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    Yesterday (tuesday) i Had an appointment to get my winter tires put on my truck. That was an hour. So I decided the next town over (Lloydminster Alberta) had a Pennington. I called them up and asked if they were crossdresser friendly and had a nice talk. Well i got the nerves up again but this time i went underdressed and right at the last min i changed from running shoes to high heeled boots!!!

    I entered the store and was greeted by the sales rep. She said that we are going to have fun trying new outfits on!! She was more excited than me on the outside but I was in 10th heaven!!!

    Well she liked my boots to start off with so we decided was it a dress or pants. The dresses we nice and she put a couple in a dressing room. Then a few more ladies came in and were loking around at what and why was i in there shopping. Lol i said to the SR that i liked the jeans and top and cape i picked out. She took them into the dressing room. I was looking for a nice warm top to wear and as i was looking at some a lady said here is a nice warm top will look good with your 👖  and cape. I decided that i have enough clothes to try on so i went and tried them on. The S R was so helpfull and was impressed with the outfit i tried on. Well just then the lady that showed me the top walked in the change room area and said she loved the outfit on me. ….

    Well i tried on dresses and other items but i loved the jeans top and cardigan. So i bought them. I was still a guy in drab with tits. I said i will be glad to get out of yhis drab and wear my new outfitthe SR said i can go and change if i like!!! …. well this is where your mind plays with you. Goes into over drive. That thought that says wow not too ready for yhis yet especially in broad daylight!!! Hearts pounding and racing… I left the store still wearing high heeled boots. Guess what? No one cared!! So I sat in my truck. All nerves again saying Stephany if you dont go and change and just go home you will regret not doing it. I grabbed the bag of clothes and went back in Pennington. The SR asked if i changed my mind on the clothes… I said not at all. Now more and more people were coming in the store. Couples and women. I said i would like to change into my new outfit!!!

    Well i squeezed into the tight stretchy jeans feels amazing wearing nylons with them. Took my tshirt off and hoodie. Put the top on made sure the breasts looked just right put the boots on and cape!!! Well i looked into the mirror and saw a woman wearing a beautiful outfit!!!  Isaid here i go!! No going back!! Dayum it is broad daylight still!! Put my mask on and walked out. The store manager was just in and she loved how everything went together!!! A few ladies said the same thing. Yes i walked right out the door without a care knowing i feel like a woman!!!  People do not care what or who you are. They may see you but they see a woman. They are too busy to stop and try and see if you are a guy or a girl.

    I will be going back but maybe in Edmonton as they are friendly there as well. Yes I have to get pictures.

    These are the jeans https://www.penningtons.com/en/petite-1948-fit-bootcut-leg-jeans—d%2Fc-jeans/449297.html?dwvar_449297_color=Black%20Denim&cgid=Apparel-Bottoms-Jeans#start=1

    This is the top. https://www.penningtons.com/en/wide-funnel-neck-sweater—in-every-story/451322.html?dwvar_451322_color=Light%20Oatmeal&cgid=Apparel-Tops#start=1

    This is the cape. https://www.penningtons.com/en/reversible-belted-plaid-cape—in-every-story/453040.html?dwvar_453040_color=Beige%20Plaid&cgid=Trends-Ponchos-Capes#start=1

    So as Grace mentioned I have gone out at night but it is a thrill and more enjoyable going out thru the day.



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      Liara Wolfe
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      Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Fredrika Jones
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      Great story – I’m glad you persevered! That’s one of my lifetime crosses – having to prod myself regularly to persevere and “finish the job.” You go, girl!


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      Clara Cross
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      Great story Stevie. Thanks for sharing.

      Foggy headed Clara got a little confused at the start of your story though. I’m not familiar with Pennington’s . So I couldn’t understand why you called ahead. Does Alberta have cross dresser friendly truck tire service I wondered? How progressive I thought.

      I finally figured it out. Pennington’s sounds like a lovely clothing store. And I’ll bet your cross dresser friendly steel belted radials are pretty nice too!


      Headslap for Clara

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      Cassie Jayson
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      THANK Ytyyttttughygu8yguhguyg

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      Alice Underwire
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      Congratulations Stevie!  It’s so much fun changing into a new outfit and wearing it outside the stor3.


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      Abbie Normal
      Registered On: June 13, 2021
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      Wow, wonderful story. Always nice to hear stories like this and in Alberta to boot! I’ve never considered calling a store ahead of time but that’s on my list now. Normally I’d just not go in and have to figure things out myself online. Good for you girl!

      — Abbie 🥰

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      Wow , what a day for you , and it´s only Tuesday !
      So great.

      Love Syliva.

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      Bobbisue Jones
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      Congratulations Stevie, after fear dissipates, the thrill and rush are fantastic. Bet you will want to go again and again.

      You look absolutely beautiful in new clothes. You really make them stand out. Love and hugs Bobbisue J.

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      Mia Mor’e
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      That was very brave of you!!! You go gurl!!!!

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      Congratulations girl, it is a great feeling isn’t it! Many returns to the thrill.



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      Grace Scarlett
      Baroness - Annual
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      Well done you!!!….

      What a day you had….fortune really does favour the brave….

      and the plaid Cape….is beautiful!!!

      Huggs, grace xx

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      Registered On: October 13, 2019
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      Oh, I love the look with the cape and the jeans and the boots.


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