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      Autumn Valiant
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      Hi Ginger!

      These times are a-changing….

      When my son was in the 8th grade he came out as gay. It was very much accepted by anyone younger than I was. When I was in the 8th grade, it would have been reason to be tortured by bullies and most would have stood by and watched. I am 56 a little younger than your posted average but well within the scope of it. In many areas of the world, acceptance of differences has grown. Not that it is a cake walk by any means, but I am sure my when my son came out it was easier for him than it was for those of my generation just because there were others his age already out and he could judge how they were treated. Perhaps we are the older crowd because of the increased severity of potential backlash….. would it be wrong to say that in our generation many more had more to fear than fear itself?


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      Managing Ambassador
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      i feel confused by this topic. maybe i’m too young to understand 😂

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        karley delaware
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        ha ha!!!  I know that and feel the same way.   My K9 buddies cannot dwell on the past……… I take their advice and be the sweet young  girl I always wanted to be……………………..karley.

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        Diane Marie Rakers
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        I’m with you.

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      Ashley Burns
      Registered On: August 1, 2022
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      If you noticed a recent poll, there is no one on this site under 40 or at least no one who had answered the poll when I was on it. I have spent a lot of time (too much) hanging out with younger crossdressers online. They are totally different than most of the Ladies here. Here it seems that the dressing aspect comes first and then some of the sexual aspects of lifestyle. For a majority of the young CDs I know their priorities are; 1) sex 2) sex 3) sex 4) dressing. I had to get rid of all my younger CD friends except one because they didn’t really want to talk about real CD issues. They gave me a lot of garbage that I am still trying to get out of my head. Be careful what happens when you open Pandora’s box, you don’t know what will come out. Thank you for being kind and supportive. CDH is an amazing community!


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        Ginger Snap
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        Registered On: March 9, 2022
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        Hey Ash,

        Sounds like when we were young, at least something is similar. Then after college, kids, career and retirement the equipment not working as well  lol. 🙄.  Now it’s  about the dressing and emotions of it. Thanks for caring

        Hugs  Ginger

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      Stephanie Green
      Registered On: June 23, 2022
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      I hope that we older girls can help the younger ones have an easier time coming to terms with their femininty than we did.

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        I would love to do this and have tried, by applying for jobs at various LGBTQ organizations in our area. I have been rejected by all of them and I believe firmly that it is due to my age.

        When I look at the people at these places they are all very young and I can’t help but think they want nothing to do with this “old guy”. I don’t go for things I’m not qualified for, but there just seems to be no interest. They don’t even offer potential volunteerism.

        Oh well

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      Vecca Senn
      Registered On: February 22, 2021
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      Ok, now I want a pioneer style dress. LOL

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      Marg Produe
      Registered On: March 16, 2022
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      I don’t see myself as a trail blazer or pioneer but rather more of an enlightened student.  Actually just last night at Martha’s Thursday Party we were discussing this very topic.  The group answer seemed to be that we now have the Internet which provides all the information and connections that were unavailable to everyone years ago.  Truly this was a paradigm shift that happened over the last 30 years allowing the younger folks to benefit right away while the more mature of us endured half of our lives in the void.   Thanks Ginger for this interesting topic.  Marg

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      Michelle McQueen
      Registered On: June 14, 2021
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      I don’t feel like a pioneer but a refugee from a lie.

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      Fiona Black
      Registered On: November 23, 2019
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      I think Angela’s comment is the main reason so many of us waited until later in life to come out as cross dressers. Dating, marriage, children, careers, family & friends and the fear losing any or all of these elements of our lives all play a part in suppressing the urge to dress more fully. When you hit the later years much of that life has moved on in one way or another allowing cross dressing to play a more prominent role in in ones life. I have been a closeted lingerie cross dresser all my life but due to a significant life changing event last year I decided that it was now or never and Fiona has blossomed in a big way ever since.

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      Ginger Snap
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      Registered On: March 9, 2022
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      Thanks everyone. I guess trailblazers it shall be. Either way proud of all of us, keep positive and encouraging to others. You’re  not alone.

      Luv and blessings



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      Lisa Leigh
      Registered On: April 20, 2022
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      Ginger, I have been thinking about this for a while now. I was born in the mid 50’s and grew up a teen of the 70’s. Unfortunately we didn’t have the same support children and teens do these days. Mental support back then was unspeakable and undesirable. Thankfully todays young ones have and can receive the support they need. Back when I told my mother, when I was 5, I want to be a girl! I have alway felt that way, even today I still do. Mother told me to keep to myself. So to this day Lisa stays locked up inside. I explored on my own. I never was into guys and still am not.
      My daughter, about 10 years ago now, came to me and said that she was dating, and later engaged to, a person she met while working at Disney! She went on to explain that he was transitioning FTM. Told her if she happy, that’s all that matters to me! Are family was fine with it. Of course you always an Aunt or a fews cousins that don’t. But she knows the love and support is here for her and her SO.
      This something, that many of us that are older, we’re never able to experience. I’m sure some luck ones did though.

      (I got up on a soap box again and started a novel. I cut it out and pasted it to my wall. You can view it there if you wish.)

      Lisa Leigh

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      Becky Davis
      Registered On: February 10, 2022
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      Being in my mid 60’s and have been wearing fun clothes since I first put on a pair of my cousins tights, it is something I have loved to do since. Although I don’t consider myself trans-gender and just love wearing my favorite clothes. I live alone and do have a big wardrobe of clothes, I still just dress in private but have under dressed for years, even when I was married I wore panty’s a lot, jut not to bed.  LOL   But since joining CDH it has helped me to have others to talk to read and hear from, up till now have never had anyone to talk to. Thanks to everyone here!!!!!!!!!!

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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      I’d say:

      We’re not the first,
      We’re not going to be the last,
      But someone, somewhere, will be the next.

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      Kerri Smith
      Registered On: April 22, 2022
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      I just turned 63, and am now living alone.  I am collecting a wardrobe of womens clothes, shoes, and lingerie.  I even have my own makeup table.  Dressing and feeling like a woman is getting more pleasurable for me now.


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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Interesting thought indeed! In view of what I accomplished this past week, officially, legally, becoming a female, does that place me in the pioneer category or trailblazer, or both? It is intriguing, why are there that many of us of this age group coming out and transitioning? Is it just more noticeable and acceptable now as compared to before?
      Reading the stories from various TG/CD sisters, there are so many similarities and we all seem to reach that point where there is no longer any other choice but to accept who we are and make the necessary changes. I know with all certainty that I would not have been able to continue living a healthy life unless I transitioned. My cardiologist says by doing so and becoming female I have easily added another ten years to my life!

      Hugs ladies,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Julianna S
      Registered On: July 29, 2022
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      I have just turned 56, been dabbling in CDing for several years, getting more into it in the past few years. I have been feeling lately that i have to finally do this, for myself. Finally be who i am….like they say….yolo

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      Kim Dahlenbergen
      Registered On: November 18, 2019
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      Its interesting how many of us are reaching a point of coming out, some even transitioning, after 5 or more decades of hiding ourselves. First thing it tells me is that we have always been here…being transgender is not the fault of current society as some would suggest. And it tells something about how much we have been willing to suppress in order to survive and have some success in our lives. Each of us late bloomers carried an extra burden through life. We should be able to take a measure of pride in the fact that we were able to do so.

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      Angela Booth
      Registered On: August 1, 2020
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      I am also a sexagenarian. It is quite a common thing to come out in later life for many of us. In our youth the admission of being a crossdresser was very much frowned on and may have been unlawful too as the consequences would have been awful. For the youth of today such an admission is embraced and life so much easier.

      From the testimonies here the other factor is having to keep things hidden due to being in marriages with careers that would be in jeopardy with an admission of being a crossdresser so it is quite understandable why there are so many of us that come out later in life.

      I made a decision not to marry and started to come out when I was about 30 years ago to family and worked from there. I wonder how many more of us would have come out without the encumbrances.

      It is also an oddity that in the process of coming out that it is often thought that those of our age or older would have greater difficulty in acceptance due to living the time when society was not accepting. In my experience it hasn’t been the case at all.

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      Stephanie Bass
      Registered On: November 30, 2019
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      Hi Ginger same here dont feel that old but broke the 60 barrier begining of this year …

      A trailblazer it will be ha ha ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Stephanie Flowers
      Registered On: June 26, 2017
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      Interesting thoughts indeed. I never realized how many of us were out there all traveling through similar issues with our passions. And usually later in life we seamed to blossom and openly become what we believe to be. For me at 60 it became apparent it was my destiny. 🌷

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      Susan Talbot
      Registered On: June 28, 2022
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      I don’t feel that old but I do agree trailblazer sounds better.
      I think for most of us the kids are grown and out and we are retired or semi retired and we know we need to dress. At least that’s how I feel and at my age I am not stopping. I want to live my life to the fullest in a dress and heels.


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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
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      Ginger, I’m not sure whether to feel cool about being a pioneer ( I’m not THAT old ), or just archaic 😆.

      Trailblazer sounds a bit better, lol.  I DO get what you’re saying tho’, hon 🙂


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