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    Inheritable trait? How many of you feel that this is a passed down trait like I do. I have discovered that several of my past kin had a propensity to crossdress. On his death bed my paternal grandfather was asking “where is my panties”. I have also heard my aunts talk about times my uncles “dressed”. I know how successful I hid my dressing, so can understand others do or did also. So how many feel or know they might have male relatives,dad,drother.uncles,etc that also have this blessing?

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      Inheritable trait? This is something that I cannot be sure of.  I doubt even with today’s DNA testing that we are able to go that far into understanding, now anyway, completely how traits are passed (eye color, or male pattern baldness, for example) and exactly what traits can be inherited.  I suspect that today, anyway, most geneticists will either deny or at best say they don’t have the understanding if sexual preference or anything like that can be inherited. Mostly, there appear to be doctors (supposed, mostly quacks in my opinion) who say that it’s a mental disorder (or even disease) that needs a cure.

      But, I do know my family history, and 1. It’s full of aunts and uncles that never married, and seemingly never got even close to marriage.  My father’s grandfather had 7 brothers and sisters, and only he and a sister married.  My grandfather had a maiden aunt as his only sister. They were all fairly devout Catholic and none even entered the Church.  2. My mother told me (late in her life) that she strongly suspected that several of my father’s close friends were probably gay.  That in itself doesn’t say all that much, I understand, but in the 1950’s being a ‘gay’ male was still very looked down on and people didn’t search them out. I’m just very suspicious of all that I’ve uncovered…besides a few other items that are more personal.

      What I do fear is that it will eventually be found to be an inheritable trait, around the same time as true ‘test tube’ embryos can be manipulated to remove all (or most all) unwanted traits.  That will be a chilling time for those in the LGBTQI+ community. Hopefully general acceptance and recognition will arrive before that future time.

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      Sandy Jayson
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      I don’t know but my nephew came out as trans about 3 years ago.  She now goes by Harmony.


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      Ambermaria Martinez
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      1. No I don’t have a trait.of crossdressing I was curious at a young age and immediately felt so wonderful. My said you will love it. Absolutely do its way better for me to dress as a woman and not as a male.
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      rebekka moore
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      I’m sorry you feel and believe that, Jackie.

      I’ve seen numerous posts that run along the very same thread.  At times I’ll read a post that triggers a thought that may generate a similar post with some additions to what I’ve thought or am thinking.

      We are not writing and publishing novels here that others “may” plagiarize.  A post is a post.  If it happens to follow another story line I think it is purely by accident.  I for one do not read every single post.  So the likely hood I am going to write about something someone else already has, is very high.

      All you have to do is look at posts regarding the first time anyone every dressed or put on a woman’s garment.  The stories are all near identical.

      I hope you find peace with yourself.


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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Hi Vivian

      I have often thought where my desire to be like I am came from, I have wondered was it an

      inherited trait. I don’t know I always thought if I asked the question, somebody would  guess

      about me. I am very happy being me but I would like to know, I will have to listen to my

      relatives a bit more closely.

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      Hmmm sounds to me like you have taken something I wrote recently Vivian regarding my learning that cross dressing and drag performance runs deep in my family tree. I despise anyone who feeds off another’s real life story and past then exaggerates the truth. If I’m wrong about this I so apologize but I don’t think I am. Perhaps I may be overreacting or sound like a bitch right now but taking someone else’s truth and coming up with you’re own version is wrong. I love my family and our past, whether some of us are/were gay, cross dresser’s or do/did drag, belonged to gay organizations or stood up for gay rights I love them for passing it all on to me and other family members of the present. You really need to re-read your story and seriously ask your self if you could really imagine your grandpa asking for his panties just before he died. Come on Vivian get a grip! Jackie Wild    Also; if anyone reading this finds it offensive or has a problem with what I have stated here by all means please contact me.

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      Alexis Rene
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      Hi all, wether it’s genetic or you are a product of your environment, to most of us ,if not all of us, dressing in womens clothes just feels so….RIGHT ! I’ve been dressing since I was 5 years old and have put it on the back burner a few times, but it has always been part of me. Deep inside me I know that there is a woman in there and she needs to be satiated ! I have always been a bit feminine through the years, but it all started at a very young age. My father was a violent alcoholic and would physically and mentally abuse my mother on a daily basis. My mother was a saint and I loved  and looked up to her sooooo much that I hated my father for what he was doing to her. I vowed that I would never be like him and would respect women. So, I guess that my role model was my mother and I so wanted to be like her that I started to “be like her”. The rest is history ! I realized that I am Bi-gender years ago and I just go with it. I keep the woman in me alive 24/7 with long hair to my waist, bras and panties every day, completely smooth from toes to nose, painted toe nails, toe rings and anklets. Wherever you believe your traits come from, just go with your soul and have fun with who you are ! XOXOXO

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      rebekka moore
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      Hi Vivian,

      I have often thought of this and do believe it is a trait that can be passed along.  I at times have a notion that our son may have some propensity for this.  I believe my older and younger brothers do as well.

      Interestingly enough however, I don’t believe my Father ever has.  Even in his old age he still can be a real ladies man.  If he were in Hollywood, he would have been a leading man, no question.

      He married a “good girl”, my Mother of course who is a complete saint.  But I know she at times battled controlling the devil in him!  He is/was never mean, in fact very respectful, but he is very charismatic, and has this natural attraction that women have been drawn to.  My brothers and I have a little of this as well.

      For me, I’ve had my share of “women friends”, (please, please I am not bragging), but the big difference for me was this thought in my mind of, “Look at that beautiful person.  Those clothes she is wearing, how they must feel, she looks so good.”, that I wanted to look like that too, and have tried!

      That’s part of the CD experience for me.

      Thanks for asking such an interesting question.

      Love and Hugs,


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      Paula F
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      It is an interesting thought that should be investigated.  As for my family, my mother was pretty much ostracized by her parents and grandparents when my sister came along in 1956, when mom was almost 17, then I came along about 3 years later.  She never married either of our father’s, and wasn’t close to her siblings until only a few years before she passed away.  So my family beyond my mother’s generation is pretty much unknown, and as for our father’s, totally unknown.


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      stephanie plumb
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      I don’t think it’s ever been proved that the cause of vanilla cross dressing is genetic. By vanilla I mean males without a feminised brain who dress for fun or because they like it.

      There is evidence that a gene plays some part in lowering the testosterone levels of the developing male embryo at a critical moment when the SRY gene of the Y chromosome kick starts the development of the male gonads by releasing testosterone.  Until that happens the embryo is neither male or female. Several things have to happen in concert with the SRY gene or there can be unintended results. If there is a fluctuation in testosterone at this time  it can result in incomplete masculinisation of the brain (the body goes on and develops its full male characteristics), and development of the Stria Terminalis in the developing brain takes a feminised direction.  Thus we have a male with a feminised brain.   As far as I know this only applies to transgenders, but who knows.

      It is also likely that cross dressing is much more common than we know, so it could just be coincidence that family members were/are also cross dressers.

      Stephanie P

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      T.J. Byron
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      I think there is no doubt.

      I watched my Mom in the 50’s & 60’s. Loved that era, dress the part.

      I will be anxious to hear others opinions.


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      sarasue olson
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      You are correct in thinking CD is an inherent trait. My father and his brother were crossdressers, I just learned my sister’s youngest son my nephew also cross-dresses, my sister was most helpful getting me started as was my mother so I think it runs in my family. Whatever the reason it has made me A much hipper and well adjusted. person and am very thankful for it

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      Good question! I have never heard of anything in my family tree about crossdressers. Other than a younger brother who I always suspected, but never really knew for sur. Unfortunately he passed away about 10 years ago without my ever knowing that what I suspected was true.

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