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    Kay Anderson
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    So I am working from home today and my wife goes to work. I decided to put on some makeup and my wig for a little Kay time. My wife was due home around 3pm, it was 2:30pm and I was in my office in our basement. I heard someone walking around upstairs. I though my wife was home early, no big deal, she has seen me in makeup before. I go over to the basement widow and look out to the driveway and see my stepdaughter’s car! She was upstairs. I immediately hid all my makeup, put my wig away and run for the bathroom. I used the makeup wipes to remove all the makeup and wash my face in the sink. I go upstairs and she is in her car pulling out of the driveway. I flag her down. I told her that her mom would be home around 3pm and we are ordering out for dinner if she she wants to stay. She said yes, and she would drive down to the store where her mom works and talk to her. Then she looks at me and says “do you have eyeliner on?” I replied “it’s a long story!” She giggled and drove away.

    The girls came back to the house and we ordered some food. They watched Netflix and I went to pick up the food. We had a wonderful dinner and my stepdaughter left when we were finished. I told my wife that I had an ‘interesting’ afternoon. I told her what happened. She started laughing. She asked “how do you plan to handle this?” I told her, very soon I will have a long talk with her daughter and tell her everything. I am absolutely confident she will be understanding and accepting. My wife was very happy with my plan.

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      Amanda Burton
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      Kay sweetie, I think she going to be very cool with it,considering her mum already knows and accepts it, I don’t think you will have a problem.
      Sounds like you have a tremendous relationship with both.
      Good luck sweetie.
      Ps “Do think her mum may have already spoken to her daughter?.” Just a thought.
      LOL Amanda X

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      Stevie Steiner
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      What a great story Kay.  Okay, other than that moment of panic as you noticed your stepdaughters car….  Sometimes its these ” interesting afternoons ” that give us the nudge to open up about these things, and this really does sound like it will go well.  Your wife’s humor, positive attitude and support is just awesome too.


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      Suzette York
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      Wonderful story – It is always nice to hear such a positive outing story.  It is so scary to think of coming out to our families and a little reassuring to hear that there are some who have a positive reaction.  i think a giggle is wonderful.  i am sure your step daughter will be very accepting.


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      Robin Snow
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      Hi Kay,

      What a cute story.  You have such a wonderful wife and from the sounds of it, your stepdaughter will totally cool with it.  I hope all goes well when you tell her.


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      Kay Anderson
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      Last week I used waterproof mascara and it doesn’t really come off with makeup wipes. I just left it on for few days. It eventually came off in the shower. The only person who noticed was my wife. She said it looked nice.

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hello Kay

      Your wife sounds wonderful…if you had removed the eye liner…..it would have been “business as usual”….being caught out does sometimes give us a nudge in the right direction…but just a little quicker. I think your future talk with her will be great…..I love it that your wife laughed, how delightful.. warmest huggs honey, Grace xx

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      karley delaware
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      Hi Kay…………That was a really good “outing”.   Your step-daughter  giggles……….what a sweetie.  Your SO has a good laugh…………….wonderful!!!!   karley

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      Mary Ann Summers
      Registered On: April 29, 2020
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      In a rush it is very easy to forget stuff… at least you got a giggle!

      Hugs… Mary Ann

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      Amy Myers
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      It’s a good sign that she got a giggle out of it! I have nearly made the same mistake, as a previous poster said, eyeliner is the hardest to get off.

      Actually, Once or twice I’ve nearly forgot to take my makeup off, as it feels so comfortable and you can’t feel it.


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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      Eye make up really is the hardest to get off 🤣🤣👍

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Kay,

      A wonderful plan.

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      That is sooo cool. You have a great wife. I’m happy for you. That’s pretty funny too. Considering your wife’s kid, I think she will be more than ok with it. She seems cool and most kids pick up their parents mannerisms. Too cool^_^

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Beautiful plan indeed 👌…..🌷

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      Diane Crow
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      Kay, I am so happy to hear that story! 1. I am thrilled that your SO is ok with you and 2. So excited that you have a plan and good outcome expectations for that plan. Please oh Please let us know how it works out.



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