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    Roberta Denny
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    Since my wonderful wife became accepting of my femme side four years ago we have had many a productive chat about what being a crossdresser means to me.I wear different outfits eveeyday I dress up.My wife compliments me by saying that I look lovely when I am attired as a woman.I keep saying to her that although I do not identify as trans somewhere along the line I should have been female.It all adds up I am a sensitive caring soul,not an alpha male at all,not into any masculine sports.I am blessed with naturally curly hair and love to hear women talk about their clothes.I am sure that my wife is probably glad that I wasn’t born a girl as we would have never been husband and wife.She has said if I had been a girl we would have been best girlfriends.We met at our former workplace thirty seven years ago.If we had both met there as genetic girls I could just imagine how great it would be to be best friends.Chatting about clothes all the time and meeting for coffee and shopping exhibitions.As I am retired I can dress as Roberta everyday when I am at home.To all intents and purposes I am living as a woman virtually full time.Fulfilling my chiodhood wish to be female.Life is good I am blessed indeed.

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      Rachel Cross
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      maybe me too. i dont like watching sports and do shed tears at something that is really sad or happy. i often wondered what it would be like to be a real girl. they seam to have more friends and able to do more things without be made fun of. things that girl find important like clothes, feelings and relationships. while guy its mostly cars and money. sense dressing like a girl i found a better understanding of how they think and do things which makes me get along better with them. and most people for that matter. i guess i got the best of both worlds. i lived male for about 50 years and now its time to try the other side of the fence. its too late to go all the way and change all my plumbing, but maybe 20 years ago i might have. but i was happily married and was busy with other things to think about that. only when i got divorced and went on dates with women with too many issues, i decided to be the type of woman i would love to date. im pretty happy being single but sometimes wish there was someone else to share my life with. im a pretty positive person and dont let much get me down. i have done just about everything i set out to do as a male and im knock them out what i want to do as a female. being a female is really fun. i dont know why female think its better to be a male. i guess they like the idea of standing up while peeing or peeing anywhere.








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      I often feel that way too, which is why I tried to transition. I may try again when I’m medically ready, it is a real struggle trying to decide if it is worth the risk to go back on E.

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      I should have been a girl. I’ve always thought so, ever since childhood.

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      Cindy Lou
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      I just love reading threads like this. I have something different in common with each of you;

      Paula, my older sisters put me in my younger sisters dress a few times when I was about 5, I don’t remember much except one time when I was being urged, perhaps teased, into putting the dress on again. I was behind the door changing when I suddenly changed my mind and took it off, and never put it on again.

      Amber don’t give up hope, but like my mother used to tell me, “Girls aren’t going to come knocking on your door” so keep planning, one day you might be surprised.  If you pick or have a good woman you’ll always have a chance of success. I’ve been married over twenty years, about 4 years in I tried to have the talk with her, it wasn’t going to work so I relented. I cant remember many other attempts between then and this year though there must have been some, but in March of this year we had the talk and now every day is fun.

      Thats some weird wild stuff Stephanie, and explains a lot to me about myself. Looking forward to that article.

      You had some great times with your wife Patty, I’m not there yet but dream every day about going out on a girls day with my wife.

      Betty Lou, everything you said touched me, enjoy your hsppiness you sure deserve it for holding off all those years.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Your description of yourself fits me,  also; and when I was a teen, I did wonder if I was supposed to have been a girl.  I eventually realized that the life I had to live was better suited to a guy, and I am satisfied with how that life has played out.  But since discovering Bettylou late in life, I can say absolutely that I enjoy being a girl, and I’m living as one much of the time, now.



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      Patty Phose
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      Your story sounds somewhat liKe mine. I had been dressing for a few years when I met my wife. A couple of weeks after we met, she surprised me showing up at my place. When she came in and saw all the women’s clothes she was not happy.I explained to her the clothes were mine I wore them for fun and parties. She seemed susipcious and asked me to show her.

      I went in the bedroom and put on one of my favorite outfits with wig makeup and everything. When I walked out she was stunned. She could not believe I was the same person and could not believe how pretty and sexy I was. She liked it.

      I dressed often when she was around. Then she thought we should go out as girlfriends and do girlfriend things. Our first outing was a shopping mall. It was very crowded and I was very nervous. After a while I relaxed, enjoying trying on the clothes and buying a lot of really great items. It was great fun and a wonderful experience.

      Often, after that, when we went out I would ask her if I should go as Patty or my male self. She told mt to do what ever I wanted. Most of the time it was going as Patty. After a while I didn’t even ask anymore. I would just become Patty. We seemed to have more fun. And we always included a little shopping trip in our night out. Even if it wasn’t a big shopping trip, it was always nice and exciting to maybe get a new pair of shoes, some pantyhose, a few bras or panties and maybe even a dress or two.

      It really is great having a spouse who is a girlfriend too.

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      stephanie plumb
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      We were all meant to be girls. We were all girls for about the first 5 or 6 days of our existence.

      Then the Y chromosome we got from daddy kicked in and defeminised and masculinised us.  But it is a complicated and time critical process and sometimes it doesn’t go to plan.   There is a delay between masculinising our bodies and masculinising our brain, and if testosterone levels are not high enough this does not complete and some parts of our brain – thought to be responsible for our gender identity – remain feminised.

      I am going to expand on this in a forthcoming post called something like “SRY – the ‘Sauron’ gene.”

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      Amber Smith
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      While we share much the same feelings, our wives do not unfortunately. Shame that is. I do not think I will ever get the opportunity to experience the love and acceptance that you have come to know. Cherish it for many will never be so lucky

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      Paula F
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      Roberta, it just makes so much sense that some of the people on the planet are just ‘wrong’ in how they are born.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I am not really religious, but I am spiritual, if that make sense.  There are so many explanations about souls and other planes of existence and karma, so much to learn about them all too.  How can there NOT be some mix up in there somewhere.

      That first day my sister dressed me, at 5 years old, so I could play with her and her Barbie group, when I first saw myself in the bedroom mirror, I was sort of in awe.  Here I was, a boy as everyone had told me I was, but in that mirror was a pretty cute young girl standing where I was only moments before.  I think I was actually mesmerized by that image as my sister had to shake my shoulder to get my attention to follow her so we could go and play.  I do remember the other girls just accepted me as Paula and none of the other girls that I remember called me by my boy name again for a long time.  I believe I had the advantage of innocence when I accepted that I was supposed to be that girl in the mirror.  I knew that who I saw was me, and from that moment, I wanted to be her.


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