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    Maya Sol
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    Someone was sent by the building management to fix something in my apartment and he was an hour ahead of schedule. In the rush I forgot to hide all the evidence and he saw something that he should not see. We are living in a city that no one really care, so he just said noting, as excepted. I should be more careful next time πŸ™‚

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      Isabella Lovejoy
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      That support is amazing

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      Janet williams
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      wonder what he saw when he arrived at ur place were u dressed Partially or dressed and left nylons on wonder what it was

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      Isabella Lovejoy
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      I’m curious… what did you forget to put away?? 😁

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      Patty Phose
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      My wife met Patty a couple of weeks after we met. I had been dressing fullly femme for a couple of years. She surprised me showing up at my place. She was not pleased seeing all the sexy women’s clothes lying about. She thought I lived with a women. She apologized for showing up and was going to leave.

      I decided to just tell her the clothes were mine. I enjoyed wearing them for fun and going out to parties. it was a silly college thing. She didn’t seem to believe me. “Show me”.

      I went into the bedroom and chose one of my favorite and sexiest outfits. I put it on, did my makeup and everything. When I stepped out to show here, she was shocked. She could not believe it was me. She was amazed at how pretty and sexy I was. She thought it would be fun if we went out as girlfriends. I was reluctant and scared but she talked me into it.

      Often before we went out, I would ask her if I should go as Patty. She would tell me whatever I wanted to do was fine. But I found when we went out as girlfriends we had more fun. I guess it was the taboo part of it. After a while I stopped asking and I went as Patty more often then not.

      So you never know where leaving things lying around can lead.

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      Chris Mcleod
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      I miss the thrill of possibly getting caught dressed up. What a super exciting time I had as at teen. I got caught fully dressed two times. Once was my mom and the other was my stepsister! Omg how fun!

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      rebekka moore
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      What did he see?

      I worried about this with my neighbors, we live on a small cul de sac.Β  When in my gurl jeans and boots, especially my capri length pants and gurl loafers, it is somewhat obvious.

      After a while I just figured you know, they may notice they may not, but what does it matter.Β  The only concern I have is, what may they think about my SO (wife)?Β  I don’t want her to feel any repercussions because of my behavior.

      On a funnier note, this reminds me of something that happened long ago.

      As a teen I worked at an opera house during opera season.Β  I was on the maintenance crew, and cleaned the dressing rooms and wardrobe/sewing rooms where they made all of the costumes.Β  I had access to all sorts of wonderful things they were discarding.Β  I amassed quite a collection.Β  Then one day I purged.Β  I bundled all of my stuff together and left for work.Β  (I was of course living at home).Β  As I was driving out of the driveway my little brother came running out, with a white stocking in his hand!Β  I stopped and he handed it to me saying, “dad said you dropped something.”.Β  HAHAHA, funny now, but at the time I was mortified!

      Nothing ever came of it.


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      Jin Crocker
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      If nobody cares, why worry? I once had a fender bender on a busy street while in a flowery dress and heels. The policewoman who responded never batted an eye and was only concerned with our health and getting the roadway cleared. She had to grip my hand (with pink nails!) to assist me out of the car and checked me for injuries in a very professional manner. The tow driver flirted a bit, I think just to easy my mind.

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Maya,

      I had a hot water tank fail and flood my Condo. Β The condo board member came to my unit and as in your case saw more than they expected. Β Life happens, right?


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      Registered On: April 30, 2016
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      Or, maybe not be more careful. It’s your life and your home. You are allowed to have anything you like there.

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