight. My go to panties a hi cut briefs by Ellen Tracy. Ellen’s name is on the upper left side of the top band. I’m 5’10” tall and I weigh within one pound of 175 when getting on the very accurate and expensive scale at Anytime Fitness which is the gym where I work out almost every day. I wear the small size of Ellen Tracy hi cut briefs and they fit firm but they are made out of micro fiber and you can only find them know on line at Amazon Prime by the four pack. CAUTION: If you ever purchase these panties, you’ll probably never go back to wearing anything but Ellen Tracy hi cut briefs for the rest of your life.

      Now on to my thongs. They are they are the very best in the world for us crossdressers. They are made of micro fiber and I wear a large instead of a small in the Grankee thongs on line at Amazon Prime. There are either 9 or 12 in each pack – I can’t remember and can’t get up off the couch to see because there’s a thunderstorm going on right now and my two corgis are piled up on me on the couch and I can’t move right now! I’ve recommended Grankee thongs to many girls on this site and now they won’t wear any other thong but a Grankee thong. When you purchase a pack, you’ll find out why! They fit both men and women and come in all sorts of colors. My faves are black, white, and nude. But I have them in all the colors they make them in and love them all. I wear them under my gym leggings and then I have a long sleeved light T shirt with a long tail to them so no one can see your package if ya know what I mean. You can find nice light longer T shirts on Amazon Prime just by putting in the right search words and Amazon Prime will lead you right to them. I roll the sleeves up a couple of notches to be cooler and to look cool too! I color coordinate my gym clothing from top to bottom and I have tons of T shirts, leggings, panties, and tons and tons of running shoes of all colors and color combinations.

      Now when I’m wearing white leggings, I’ll be wearing a nude colored pair of Grankee thongs and no one has a clue I’m wearing a thong. And after the first fifteen minutes, you’ll forget you’re even wearing a thong so you don’t have to be self concious and wearing them under leggings. My favorite leggings are the fleeced lined Eweedos or Iugas. They are nice and long and fit like a glove and go a much better job of hiding your male package. And when you get to the gym, you can’t even tell you’re wearing fleeced lined leggings!

      Now I do wear my Ellen Tracy high cut briefs every single day and some days at the gym, I’ll have on a large Grankee thong and a pair of Ellen Tracy briefs over the Grankee thong for extra support.

      And one of the fabulous things about the two types of panties mentioned above is the fact that you don’t have to wash them or dry them on a delicate cycle. You can wash both on a normal cycle with the rest of your clothes and they won’t get jacked up and both types are indestructable and they last forever! And I do mean forever!

      Now when it’s time to get frisky with my wife on a Friday or Saturday night, I’ll be wearing a black Grankee thong and a long sleeved firm fitting ribbed top from Walmart. You can only find them at Walmart in the Fall and Winter months and they are great to look sexy in as a male or female. And if I’m not wearing a Grankee thong at beddy bye time, I’ll be wearing something black and sexy from Victoria’s Secret to feel extra sexy myself!

      Sorry for the extra long answer girls and after you order and start wearing the Grankee thongs and the Ellen Tracy hi cut briefs with her name on the top of the band of the briefs, you can send me a big ole “Thank You Scarlett” note in a couple of weeks or so!

      You’re welcome girls! XOXOXO Scarlett

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        Thank you for the tips Scarlet. I check out the Ellen Tracy hi-cut briefs and the Grankee thongs. I will be purchasing those. You and I are close in physical size. I’m 5′ 8″ and around 185 lbs. I usually wear a size 7 panty but I will take your advice on the size small Ellen Tracy briefs. As far as the Grankee thongs I may choose to go with a medium. Do the large fit really snug on you? What is your choice of brand, style, and size of pantyhose. I really love the shimmery look of the ones you wear. You are one sexy gal.

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          Hi Michelle! I think you were the only girl who took the time to read my novel on panties!

          Now as far as hose are concerned, I only wear one brand of hose and they are Hanes Silk Reflections in colors of  “Jet or Jet Black” and the nude ones are in a color called “Little Color”. I order them in the economical six pack on Amazon Prime and I love the non control top because I love to show off my legs and with control top, I can’t bare as much of my legs as possible without seeing the demarcation line from hose to the control part of the hose!

          I love the wide lace tops in black in Hanes Silk Reflections. Caution: Once you start wearing Silk Reflections you’ll never wear anything else.

          XOXOXO Scarlett

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            Rhonda Lee
            Baroness - Annual

            Comin from te ome of anes, I aree Silk Reflections are a top coice, but Wofords ad oter brands are also fine.

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        Lynda Jones
        Baroness - Annual

        Scarlett, Love your novel, I wear Jockey thongs and bikini panties 24/7 and love Faulk stocking and tights so nice.

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          Lynda, I can’t believe you took the time to read that darn novel of mine! Way to go girl!

          XOXOXO Scarlett

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        Scarlett, thank you for all of your tips!!!!!

      • #665528

        Scarlett – I’ve ordered new thongs based on your recommendation.  Thank you in advance.


        • #665931

          Oh Scarlett,  my order of Grankee thongs came arrived today. You are so right. They look and feel fantastic!

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      Me too! Love love them!

    • #664692

      I love them! Tight enough to hold everything where it belongs. 🙂

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      I dont like my panties to tight or to loose for they matter. To tight feels restricting and loose one’s feel like their sliding down my butt. I’ve been a size 8 for 30 yrs but some brands and styles I can wear a 7.
      my go to everyday panties are Vanity Fair double string bikini. They fit and feel just the way I like them. Almost like their designed for a gurl. Read their reviews and more men comment than women! Thongs we’re trickier to figure out size and brand, many brands won’t hold the boys in and nothing is worse than that while trying to work.
      what so wonderful about panties is that there are so many styles , colors, patterns and material to choose from. Finding the right ones for you is often a fun experience if not a little expensive at times.  Panty on Girls!



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      Trish White

      Really….is their any other kind that’s worth wearing? I haven’t found a pair yet , not that I’m looking lol.

      • #721154

        Try Warner panties. Micro fiber, feel really nice, I wear a size 8 and they are snug but not tight. They hold you in and nothing spills out, they are not bikini style. I get them off Amazon. 🩲

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      Yes, I can’t wear a pair of panties that are to big. They bunch up and are uncomfortable. AND tight panties leave the best panty lines when wearing Jeans and Leggings XOXO

    • #665430

      Agree!  I’m wearing some now for the first time in over 10 years……..ahhhh.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Just 6 months ago the only panties I owned were gaffs. WOW, I was missing out! Thanks to several girls on the site in several pantie posts, I am now a huge fan! Grankee thongs, Jockey no VPL thongs, and bikinis, and Vanity Fair double string bikinis are all awesome! Updates to follow in the next great pantie post.

      Yes, Snug fitting please!



    • #665573

      Yes, I love wearing tight panties, tight panty girdles or firm open-bottomed girdles with garters for my stockings. I don’t feel ‘complete’ unless I can feel my curves being hugged and shaped. I don’t mind VPLs at all, I find them thrilling.

    • #666150

      love em tight

    • #666159

      The ones I have are to big and slide on me. I have ordered several but can’t seem to get the right size. I don’t enjoy tight fitting clothes. Like the three bears I want to get the ones the feel just right!

    • #666281
      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      I fully relate to excitement of tigt panties. I also like a similar feel in bras, girdles, etc.. I suspect CDs tend to be more autistic tan larger population. I recall Temple grandin finding comfort from tigt places and extending tis observation to comfort cattle. Would like to researc tis issue. Cannot over-generalize but believe tere is a correlation. Women are generally anxious to remove teir tigt clotes quickly; CDs are just as quick to put on suc garments. Tiggarments- bra straps, or watever,  remind me constantly of te fact I am wearing female attire…isnt tat te point? … exciting! I even enjoy seeing te marks left by bras and panties wen I take tem off.

      • #666388

        Sometimes I absolutely love the tight but most times this girl goes for the snug, everything held in place while she contemplares her next move.  Which hose. bra and. lovely else of all. which slip.  Love knickers and their variety. being encased in something full. sometimes not, some sliver of lace – needing hose,  Knickers for Nicola are always the start point, delicious as it is, to else,  Full and bowed at mo,,,,

        • #721145

          Over which you add something sheer, or go up and under if guartered,

    • #666409

      I like them snug…not too tight. Don’t like loose fitting ones at all.

    • #683136

      Nothing feels better than tight panties on a smooth body

    • #685140

      Snug or form fitting is what I like. If they are too tight they become uncomfortable and sometimes migrate to places they don’t belong.Then if they are too loose fitting in a bikini panty they will tend to work there way down. So snug or “just right” as Goldilocks might say.

    • #685296
      J J

      This reminds me of the old joke…A gentle was admiring a young lady in tight jeans and asked, “how does one get into those tight jeans?” To which she replied, “well, you can start by buying me a drink.”

    • #685300

      I also love tight panties, tighter the better especially tight fitting spandex panties. They make me feel more feminine.

    • #685399

      I like them snug as it helps hold things in place.  I have a few different styles, hipsters, full cut and bikini.  I really like the ones by Worners, they are a muffin top which has a wide lace band and are made of microfiber.  I also have some cacique hipsters made of cotton which are nice.  The first I have purchased at WalMart, the others can be found at Lane Bryant. I wear a pad with them which helps smooth things out.


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      i love silky french knickers/ tap pants under a dress. also full fronted thong with wide waist band.


    • #705641

      Absolutely!! Snug is best. Soft fabrics, a must. Not a fan of mash or too much lace. I prefer cheeky style, and some bikini. Occasionally, I’ll wear thongs, but mostly under another pair of panties to get as smooth a look as possible. I prefer stockings, and a garter belt, with the panties pulled over the straps. Add something soft and silky over top like a chemise, or slip, and I’m in CD heaven (LOL, see what I did there?). 💋 Gemma

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      Not too tight. Enough to keep the boy bits in place.

    • #718089

      I have recently started to wear a pair of nice silky panties with a pair of glossy tights or control body tights, then a pair of control panties over my tights. Then I put on a control waist body and a bra on. My gentlemens bits are then squashed into my self and the sack pulled over the front. This renders them invisible so wearing a pencil skirt or dress is great with no bump at the front. It feels so comfortable, even when wearing drab over the top of them (which is done as little as possible now I work from home)

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      I’m with you on this I love the feel of tight undies I really love wearing panty girdles, it , just lovely if you wear a pad in your panties it helps to hide the bulge. I also love the feel of a panty girdle underneath an open corselette, it’s a really lovely feeling knowing your whole torso is well held.
      Sarah xx

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      Tight nylon lycra bikini panties or a snug thong with a matching bra starts my day off just right.

    • #721159

      Tight and silky please!

      • #721175
        Misty M.


        silky thongs and bikini panties too

    • #721171

      I love them too.  I love a nice tight thong.

    • #721174
      Sarah Car

      Thong or french knickers for me ,

    • #721178

      I don’t! I like panties that fit right, just tight enough to stay up and hold me in! If you have panties that roll then they are to tight!

    • #665471
      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      🤣🤣🤣 CaMaHTa You got me again!

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