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    Rachel Hayes
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    HI girls,

    Hope you are all grand on this sunny Tuesday.

    Well, yesterday was a milestone day for Rachel.

    My motability (disabled) car is coming up for renewal in 3 months time and so I need to choose another so having done the normal research on YouTube, Auto Trader etc I’d narrowed down my selection to 3 and a physical look round and run out in one for the first choice was yesterday afternoon.

    While I was showering, my mind began wondering ‘what if….’.

    Since I had to go with my wife, I couldn’t really wear a dress (even though the sun is shining and it’s lovely out there and oh, I’ve never been out dressed hehe) so regular t shirt and jeans it was.  What was very irregular, however, was that I wore panties and hose!

    Yes, I went out of the house under dressed!

    I know, I know … You’re all thinking “yes, and?” but this was massive for me.  There were no other signs of my femme, but my god it felt so good.  I chose my prettiest pink panties and the only pair of hose I own at the moment.

    I did consider ‘borrowing’ some jeggings but thought that was too much for this initial outing hehe.

    Actually, the more scarier thought was being at home in the evening when the wife tends to lay on me watching TV if she saw them, but I was OK.  That would not have been good and not at all how I want to approach the subject (not that I have an alternative plan just yet hehe).  She did lay on me, but on a cushion and went to bed early so was only a few hours of endurance.

    No other plans to go out this week other than exercising (and I don’t want to get my lovely panties all horrible and sweaty) but CostCo on Saturday is looking very exciting indeed *giggles*

    I just wanted to share this part of my journey with you all and tell you how happy I was.

    Love Rachel

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      Effie Jayne
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      That’s awesome Rachel! 🍀🧚‍♂️ That’s how it begins..🌻 so just hang on !! 😃🎀🌸

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      Angela Crosse
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      Hi Rachel, good to know you’re enjoying CDH. Only a small step but they add up to big steps, cost co fully fem is waiting for you enjoy xxx

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      Katie Time
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      I purchased my first pair of womens jeans yesterday they look fantastic I’m already considering wearing them out. What will my wife say. 🤔😳 lol💕💋 Katie

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        Trisha Lilly Hibbert
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        She’ll probably compliment you on how good they look. That’s what happened to me. My mum’s words were “it’s nice to finally see you in a pair that look good”. She couldn’t believe me when I said why.

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      Rachael Rogers
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      I love wearing panties now – just ordered some more. Looks like my boxer shorts will be history soon.

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      Charlotte Walker
      Registered On: April 18, 2021
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      Thinking of going out day with silk panties, stockings and my flat shoes but still with track bottoms on. Small steps.


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      Well done. Your reward will remain infectious. Little steps become huge steps when you look back. Achievement is also part of reaffirming who you are. I wish you every success. Enjoy and be grateful that the opportunity arose.


      Big Smiley for you.



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      Hi Rachel,
      Happy for you to have that great sensation xx.

      Mikala xxxx.

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      Charlotte Walker
      Registered On: April 18, 2021
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      I wear panties and stockings every day feels great.

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      Ashley Konners
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
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      Morning Rachel, that’s great that you are moving forward and yes we all go at our own pace hun.  I love underdressing and find it helps with the urges so keep going ahead and take it with what your comfortable with. Maybe next time add a bralette or camisole.

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      Tonya Leren
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      Baby steps I have found are the best steps.  Congrats on moving forward.   A lot of the little things are the scariest.  I have been only wearing panties for a long time… but it took me a long time also to quit wearing male underwear in case some one saw

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      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
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      you stated……..yes, and???….

      nooooo way…

      Well done, it made you feel good didn’t it???….

      that ” not so little” act has just boosted your mental health, your self esteem and your confidence so much…..

      not so little was it ????

      …and these little steps will lead to bigger ones as you tread your path …

      Best wishes, grace xx

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