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    Kaytlyn Kolmia
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    Hi everyone, my name is Kaytlyn, I am new to crossdressing, don’t own much just what you see in my profile picture (black dress and some pink lipstick) I intend to grow my collection and would publicize my journey through the world of crossdressing using this website.

    I discovered my love for crossdressing after in my early adult years, you see at the time me and my boyfriend were renting an apartment in Birmingham and opposite us was a clothes shop, I used to frequent this shop quite often. Usually for ties and other bits and pieces for my suits. Although I loved and still love wearing a well taylored suit, I had always envied the way the glamor that a women posses wearing a dress. It is an envy that I have processed since my teenage years, the sheer beauty and glamor of a well dressed woman filled me with the desire to be like her, beautiful tall with a long hair.

    Move on to a few months later and find myself unemployed, fired from my job after getting into a verbal fight with a co-worker, so after a couple days of lounging around around enjoying not having to get up at 5am to walk to a claustrophobic cubical in ran down part of town, I decided (with some “encouragement” from my boyfriend and rent to pay by the end of the month) to go apply for a job at the clothes shop nextdoor. I got the job and I to this day remember the rush and the intoxicating feeling of trying on the woman’s clothes after hours. I believe we all remember our first time, the feeling of the fabric, the freedom of moving ones legs with little restrictions unlike in a pair of trousers, the rush of adrenaline that your body gives you through fear of getting caught, it is like a drug, and I had become dependent on it.

    Fast forward to two years from then when I finally worked up the courage to buy a dress, I made up the excuse that it was for a fancy dress party, it almost seems silly making that excuse, everyone at work knew I was gay and quite feminine in many aspects. And would think no less of me for buying a dress. A few months down the line and I find myself here writing this article curious and anxious to see if anyone can relate or even identify with what I have written. What was your first time crossdressing like? Was it similar to mine? What got you into crossdressing?

    I look forward to reading your replies.

    Sincerely Kaytlyn

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      Samantha Roarke
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      Hi, hello, and welcome to Crossdresser Heaven! You have just arrived at the best and greatest CD site on the web! CDH has tons of very helpful crossdressing information, tips, and support from real people just like you! We highly encourage new CDH members to ask questions no matter how trivial you think they may be, as we are happy to answer to the best of our ability. We also love a well written profile, this helps everyone to get to know you better as the beautiful woman you are! We hope that you enjoy your stay here at CDH, as we are happy to have you as a part of our wonderful community.

      Thank you, Samantha Roarke

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      Michelle Newman
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      Welcome Kaytlyn!

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      Hey Kaytlyn,

      Welcome to one of the best sites around, I’ve learned so much since I joined and have gotten to know so many of my wonderful sisters here.

      I’m sure you’ll have a blast.

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      Hello Kaytlyn

      Welcome to CDH….



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      Tabitha Tee
      Registered On: July 30, 2020
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      Hi, Kaytlyn, and welcome! This is a great place to learn and make friends. I have and I know you will too.

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      Stephanie Roberts
      Registered On: May 20, 2020
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      Hi Kaytlyn,

      Welcome to CDH!!! I’m so happy to see you join this most wonderful community. Lots of things to read, and lots of wonderful ladies to meet.

      Thanks for your great introduction. Really nice meeting you.

      Love, Stephanie ❤️

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      Stephanie Green
      Registered On: September 12, 2020
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      Welcome to CDH, Kaytlyn.  Thanks for sharing your story.  It took a long time for me to get into cross-dressing.  My journey began when I was a young child and I first recognized the differences between men and women.  Like any other little boy, my upbringing was all about preparing me to be a man.  But, as I grew, there was always curiosity in the back of my mind about what it is like to be a woman.  I tried on my sister’s bra once or twice while a teenager, but I consider the real beginning of my CD life to be in my 20s when I started wearing more articles of clothing, underwear and outerwear.  After that, I was hooked.  I got a wig, make-up, jewelry, dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, hosiery and underwear.  My first experience was exciting.  I just wore some lingerie.  The feeling I got was wonderful.  That same feeling continues as I get dressed up today.

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      Diane Crow
      Registered On: October 21, 2019
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      Welcome Kaytlyn. You are in a most wonderful place. I have always found the lady’s here to be kind and helpful and supportive. In answer to your question I use to love looking at my moms magazines. I loved the colors and styles and shapes and on and on. I remember tryin on my moms pantyhose and wow that felt amazing!! Over the years I would have moments where I would try on my wife’s cloths. But last year I decided to go all out. As a commercial photographer I volunteered to shoot a fund raiser for an LBGTQ group here in Atlanta called Sojourn. This was in Feb. 2019. I went in my usual drab black shirt black pants. Everyone at this event “Purim on Ponce” was in such wonderful outfits and dresses and it was just magical. I felt left out. In October I decided that I was going to go en Feme. I went to a lady here in Ga that sees men come in from all over the US to have her help them be more feminine. She has all kinds of dresses, shoes and does your makeup and puts the right wig on you. Her name is Plebe Cross and she is all kinds of wonderful. After that I was hooked. I have been buying shoes and dresses from Goodwill. I’ve been shaving all my man hair and I feel free when I am able to Fem up! It will be a year in October when I joined and I can tell you it is a wonderful place to be. Hugs


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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Kaitlyn     isn’t it an exhilarating experience first times trying on women’s clothing. Its just been 3 short years when I started dressing and today the excitement just keeps growing.

      We certainly love sharing our experiences as much can be learned . Get comfortable and start browsing our wonderful site and explore  more about us and discover where your paths can ever grow.  Meet many of our ladies who love to offer their advice and share stories to better our understanding in our love for dressing. very nice meeting and hope to see you here soon.

      Stephanie 🌹


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      Lee Ann Rakers
      Registered On: August 18, 2019
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      You hit the nail on the head!

      Wearing a dress give us unrestricted movement. That’s the magic of the dress! Thank you!

      Lee Ann

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        Kaytlyn Kolmia
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        Thank you, for your feedback glad to see I summarized the experience well


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      Registered On: January 21, 2018
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      Hello Kaytlyn and welcome to CDH!  What a fun story, it sounds like you’ll fit right in here.  We’re all a friendly bunch here so make yourself at home, make friends & enjoy.  😊

      What got me into crossdressing was…karma, lol I’ll say it like that.  Too long ago to remember, I was a little kid but I thought of myself as equally girl and boy, and what I remember is that the simultaneous hot / cold feel of the hose was fascinating.  I dunno, it just seemed right to do.

      Well Kaytlyn, feel free to pm me if you need any help with the site, and thanks for introducing yourself to us!

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      Marlene Roberts
      Registered On: December 9, 2019
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      Ho. Birmingham.  I’m from there. Motto: Forward. B’ham is always reinventing itself just like we do.

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        Kaytlyn Kolmia
        Registered On: September 19, 2020
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        Birmingham Alabama or Birmingham UK?

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      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Kaytlyn,

      Welcome to CDH.  What a fabulous job working in a secondhand clothing shop.  It must be difficult Being so tempting when a new dress comes into the shop.


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