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    stephanie plumb
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    Hi girls!

    I hate the term ‘drab’ to describe men’s clothing.  Some of his clothes are actually quite nice. I particularly like his pale blue-check long sleeved shirt. I would wear it myself …  but alas the buttons are on the wrong side!  But that is besides the point of this post. So………

    The other day I had a 50 minute window to put on my own clothes. So it was off with his jogging bottoms and loose fitting lumberjack shirt and on with a set of ‘D cups , lovely white and blue stripy top, tight bikini panties,  pink A-line skirt,  40 denier hold-ups, and 4″ wedges.  (and a wig of course).

    I had 30 glorious minutes to admire myself in various mirrors, practice walking, criticise my lack of hips, revel in the feel of my bra straps, the feel of my skirt, and the sensations of walking and hearing myself  in heels.  I was in heaven! Hurrah!

    Ding ding.. Ding ding… All too soon the kitchen timer brought me back to reality.

    Off with my lovely stuff and on with the boxers, joggers and shirt.     And….  WOW!  How comfortable I felt with everything hanging on me or off me. The sudden contrast between panties cutting across bum cheeks, bra straps, silicon bands, skirt waistband and narrow shoes  was a shock. Admittedly I looked horrible, but that’s not the point ………..

    Is this why many GG’s wear men’s clothing? Because they are more comfortable?

    Have you noticed this contrast?  Are girls clothes more restrictive (dare I say uncomfortable?)  in comparison to men’s?

    Stephanie P.


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    Stephanie, what a wonderful post! In a way, gets us to think about and maybe appreciate our guy clothes more.

    A lot of my guys clothes are more confortable and practical. Pants always have deep pockets, tops are looser and hide pounds, shoes are designed to walk fast in, and usually no need to worry about anything being revealing.

    I do like the snugness on my girl clothes, the way skinny jeans hug my legs, the way heels elongate legs and show off toes, the airy feel of lace sweaters and sheer tops, and the numerous options of styles, colors, patterns, fit, accents on everthing made for women.

    When I feel lazy or tired, it’s much easier to dress as a guy. It does take more thinking and trying on outfits to dress happily as a women. It does all feel worth it in the end.

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     Gabriela Romani 
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    Hi Stephanie.

    Personally I have never been “into” lingerie. My everyday clothes feel perfectly fine when presenting as a man.

    But the last part of your message reminded me of the first time I crossdressed while wearing my guy’s clothes. I was traveling visiting with some friends, and I had gone to my hotel room to change clothes to go out later.

    I was pretty much ready when I realized the I didn’t get my newly bought dress to my room, had left it in the trunk of my car. Since I was almost running late, instead of getting any of my other dresses or outfits on, I decided to wear my men’s sweat-shirt and pants and tennis shoes to go and get my dress from my car.

    So there I was, presenting as a woman but in drab. All external men’s clothes but wearing makeup, pretty hair, long polished fingernails, etc. And yes… my drabbies were quite comfy!

    Go figure!!!

    Gaby 💜

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    DRAB is an acronym (DR)essed as (A) (B)oy.

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       stephanie plumb 
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      I didn’t know that!   I believed … and reinforced by many of the posts/reply’s…. it is just a derogatory term to describe having to wear boring, colourless men’s clothing, that detracts from the femininity most of use crave.  I suspect that’s how most cross dressers use the term.

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