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    Tara Jeane
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    Funny story today.  I was early for a meeting and saw a Ross close by, so I decided to stop in and see if they had anything that tickled my fancy.  Nothing in the shoes. Bummer.  Nothing in the active wear (still trying to find a tennis dress). Went back to the dress area and saw the cutest tie-dye dress.  Only $10?!  Sold!  Looked around a bit more and talked myself out of 2 more dresses and went to the cashier.

    A cute young lady was working the register. I waited my turn and there was no one behind me. I walked up and exchanged pleasantries and handed her the dress and she looked at me and smiled and asked, “Are you going to wear this dress?” For the briefest of moments, I was taken aback.  I’ve bought plenty of women’s clothes in person. I’ve had comments from various cashiers about how pretty something was I was buying or that they loved the color.  I’m sure a few knew I was buying it for myself, but they didn’t come out and ask the question so directly. I figured, what the hell and said, Yep!

    I said, I have the cutest wedge sandals that will go with this.  She smiled again and said she really liked it and that it’s just so soft to wear.  (Maybe she had one too?)  I paid for it and she told me to have a great day!

    While the question, at it’s surface, may have been a bit rude and presumptuous, I’m glad she asked.  It was a lovely interaction and actually, she’s the first person I’ve ever told, in person, that I’m a crossdresser!  It was a VERY liberating experience and I was flying high walking to my car!  So fun!

    *kisses* tara 🙂

    P.S. And she was right! I tried it on tonight and it IS very soft  🙂

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      Kelly Ann
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      Hi Tara

      I had an interesting shopping experience I bought a lovley mini dress in one of my local shops

      When I got home tried it on it was a little tight so the next day I brought it back to change for the next size

      I went to the customer service got to the till and the lovely assistant asked me why I was changing it I said I just wanted the next size she then replied this would look amazing on you I smiled back at her and said thank you

      I’ve been back to the shop a couple of times and she has helped me pick out a couple of amazing dresses


      L❤ve Kelly💋Ann


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      Alexis Tresse
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      If shopping in drab I hint that female merchandise is for a girlfriend, which in a way is of course true for us CDers.
      En femme I usually slink off to self check-out. Ulta does not offer that option. My first time at Ulta the check-out girl asked my name and phone number. My impression was that she thought I was a GG. Surprised, I stated my actual first initial for my given name and gave my actual phone number. Next she asked my birthday. I thought that too intrusive and nervously replied, “You don’t need that.” What would she want next: my rank and serial number to take me prisoner?
      At another Ulta, I in drab and ostensibly running an errand asked a clerk (female) for a make-up sponge. She said something like, “This is what you want,” a possible hint that she guessed it was for me. At this Ulta, I wasn’t asked my phone number, which suggested to me that at the first Ulta I had passed as female.

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      Alison Anderson
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      Congratulations, Tara.  People these days are much more supportive than we give them credit for.

      While I was never asked, I had a similar incident.  I had bought a couple of platform high heels, one in black velvet and one in sparkly silver.  A few days later I decided I liked them and wanted the red velvet one as well.  I checked online, and all the stores around me were out of my size.  But, I did find one store that had it in stock, and it was 10 minutes from work.  So the next day I went into the store at lunch time.

      When I entered, the woman was completing the sale to another woman customer.  I walked in, went to the aisle where my size was, and yes, the one pair was there.  I grabbed it and went to the front, where they were still finishing up the sale.  When it was my turn, the sales associate, seeing how quickly I was in and out, asked, “Did you know what to get or were you told what to get?”  I told her I knew what to get, then added sheepishly, “They’re for me.”  The woman told me it was all right, and then I started a conversation that despite the height of the heel (5 inches), the platform (at 1.5 inches) brought the effective size down to the point where they are comfortable enough to walk in (feeling more like a 3.5 inch heel).

      (Hmm, maybe I can coin the term “feels-like-height” in the same way the meteorologists use the “feels-like-temperature” to account for either wind-chill or heat index depending on the season.  Lol)

      Once I got past my initial self-conscious reaction, it was actually a pleasant conversation.  And I went back to work knowing I had a successful trip with the pair of red heels sitting in my car the rest of the day.

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      Michelle Trott
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      I wish I looked female enough for  someone to ask. I think her comment was more of a compliment. I have been asked a lot but never in a serious fashion. And I don’t lie. I just smile.

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Thank you for sharing Tara Jeane… you put a smile on my face….  😊

      Gen ❤

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      Janice Doe
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      I have never had anyone ask me about purchases in any store other than a Sally’s Beauty Supply store where I have purchased several wigs. The woman working in the store was  the franchise owner who was very nice about it and told me how to care for the wig and then gave me a discount when I offered to pay for it in cash. She even told me to stop by anytime she was working and she would be happy to help me and will always give me a discount if I paid for wigs or other items in cash. That is how I pay for all my clothing purchases anyway. Women at shoe stores always smile knowingly but have never said anything about the size 11 or 12 shoes I was buying on sale.

      I agree it is very liberating to be able to talk openly about the purchase.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      Thanks for sharing this shopping story, Tara. I’d say you turned a possible negative experience into a positive encounter. But I agree with you, a little rude and presumptuous by the cashier; of course it would depend on the tone in her voice when she asked.

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        Tara Jeane
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        She was very pleasant about it and was smiling at me when she asked.  I think she already knew the answer before asking.  Maybe she just wanted to see what my reaction was going to be.  I think I surprised her a little when I started discussing the cute wedge sandals I had that would go with it  🙂

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          Regine Rich
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          I have been asked a few times when buyiing pantyhose or stockings, But always a little teasingly, and It feels so good to just say YES,
          I’ve never had a bad reaction, but a couple shocked looks, lol, especially when I had the beard.
          Hugs, Regi👩💕

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        Jeannie Jones
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        Before COVID the clerks at Victoria’s Secret would ask but I think it was just so they could make better suggestions and provide better service. The tone was always friendly and it helps that a large percentage of VS customers are male. I also think they want to make sure if you are buying for a gg that you know size and what she likes😊

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I have been asked that question many times and always reply yes. It has lead more times than not to a beautiful exchange of compliments back and forth. After all it was San Francisco now and one shouldnt be surprised lol

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      Jasmine Secrét
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      yeah, a little rude. My experience at the Macy’s in SF, they knew it was for me, as I was crying at the shoe area after they found me shoes. But at checkout, they told me how hot I was going to look. Cashiers, particularly female, know just the right thing to say… at retail that is.

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Fabulous Tara, thanks for sharing.

      It has been my experience as well. Any shop assistants who are interested enough, and not feeling awkward, ask if it is for you out of genuine interest, and are usually thrilled if you admit it is for you. And it usually leads to a warm friendly interaction, and didn’t it just make your day❤️Bianca

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        Tara Jeane
        Registered On: December 12, 2020
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        It TOTALLY made my day!  And the weird thing is that I wasn’t embarrassed by it AT ALL!  It was SO liberating to say it out loud to someone!  Yes!  That dress is for ME!!

        *kisses* tara 🙂

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      Mary Jane
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      Maybe you should rock that dress to the shop and ask what she thinks.

      Hmmmm that would…uhmmm gulp…take big kahoonas.

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        Tara Jeane
        Registered On: December 12, 2020
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        That would be awesome! If only I knew her schedule and she wasn’t 3 hours away!!! HA!  LOL!!!  🙂

        *kisses* tara 🙂

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      Candice Waymoore
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      That’s such a sweet story. I love her attitude. I was buying some sexy panties once, trying to fly under the radar in drab, and the rather flamboyant male cashier said “these will look so cute on you!”.  I was new to this, but managed to say “um…thanks”. Smiled all the way to the car.

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      Stephanie Green
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      Given the young lady’s response to your answer, Tara, I doubt that she was trying to be rude or presumptuous.  It seems to me that  she was sincerely curious.  Regardless, I’m glad it all went well.  Enjoy your new dress.

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      Mary Ann Summers
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      Those little wins are what make it all worth while….

      Hugs, MaryAnn.

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      Registered On: May 17, 2016
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      Great story. Im so happy for you. Having brief interactions with strangers like that is sometimes very rewarding.
      Hugs Terri

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      Gabriela Inamor
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      I’m glad you had a nice interaction with her, and that you decided to accept it was for you!

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